Tier 2 Link Building Packages

Build backlinks to your existing backlinks to power them up!

What Are Tier 2 Backlinks?

Tier 2 backlinks are links that point to your Tier 1 backlinks to increase their authority and power.

Tier 2 backlinks can be any type of backlink. However, they are generally cheaper than links you would point directly to your website.

Popular options for quality tier 2 backlinks are niche edits (link insertions) and PBN links.

Jimmy E.  A review of our tier 2 backlinks service.
SEO Professional

Picked up some tier 2 backlinks from SirLinskalot and they look great. Keywords jumped a couple spots.

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A review of SirLinksalot's tier 2 link building packages.Allan W.
Agency SEO

“We tried some niche edits as tier 2 to power up some guest posts. So far so good – will try PBN links next!

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Our Best Tier 2 Backlinks Options

Niche Edits →

Links inserted into pre-existing, relevant articles.

Check out our “Barrage” and “Bulk Level 1” Packs for the most cost-effective options.

PBN Links →

Links from our footprint-free personal blog network.

Check out our “PBN Niche Edits” for our most cost-effective options for tier 2 links.

How It Works

Choose from our services.


Choose which types of links you’d like to order and give us all the information we need in the order form.

We build the backlinks.


Our link building team gets to work building and placing your backlinks. Turnaround time depends on the link type.

We send a full backlink report.


That’s it! After our work is complete, you will receive a full report with details of all the links built for your inspection.

Tier 2 Backlinks Basics

Are tier 2 backlinks white hat?

Niche edits (link insertions) are widely considered white hat backlinks due to their popularity and safety.

PBN links are considered a black hat link type.

When building tier backlinks, the types of links you use carry less risk as you are not pointing them directly at your website.

Why should I use tier 2 link building?

Tier 2 link building is great for enhancing the authority and power of your existing backlinks, and also helps contribute towards a more diverse link profile.

Links from pages with other backlinks pointing to them pass more link juice to your website, thus making those links even more valuable.

Are tier 2 backlinks good for my site?

Tier 2 backlinks can help enhance the SEO of any website that already has some existing links pointing to it that you want to power up.

If your website doesn’t have a lot of links already, we recommend taking care of that first before doing any tiered link building.

Links pointing directly to your site are more powerful!

How do you use tier link building?

You can point tier 2 backlinks at any of your other backlinks you want to make stronger.

Some options could include your main social profiles, quality guest posts, quality link insertions, links earned through PR or HARO, your YouTube channel, etc.

We recommend using natural anchor text (branded, URL, generic).

Our Tier 2 Links Service

Quality Tier 2 Links For Cheap

Just because they’re tier 2 backlinks, we don’t lower our quality standards. Get links from quality sites to power up your existing backlink profile instead of spamming them with GSA or $1 PBN links like your competitors. You’re in this for the long haul!

Our niche edits are contextual, relevant links with power.
Buying PBN backlinks from our network is safe and secure.

Easy Ordering and Tracking

Just like with all the other link building services we provide at SirLinksalot, we make ordering and tracking your links a breeze. Check your orders in our dashboard and get help from our dedicated support staff at any time.

Boost Your Backlinks’ Authority

When new pages (like guest post articles) are created, they don’t have any links pointing at them yet. Building links to these pages can drastically increase their effectiveness for your SEO. Our tier 2 links help create an overall stronger network of links pointing to your site.

Our niche edits service can help you dominate Google rankings.
Get link placements in trusted articles without spam.

Transparent Reporting On Completion

When your tier 2 backlinks order is completed, we deliver a full report for your inspection. This will include the URLs your links were placed on, anchor text, target URLs, etc. And if there are any problems with your links, just let our support staff know!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see a sample report?

You can view a sample report here.

Can you build tier 2 backlinks in every niche?

Yes, but there are a few niches we stay away from – gambling, adult, pharmaceutical, payday loans, etc.

Please email us if you have any questions about your niche.

Do you recommend to buy tier 2 backlinks for my site?

Like a guest post, everyone can buy tier 2 backlinks and they can be beneficial for any website’s rankings as they pass lots of authority and relevance that Google loves.

Can I specify a TLD?

For our tier 2 PBN links, this is an option. For niche edits, your request may or may not be possible.

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final once work has started.

If you would like to cancel your order or make changes, please let us know ASAP to avoid any complications.

How long will it take me to rank my site?

We can’t answer this question for you. Your SEO depends on your on-page, other links, competition, niche, and more.

Tier 2 backlinks are a powerful tool that can push your website towards its goals, but there are many factors to consider.

If you need help with building backlinks or are unsure, you might consider our Managed Link Building program rather than our tiered link building service.

Are your tier 2 backlinks relevant?

We aim for article-level relevance when building our tiered links. This means that the article will be relevant to your topic, but the domain may post content about more than one topic. Some domains may be more niche-specific than others.

Also, depending on your niche, we may have to use a parent niche. For example, if your niche is “dog sweaters for chihuahuas,” we will most likely need to use parent niches such as “dogs,” “pets,” or even things like “home” that could make sense contextually.

How long does it take?

Time to completion will depend on which type of backlinks you order. Niche edits may take up to four weeks, and PBN links are usually completed in a few days.

Do you do bulk orders?

Please email us at info@sirlinksalot.co if you have a large order or recurring orders and would like more information.

Can I see the list of URLs to order from?

Unfortunately not. This is to protect the privacy of our clients and website owners.

We do, however, provide the URLs your order was placed on in the white label report that you receive on completion.

Can you drip feed the tiered links?

Please email our support staff with what you are trying to accomplish, and we might be able to accommodate your request.

What metrics do you guarantee?

The only metrics we guarantee are the metrics by which the links are priced.

We only guarantee DR for links priced by DR, and we only guarantee RD for links priced by RD, and so on.

Do you offer replacements for links that go down?

We can replace links that go down in many cases, and we have guarantee periods for each different link type. Please see our service pages for those link types for more information.

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Review of our tier 2 link building options.Seth M.
Content Site Owner

“I Decided to try our SirLinksalot’s tiered link building options after watching a YouTube video, and I’m glad I did! This will make a great new tool for my off-page SEO.”

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