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What Are PBN Builds?

A PBN build is the process of turning an old domain with preexisting backlinks into a PBN site.

PBN builds are different from PBN links.

A PBN build refers to the building of the PBN website, whereas PBN links are links coming from such a website.

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PBN Setup Service Pricing

PBN Site Build


You Must Provide The Domain

1,000 Words Unique Content

5 Rebuilt or Redirected Pages

Natural, Footprint Free, User Friendly

Premium Themes and Plugins

Custom Logo and Design

Don’t Have A Domain?


100’s of Premium Domains to Choose From

The Metrics That Matter

Background Checked and Safe

Quality Backlink Profiles

Almost Every Niche

Ready To Be Built Into PBNs

How It Works

Choose from our services.


Place your order and give us some basic information that we need to access your domain to begin building the PBN.

We build the backlinks.


Our experienced PBN building team gets to work building. Turnaround time is usually two weeks or less.

We send a full backlink report.


After 2 weeks or less, you’ll receive a full report detailing our work. Your PBN site will be ready to start linking immediately.

PBN Building Basics

Are PBN setups white hat?

PBN setups are white hat as it is just the process of building blog sites on old domains.

However, once our work is complete and you start using your PBN site to build backlinks, it becomes black hat.

We recommend educating yourself on safe PBN use and following link-building best practices.

Why should I use PBN setups?

PBN setups are a great way to repurpose an old domain with preexisting backlinks into a backlink-building machine that passes lots of link juice.

The links you can build from these websites, known as PBN links, are an extremely powerful link-building tool that can be used to help rank other websites.

Are PBN setups good for my site?

PBN setups can be good for any domain with a good backlink profile you’d like to repurpose to help other sites rank.

Other options instead of PBN builds could be 301 redirects or building a money site on the domain.

It just depends on which route you’d like to take!

How do you use PBN setups?

Once we’ve finished our work and the PBN site has been built, you can begin adding articles with backlinks to the blog.

You can link to any page or website you’d like to push the rankings for.

It’s important to follow link-building best practices.

PBN Sites Built By The Pros

Footprint-Free PBNs Built For You

Each of our PBN websites is built so that it’s diverse and unique from every angle. Features like unique hand-written content, quality themes, diverse plugins, and various tweaks and optimizations ensure our PBN builds are secure and safe to use.

Our PBN building service builds footprint-free PBN websites.
Buy PBN websites from our PBN building service.

PBN Power In Your Hands

Buying and renting links can be great, but sometimes having the power in your hands is what’s needed. With our PBN builds, you can harness the power of our PBN building expertise yourself without the know-how. Build links on your terms!

Protection From Manual Reviews

While no website is totally immune to manual reviews, we can get pretty close. From premium themes to quality content, our PBN sites feel much more like real blogs so that they will continue to be indexed and pass link juice safely, regardless of inspection.

Our PBN setup service yields PBNs that are as safe from manual reviews as possible.
All of our building experience for you in one nice PBN package.

Our Experience In A Safe Package

Remove the guesswork from your PBN building process and trust the pros. The full package including a footprint-free site, custom logo, high-quality images and videos, banner placements, and plenty of addons is delivered right to you to begin linking ASAP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the themes and plugins you use in your builds paid for?

We build PBN sites on a large number of different themes and plugins. We do not include license keys for the majority of the themes and plugins we use, but this will not inhibit the way your PBN works in any way.

Is it possible to have more than 5 URLs rebuilt with your PBN setup service?

Yes, it is. When placing your order, you may select addons such as additional pages or content.

Do you provide PBN management services?

No, we do not. We build your PBN website and hand it back to you. You will need to take care of hosting, ongoing maintenance, adding any additional content, and link-building yourself.

How long does an order from your PBN building service usually take?

It typically takes us about two weeks or less from when your order is placed to build your domain into a PBN website.

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final once work has started. If you need to cancel or make changes to an order, please contact us as soon as possible to avoid any complications.

How long will it take me to rank?

This is not a question we can answer for you as a lot more goes into ranking than just PBNs.

If you are unsure about link-building and need help, you might be interested in our Managed Link Building Program.

Quality PBNs Built Just For You

Positive feedback from a PBN build customer..Mandy W.
Link Building Specialist

“I was very surprised when I got my PBN setup order back for the first time. It looked like a real site, not a PBN! We followed advice from the team in the Facebook group and have had zero problems. Thanks!”

Get More Positive 5 Star Reviews for Your Business

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