Protective Pillow Links

Foundational Links to Establish, Insulate, and Protect your Site


30 Natural Links to Protect your Site

Blend in with the pack with 30 risk-free links for new sites.


Competitor and Niche Analysis

Top-10 competitor analysis yields the most valuable links.


A Variety of Quality, White Hat Links

Citations, Niche Directories, Social Profiles, Web 2.0s, Forum Profiles, Drip-Fed Social Signals, and much more!


Manually Created by Professional SEOs

Unique handwritten content for all your Google-safe links.

Pillow Links and You

Uses, Safety, and Prerequisites

How to Use

Perfect for new sites or any site that needs to diversify their backlinks or anchors, Pillow Links help your site look natural and pave the way for more powerful links.

Hat: White Hat

Pillow Links are 100% white hat, Google-safe, and spam-free. These are legit, natural links that Google likes to see and real businesses get. 

Site Health

Because Pillow Links are legit, white hat links with unique content, no previous backlinking is necessary for safety. In fact, they should be done before other linking.

Insulate Your Site for Ranking

Buy pillow links to pave a safe path to the top of the SERPs.

Reverse Engineering the Competition

When looking to dominate the SERPs, studying the success of your top-ranking competition is key. We reverse engineer the links that your top 10 competitors have and hand pick the highest quality, most relevant links for your site based on your niche and location. This will help you look natural, blend in, and get you caught up to speed with (and then surpass) the leaders in your niche. Game on.

30 White Hat, Google-Safe Links

Our Pillow Link packs include links such as citations, niche directories, forum profiles, diversity links, social profiles, web 2.0s, 200-250 drip-fed social signals, and more. All of these trustworthy, natural links help to protect your site and pave the way for your future, more powerful linking campaigns by diversifying your link profile and anchor text with a variety of high DA backlinks.

Quality you can Inspect

You will receive at least 5 handwritten, unique articles along with your 30 pillow links that are each built with care and attention to detail. After our SEOs finish building your links and properties, you will receive a report detailing the work that was done. All work is manually done by skilled SEOs with years of experience building and linking to sites, so you can relax and be confident that your site is getting what it needs to grow and continue its journey to the top of the SERPs.

Pillow Links are the Foundation to Build On

SEOs agree that pillow link building should be a part of the game plan for every site – no matter what kind. They let Google know you are for real about your business, and they provide protection from heavier linking that will come next. You don’t want to start a site off by hitting it with stronger, riskier types of links, and it’s also a good idea to keep pillowing alongside your other links throughout the ranking process.

The Right Mix of Highly Trusted Pillow Links

Forum/Social Profiles, Web 2.0s, Niche Directories, Citations, and more! See a Sample Report Here.

How it Works

Our simple, hassle-free process

Place Your Order

Go through our super simple ordering process and provide us with some general information about your site. Takes less than 2 minutes.

We Build the Links

Our experienced SEOs reverse engineer your competition, analyze it, and build your links. Takes about 2 weeks to build all 30 of your pillow links.


On to the Next Step!

That’s it! Your links are done and your site is now insulated and ready for the next step. You will receive a report detailing all the work done.

Stay Safe – Pillow Your Site

Backlinks to Build Trust and Diversify your Link Portfolio

Frequently Asked Questions

Please Read before Contacting Us.

Can I see a sample report?

You can see a sample pillow link order here.

Are all of your pillow links niche-specific?

We will get you as many local, niche relevant links as we can. We also go after the most powerful and trusted profiles. Based on what your competitors are doing, you will receive a very natural mix of links.

How long does it take?

The turnaround time is about 2 weeks, after which you will receive a report detailing the links we’ve built for you.

Do you index the links?

You have the option when ordering to have your pillow links passed through our indexer. This does not guarantee that all links will be indexed, but it increases the odds.

How long will it take my site to rank?

We cannot answer this question for you as there are way too many factors to consider. Pillow Links are usually the very beginning of the link building process and their purpose is not to push a lot of power – although if you are in a low competition niche, they might be all you need to get some good movement.

If you need help with link building, you can check out our Managed Link Building program.

Am I allowed to pick specific sites for your link pillowing packs?

Unfortunately not. We do not do custom pillow link orders. We have a system of obtaining the best links for your site that we stick to because of its proven success.

Can I get more than 30?

We don’t recommend getting more than one pillow link pack per site. If you’d like more foundational type links, you can check out our Diversity Link packs, Citations, and our “Barrage” Niche Edits packs.

Can I log into my Web 2.0s?

No, we used aged Web 2.0 accounts that we own that have more trust and authority to better influence your rankings in the SERPs.

How are Pillow Links different from Diversity Links?

Both of these link packs fill the role of diversifying your link profile and building trust to your site. Our Pillow Link packs are more basic, widely-used types of links that most sites get in the beginning of the link building process, although they can be built at any time to diversify further.

Can I choose multiple URLs?

No, our pillow links are only built to the homepage.

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final once work has started.

Insulate with Pillow Links

Buying pillow links is quick and easy.

SirLinksalot Pillow links packs are something I buy for every new site I’m putting together – affiliate and client. Loving the citations mixed in there.

Jimmy P.

Yet another thing I don’t have to pay my va’s to do any more. I always order some pillow links before I start pointing my PBNs or anything else at the site. The social signals are a nice touch to make things seem even more natural. Great product.

Spencer W.

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