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100+ Links From Social Media Profiles, Hyper-Relevant For Your Keywords

What Are Social Profile Links?

Social profile links are links from account profile pages on social media sites (ex: a link from your business’s Facebook page is considered a social profile backlink).

These are very natural backlinks that many websites get when beginning to establish their brand and digital footprint.

A review of our social profile backlinks.Amy H.
Local SEO Expert

SirLinksalot really takes social profile backlinks to the next level for keyword relevance… definitely a one-of-a-kind service!

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A happy client for our social profiles service.Garrett S.
Affiliate Marketer

“These profile link packs have made a great addition to my link building process for new projects. Keep up the great work, guys.

Get More Positive 5 Star Reviews for Your Business

Keyword-Rich Social Profiles Pricing

Social Profiles Pack


100+ Social Profile Backlinks

High DA, Trustworthy Sources

Up to 5 Keyword Targets

Link to Your Main Social Profiles

Great for Any Site

Fully-Manual Link Building

How It Works

Choose from our services.


Place your order and give us some basic information like your target keywords, NAP, business description, etc.

We build the backlinks.


Our link builders get to work building your keyword-relevant social profiles. Turnaround time is about 2 weeks or less.

We send a full backlink report.


After 2 weeks or less, you will receive a full report detailing all the profile links built including any relevant login information.

Social Profile Links Basics

Are social profiles white hat?

Yes, social profiles are white hat and safe for any website.

It’s not possible to get yourself in any trouble with Google when buying social profile links as they are completely natural for any business to go out and create in bulk to establish their presence online.

Why should I use social profiles?

Social profile backlinks are a great tool for establishing a link building foundation or adding natural diversity to a backlink profile.

These links signal to Google that you are taking the necessary steps to expand your presence across social media sites, and our “secret sauce” adds a ton of keyword relevance.

Are social profiles good for my site?

Social profile links can be good for any site that would like to craft a well-rounded, natural backlink profile.

They don’t have the raw ranking potential of guest posts or niche edits as they are a form of “pillow link,” but that’s OK because they have a different purpose.

How do you use social profile links?

It makes the most sense to build social profile links to your homepage or location landing pages on your website as this is most natural.

For keywords, you can include your most important keywords for the pages you’re building the links to, or you can use branded terms.

Our Next-Level Social Profiles

100+ Profile Links From High DA Sites

Get profiles built on the most authoritative and trustworthy websites. Our mix of nofollow and dofollow links comes from well-known sources and many different site types: Q&A sites, news sites, audio/video sites, website builders, major brands, and more.

Buy social profile links from high authority social media sites.
Our profiles links are jam packed with keyword relevance to boost your SEO.

Next-Level Keyword Relevance

This is our “secret sauce.” The main reason our social profiles stand above the competition is our understanding of keyword placement. We use your keywords in key locations (titles, URLs, descriptions, etc)  which results in hyper-relevant social profiles that are much more than ordinary.

Diversity and Naturalness For Any Site

Whether you’ve got a local site, an affiliate site, or anything in-between, our social profile backlinks are a great tool to help maintain link and anchor diversity, keep your site insulated, and drive relevance for your main keywords at any point during your link building journey to the top of Google.

Our profile backlinks are great for your SEO.
Get profile links built manually and quickly by our team.

Quick, Fully-Manual Link Building

Our professional link-building team cuts no corners in the creation of these premium social profile packs. A lot of propriety information goes into their creation which is outside the realm of possibility for bots, and reports are delivered in 2 weeks or less.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see a sample report of your social profile links?

Yes, you can view a sample report here.

Can I custom order specific profiles?

Unfortunately not. We have a process that we stick to because it is proven and ensures quality work and turnaround time. We also do not do the “main” profiles like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc. You will need to do these important profiles yourself.

Is there a risk of profile duplicates?

No there isn’t. Because we don’t use any citation sites, there is no risk of duplicate profiles doing any harm to your site or rankings.

Can I order more than one pack for the same URL?

We recommend waiting to target the same URL for one month or more after an order has been completed. We also recommend using different keywords for future orders. It’s perfectly OK to target different pages on the same site at the same time, though.

Can you build profiles for any niche?

Unfortunately not. Some niches have issues with profiles being deleted quickly. Examples of these niches are casino/gambling, adult, loans, marijuana, alcohol, insurance, banks/mortgages/bail-bonds, and anything else that seems scammy or spammy. Orders will be canceled and your account credited if your niche is found to be in any of these categories. If you have any questions about your niche, please send us a message.

How long will it take for my links to be finished?

Turnaround time for our social profile packs is usually 2 weeks or less. When work is complete, you will receive a full report.

Can I order profile links for any URL on my site?

Yes, you can order profiles for any URL on your website. They make the most sense to be built for homepages and location landing pages, however, it can also be natural for profiles to link to other important pages on a website.

How long will it take for my site to rank?

This is not something we can answer for you as much more goes into ranking than just social profile backlinks.

Social profiles are more about adding diversity and naturalness, while our guest posts and niche edits do more for sites’ rankings.

If you are unsure about link building and ranking websites, you might also consider our Managed Link Building program (a done-for-you backlinks service).

Can I log in to my profiles to make changes?

Yes, you can. You will be provided the login details for each profile in your report when our work is complete.

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final once work has started. If you placed an order by mistake or would like to make changes to your order details, please contact us as soon as possible in order to avoid any complications.

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“SirLinksalot has taken a very standard sort of backlink and transformed it into something that’s much greater. We love using these when getting started with new clients. Awesome stuff.”

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