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Diversify your backlink profile with foundational links on steroids.

What Are Diversity Links?

Diversity links are more complex pillow links (foundational links), which are a category of backlinks that is used to diversify and add naturalness to a backlink profile.

This may include things like audio/video links, Q&A links, web 2.0s, slideshow links, and so on.

These links differ from things like guest posts and niche edits which are contextual links on blog-style websites.

A review of our diversity links.Evan B.
Affiliate SEO

Was referred by a friend to SirLinksalot. Have ordered the Diversity Links a few times. Good work, fair price. Will keep ordering.

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A positive testimonial for our diversity link packs.Ray S.
Local SEO

“I tried out a Diversity Links pack while on sale to get my link profile looking more natural after getting hit with some spam links. Nice links and reporting.

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Diversity Links Pricing

Diversity Links Pack


20 White Hat Links Including:

Q and A Links

Audio/Video Links

Slideshow Links

Web 2.0s

200+ Social Signals

And More!

How It Works

Choose from our services.


Place your order and give us some basic information like your URL, business name, and anything else we may need to finish our work.

We build the backlinks.


Our experienced link-building team gets to work writing unique content and building your links. Usually takes 2 weeks or less.

We send a full backlink report.


After 2 weeks or less, you will receive a full report detailing all the diversity links built for your inspection. Enjoy!

Diversity Links Basics

Are diversity links white hat?

Yes, diversity links are white hat. It’s not possible to get yourself in any kind of trouble from building our diversity link packs.

These packs are used to help establish a very healthy, natural-looking backlink profile that Google can trust.

All 20 links in these packs come from trusted, authoritative sources.

Why should I use diversity links?

You should use diversity links to help establish a healthy, natural, diverse backlink profile.

This mix of 20 white hat links mixes your link profile up and gets it looking more natural.

Normal websites get backlinks from a wide variety of different sources and types of websites, and so should you.

Are diversity links good for my site?

All sites could get diversity links as they are necessary to help create a natural backlink profile.

They aren’t necessary to build all the time, but a little here and there should do the trick.

If your link profile isn’t diverse, it could be a good time to build some diversity links.

How do you use diversity links?

We recommend building diversity links to your homepage in most cases (but they can be built to any mix of URLs on your site).

We also recommend using natural anchors (branded, URL, and generic) as these are more natural.

Be sure to use them alongside other link-building like guest posts and niche edits for best results.

Our Premium Diversity Link Packs

Diversification For Steady Rankings

Don’t pick up a penalty or hit a ranking plateau from using too much of one kind of link. Natural sites attract many types of backlinks over time, and so should your site. That’s where these packs of 20 diverse, white-hat links come into play.

Diversity links can help save you from penalties.
These high DA links come from a mix of diverse sources.

Pillow Links On Natural Steroids

These link packs are great to use at any stage of the linking process. You get a mix of 20 links including Q&A links, audio/video links, slideshow links, web 2.0s, and more. They are similar to our Pillow Links packs, but more complex and diverse.

Stay One Step Ahead Of Competitors

To stay ahead of the competition, you need to have a diverse backlink profile filled with quality links. With our Diversity Link Packs, you get links that much of your competition simply doesn’t take the time to get. Show Google that your site deserves its attention.

Diversity links help mimic the link profiles of your competitors.
Packs of 20 white hat diversity links come with full reporting.

Diversity Links Are For Everyone

Our Diversity Link packs are a great addition to any link building campaign that needs to mix things up to stay natural. Every site benefits from having a mix of links from diverse, trusted sources, and they are perfect to use alongside your more powerful links.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see samples?

Yes, you can see a sample report for diversity links here.

Can I buy high authority links from specific sites?

Unfortunately not. We have a process that we stick to because it is proven and ensures quality work and turnaround time.

What type of anchors should I use?

We recommend staying away from any exact match or partial match anchors and sticking to URL, branded, and generic anchors. If you are confused about anchor text selection, we can take care of it for you.

Can I choose multiple URLs for the links?

Yes, you can choose multiple URLs within the same site for your Diversity Link packs, although we recommend targeting your homepage in most cases.

How are Diversity Links different from Pillow Links?

Our Diversity Link packs fill a very similar role as our Pillow Link packs (diversification, protection, trust), but they are from more complex, more diverse sources that take more time and effort to create.

How long will it take for my links to be finished?

It typically takes us about two weeks or less from when your order is placed to complete a Diversity Links pack.

Do you take care of indexing?

These types of links can be difficult to get indexed in many cases, and we do not think it is necessary.

You have the option when ordering to have your diversity links passed through an indexer for free. This does not guarantee that all links will be indexed, but it increases the odds.

How long will it take my site to rank?

This is not something we can answer for you. There are many factors to consider: your on-page, other backlinks, niche, competition, etc.

Diversity links are a tool to diversify your link portfolio, build trust, and provide you with tiered targets for link building. They do not have the raw power of our Niche Edits, PBNs, or Guest Posts, but they are equally important to ensure you don’t run into any ranking roadblocks down the road.

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final once work has started.

If you would like to cancel your order or make changes, please let us know ASAP to avoid any complications.

We also do not guarantee any kind of results from our Diversity Links packs as there is much more to SEO and ranking on Google than just link building.

Link Diversification Made Easy

A happy client of our high authority diversity links.Joseph W.
Affiliate Marketer

“I’ve been using these packs for a while now to inject something different into my link profiles and it’s been a huge time saver in that regard. Always quality links, thank you!”

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