Adult Backlink Services

Premium backlinks for adult niche sites.

What Are Adult Backlinks?

Adult backlinks are not a specific type of backlink, but backlinks for adult niche sites.

As it is more difficult to build links for this niche, there are some limitations and differences in the options we have available.

A happy customer of our adult backlinks.Cody F.

“Delivered as promised. All links have been high-quality and worth every penny I’ve spent. Can definitely recommend this service!”

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A nice testimonial for our adult backlinks service.Patrick E.
Affiliate SEO

“Their top notch-customer service really helped me out, and the links I got for my adult niche site gave me a nice rankings bump.

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Adult Guest Posts Pricing (DR)

Premium and Standard Guest Post Differences

All of our guest post options can benefit your rankings greatly.

Both our Premium and Standard guest posts are checked for things like:

  • TF and CF at a bare minimum of 5
  • 100+ RD (Referring Domains in Ahrefs)
  • Site Appearance
  • No Prior PBN Use
  • Indexation
  • No “Sponsored Posts” or “Write for Us” blogs
  • and More!

But for those of you looking for something truly special, our Premium options are also checked for:

  • 1,000+ Traffic
  • Traffic History and Location
  • History
  • SSL
  • Squeaky Clean Backlink Profiles
  • Social Media Activity
  • and More!

Please note: if the domain fails even one of the premium checks, it is bumped down to the “standard” tier. This means you can still get standard-tier guest posts with 1,000+ traffic, traffic location checks, etc – but it’s not guaranteed.

Both our Premium and Standard guest posts will pass tons of authority and relevance to their targets, but our premium options are truly something special for picky clients and those with very high standards.

DR 20-35 Premium


1 Link

Domain w/ DR 20-35

Niche Relevant

Extensive Quality Checks

(See Drop-Down Above)

DR 36-50 Premium


1 Link

Domain w/ DR 36-50

Niche Relevant

Extensive Quality Checks

(See Drop-Down Above)

DR 51+ Premium


1 Link

Domain w/ DR 51+

Niche Relevant

Extensive Quality Checks

(See Drop-Down Above)

DR 20-35 Standard


1 Link

Domain w/ DR 20-35

Niche Relevant

Normal Quality Checks

(See Drop-Down Above)

DR 36-50 Standard


1 Link

Domain w/ DR 36-50

Niche Relevant

Normal Quality Checks

(See Drop-Down Above)

DR 51+ Standard


1 Link

Domain w/ DR 51+

Niche Relevant

Normal Quality Checks

(See Drop-Down Above)

Other Adult Backlinks Options

Managed Link Building →

Set a monthly budget and get backlinks done for you.

PBN Links →

Links from our footprint-free personal blog network.

How It Works

Choose from our services.


Choose which types of links you’d like to order and give us all the information we need in the order form.

We build the backlinks.


Our link building team gets to work building and placing your backlinks. Turnaround time depends on the link type.

We send a full backlink report.


That’s it! After our work is complete, you will receive a full report with details of all the links built for your inspection.

Adult Backlinks Basics

Are adult links white hat?

All of the backlinks we can build for adult niche sites are widely considered white hat links.

Many people think of black hat links when they think about the adult niche, but the links we build follow the same quality guidelines as our other link offerings and does not include things like spam.

Why should I use adult backlinks?

Adult niche sites need backlinks to rank, too!

Which type of backlinks you need could vary depending on your site’s current needs.

Whatever you choose, backlinks can help raise your site’s authority and thus your rankings in this competitive niche.

Are adult links good for my site?

If you have an adult niche site and you need to push your rankings, you most likely need links to help do so.

Like mentioned previously, the type of adult links you choose will depend on your site’s current needs.

See the other product pages for more information.

How do you use adult links?

How you use adult links will depend on which type of links you purchase.

Please see the link types’ product pages for more information on how to use them.

When in doubt, linking to your homepage with natural anchors is always good!

A Premium Adult Backlinks Service

Powerful Links To Boost Rankings

In conjunction with all of your other SEO efforts, buying adult backlinks from SirLinksalot is sure to help push your site up in Google’s rankings. Our experienced link building team knows just what to look for when scouting for link building targets.

Our adult backlinks can help to boost your Google rankings.
Our adult links are the same quality as all of our other links.

Quality Links As Usual

Our clients are used to a certain caliber of backlinks, and our adult niche backlinks are no exception. If you’re looking for spam, look elsewhere. All of the adult backlinks we build adhere to the same process and standards for our non-adult link offerings.

Built 100% By Hand

When you buy adult backlinks from SirLinksalot, you know that you are getting the real deal. Everything is built by the hands of our expertly-trained link building squad – no bots or auto-generated BS here. Who said adult backlinks have to be low-quality?

All of our adult backlinks are built manually without bots.
Our links can help you get amazing ranking results.

Get Adult Links From Real Websites

All links built for adult niche sites come from actual websites with actual purposes and actual traffic. Our link building team handles all the dirty work of prospecting, outreach, and negotiating so you can sit back and focus elsewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see a sample report?

You can view sample reports for each product type on their respective product pages.

Can I see your site list?

Unfortunately not. This is for a variety of reasons, but most importantly it’s to protect the safety and security of our link partners as well as our clients.

Can I choose my TLD?

In some cases, we can accommodate TLD requests. However, you should get in touch with us first to make sure we will be able to fulfill your order.

What languages do you accept?

All the sites your links will be placed on are in English and your anchor text must only use English letters, but your site can be in any language.

How long will it take?

The TAT for each product type can be found on its product page.

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final once work has started. If you would like to cancel or change your order, please let us know ASAP in order to avoid any complications.

How long will it take me to rank?

We can’t answer this for you.

There are too many factors to consider like your on-page, other backlinks, competition, niche, and much more.

If you are unsure about ranking and link building, we recommend looking into our Managed Link Building program, a done-for-you link building service.

Quality Adult Backlinks You Can Trust

A client shares their experience with our adult links service.Tommy L.
Affiliate Marketer

“After getting burnt many times trying to find some legit adult links, I’m VERY glad to have found this service. Everything is top quality and not crap that looks like it will hurt your site.”

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