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What Are Aged Domains?

Aged domains are domains that were used as websites previously and have accumulated backlinks pointing to them (which makes them valuable).

Aged domains are usually bought at auction before they expire, and they are currently indexed on Google.

A review of our aged domains service.Byron F.

“Buying aged domains from SirLinksalot has definitely saved me a lot of time. They are domain experts that know what they’re doing!”

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A happy customer's review of our aged domains.Joey W.
Niche-Site Builder

“I’ve bought a few aged domains from SirLinksalot now and they are already making great income after about 7 months… a nice shortcut to rankings.

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Aged Domains Pricing

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Premium Aged Domains


Powerful Backlink Profiles

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Aged Domains


Premium Aged Domains


Powerful Backlink Profiles

Indexed and Ready to Rank

How It Works

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Download the domains listings Excel file to see our current Aged Domains selection. Find the domains you want, then order.

We transfer the domains.


Then, we guide you through the process of transferring the domains to your accounts. Can take up to one week.

We send a full backlink report.

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The domains are now in your possession and are indexed and ready to do with them as you please right away.

Aged Domains Basics

Are aged domains white hat?

Yes, aged domains are white hat.

Buying any kind of domain is white hat and can not get you in any trouble with Google.

If you decide to use the domain to try to boost other domains’ rankings, that would be considered gray hat. We advise following-best practices in these cases.

Why should I use aged domains?

Aged domains can be an extreme shortcut to ranking on Google as they already have quality backlink profiles.

It can take significant time and money to build a quality backlink profile from scratch, and aged domains allow you to get these links for pennies on the dollar.

Are aged domains good for my site?

Any website can get a rankings boost from using aged domains, and there are a few different ways to do so (discussed next).

Whatever strategy you decide to pursue, be sure to be following best practices related to link-building and SEO in general for the best results.

Please see our blog or YouTube channel for more info.

How do you use aged domains?

The most popular ways to use aged domains are for 301 redirects, building PBNs, and building new websites.

Each of these strategies can provide significant ranking benefits when executed correctly.

You will just need to decide which strategy is best for you!

Buying Aged Domains From The Pros

Powerful Domains With Quality Backlinks

Our domain hunting experts are highly trained and find the best auction domains with quality backlink profiles. Our aged domains have backlinks with the perfect mix of authority, power, and relevance that can help boost the SEO of any project.

Buy aged domains sourced by the pros.
Aged domains in your niche can benefit any of your projects.

Non-Dropped, Indexed Domains

All of our aged domains are non-dropped, indexed, and ready to go. This means you can start using them immediately without having to do any additional work because they are still on Google’s radar and seen as authoritative sources of information.

In-Depth History Checks

Our domain hunters check the history of every aged domain to ensure its history is clean and they are safe to use. This helps to ensure there are as few hiccups as possible when you start using your aged domain as a 301 redirect, PBN, or money site.

Our aged domains service removes the guesswork.
Get quality aged domains to help boost your SEO.

Current Inventory As Low As $0.50 per RD

Our inventory is updated weekly and includes domains with links from sites such as Entrepreneur, Forbes, Huffington Post, etc for as low as fifty cents per referring domain. That’s what you call an insane deal on premium links!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to buy aged domains?

Domains can take up to one week to transfer to your registrar accounts once we have initiated the transfers. Please note that this is out of our control and that the transfer time can vary depending on which registrars the domains are being transferred from.

Do you provide hosting for the domains?

No, we don’t provide hosting. You will need to get the domains hosted on your own, but you can email us for recommendations if you’d like.

Can I get the aged domains sent to any registrar?

Yes, we use authorization codes and can send domains to any registrar.

After I buy aged domains, can you build them into PBNs?

Yes, we can. After you’ve paid and we’ve transferred the domains to you, you can put in an order for our PBN setups.

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final once the domains have been pushed to your registrar accounts.

If you believe there is something wrong with a domain, please let us know as soon as possible to avoid any complications.

How long will it take me to rank?

This is not something we can answer for you as there are many factors that go into ranking besides aged domains.

If you are unsure about SEO and ranking, you may be interested in our Managed Link Building program, a done-for-you link building service.

What metrics do you serach for domains by?

There are many things we look at when finding aged domains.

Aged domains’ backlink profiles should have a mix of authority, power, and relevance, and they should also have clean histories, be non-dropped, and be currently indexed.

Once we’ve determined that a backlink profile is high quality, RD (referring domains) can be a useful metric for helping to determine the domain’s value.

The Best Aged Domains Found For You

A client's review of our aged domain service.Erik B.
Affiliate SEO

“I was referred by a friend to SirLinksalot after having trouble finding quality aged domains on my own. I found a great domain with quality links in my niche and haven’t looked back. Very smooth experience.”

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