SirLinksalot Affiliate Program

Get paid to promote our services.

Earn high commissions selling the best backlinks (and other SEO services) on the market.

Some quick stats:

10% LIFETIME Commisions on ALL Products (No Matter How Big the Sale!)

30 Day Cookie

Easy To Apply – But We Only Accept Serious Professionals!

High Conversion Rate

Most Trusted Links in the Industry

Lower Prices than Competitors with Serious Earning Potential

Amazing Sales Pages and Customer Support

When you send potential clients our way, you can be sure they will have a nice experience. Landing pages are full of information and FAQs and really drive the sale. Our friendly native-english customer support team is also available to answer any questions and ensure that your leads are converting at the highest rate possible.

Mega Commisions… Forever

That’s right – we don’t put caps on our commisions for our expensive products and big sales like some other SEO affiliate programs.

If you refer a client that orders 10,000 worth of backlinks – you’re gonna get your 10%. That’s $1,000 if you can’t do the math!

And then if they order any more of our services, you’ll get 10% from every additional purchase they make… forever.

The SirLinksalot SEO Affiliate Program could easily go from being your side-hustle to your main-hustle depending on how hard you work on pushing leads!

30 Day Cookies to Increase Your Earnings

Even if the client needs some extra time to make a buying decision – that’s absolutely OK. We cookie their browsers for 30 days to ensure you get paid for anyone making a purchase within 30 days after they clicked your affiliate link.

A Trusted, Growing Company

SirLinksalot is growing very rapidly with total sales doubling in the past year – and this is just the beginning. We’ve grown to be a respected brand with REAL SEOs – not just business owners who might not truly understand what they’re buying.

From our Facebook Group (SEO Round Table) to our YouTube Chanel to our Podcast series to our weekly Live SEO Support Livestreams, you can feel good about referring clients to a respected source of backlinks as well as information in the SEO industry.

All of this brand awareness will help increase converstions and thus your affiliate income.

Sales Materials and Support for Our Affiliates

If you need something like graphics to help send us traffic, just let us know! We are also available any time to answer questions you may have about any of our products or the workings of our company. We want you to be as prepared as possible – your success is our success!

Important! Terms and Conditions

Attention: Click to Read Our Terms and Conditions Before Applying

To be an authorized affiliate of SirLinksalot, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions contained in this agreement.

Please carefully read the entire Terms and Conditions before submitting your application and joining our affiliate program.

By submitting your application to our affiliate program, you indicate that you accept this agreement and our terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions:

This program should not be used to get discounts – it’s for referring new clients. You can’t buy products with your own affiliate code. We will cancel any payouts that we believe might be in violation of this for any reason.

Buying branded domains with SirLinksalot or anything resembling SirLinksalot in the name are not allowed.

Do NOT use words like “Warning,” “Scam,” or “Hoax” in any way to try to increase clicks while promoting our services. We do not want things like this floating around on the internet in association with our brand.

You must let us know what you are doing. Mailers should be approved by us before using. If you’re buying ads or other media, you must check with us first.

We reserve the right to remove any suspicious commissions, remove affiliates, or place payments on hold on any affiliate that breaks these rules or for any reason.

Rules for linking to our website:

You will be provided with information on how to create affiliate links to our site after you have been accepted into the SirLinksalot SEO Affiliate Program.

Being accepted into the program means you have agreed to follow these rules:

1. You will only use links created in the way that we have instructed you, and you will not change or manipulate them in any other way.

2. You won’t label anything on your site as “Official Site.”

3. You will not say that your website, content, ads, or anything else are sponsored or endorsed by SirLinksalot in any way.

4. You will not try to copy the look or feel of our site or brand in any way.

5. You will not do cookie stuffing, use fake pop-ups, or misleading links on your website or anywhere else.

6. You will not try to mask the referring URL information (referring URL is the page where the click is coming from).

Pay Per Click (PPC) Rules:

If you decide to use pay per click (PPC) or any other types of ads to promote SirLinksalot, you have to follow these rules:

1. You will not bid on any of our “trademarked terms.” A list of these terms can be found at the end of this section. This includes using any misspellings or variations of these terms.

2. You will not use our “trademarked terms” along with any other keyword (such as SirLinksalot Coupons) unless we have given you permission.

3. Absolutely no trademark bidding for PPC. You will not be paid any commissions for the previous 30 days and we may reverse commissions up to 30 days if you are found in violation of these rules and you’ve engaged in trademark bidding as outlined here.

4. You cannot use our “trademarked terms” in these places: display name, copy of your ad, title of your ad, or anywhere in the display URL.

5. You will not link directly to our website from any PPC ad or use redirects that accomplish the same thing. Links from these ads must link to your website – not ours.

Rules for Domain Names:

You can not use any of our “trademarked terms” as part of the domain name or sub-domain name of your website.

Examples: sirlinksalot.yousite.com or www.sirlinksalot-deals.com.

Trademarked Terms:

Our list of trademarks includes, but is not limited to: SirLinksalot, Sir Linksalot, SirLinksalot SEO, Sir Links a Lot, Sir Links Alot.

Apply Now

We only accept serious professionals, so be sure to fill out the application fully!

Lazy applications that are not filled out fully with good information will be ignored.

Important – by applying to our SEO affiliate program, you indicate that you have read and accept all points outlined in our Terms and Conditions above.

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