Niche Edits Link Placements

Link Insertions into Existing Articles on Real Sites


Powerful, Permanent Link Insertions

These are not link rentals – you only pay once.


Contextual and Niche-Relevant

Link edits in 99.9% of niches dropped within a blog post.


Real, Trusted Websites with Traffic

Links are placed in relevant articles on established sites.


Quick , Safe, and Powerful Link Building

Boost your site’s power and authority with peace of mind.

Niche Edits and You

Uses, Safety, and Prerequisites

How to Use

Niche Edits are one of the three big types of power links today. Use them alongside other types of links to increase power, authority, and relevance to your site.

Hat: Gray Hat

Any kind of link building is generally against the search engines’ TOS. Just like Guest Posts, Niche Edits technically violate the TOS but are safe and widely used.

Site Health

No previous backlinks are required before using Niche Edits on new sites, but we suggest using pillow links while link building to help reduce your footprint.

Link Placements on Real Sites

Buy Niche Edits – Guest Posts without the hassle of a new blog post.

Contextual, Niche-Relevant Links with Power

Google doesn’t like links coming to your site from pages that are not related – it confuses the algorithm and weakens your site’s relevance. We give you complete control over the niche of the site to be linked from, and the niche edits are placed within real, aged, relevant articles that are also relevant to your site’s topic. This is the way link building should always be done – relevant and within context for the blog post being linked to.

One-Time Payment is just the Beginning

Unlike PBN rentals which you pay a monthly fee for, niche edits are permanent. Similar to guest posting – as long as the website is online, your link will be too. You will continue to reap the benefits of the power from links from real, aged sites for a long time to come – and as the site grows more powerful, so does your link. If a link ever goes down within our guarantee window, you can contact support to have it replaced.

Hassle-Free SERP Results in No Time

Because we use trusted, aged, high quality sites that are already indexed, you will often see results within days of placement after simply providing your URL, anchor text, and niche. Your site will rise in Google rankings in no time with our powerful, safe niche edits. And best of all – all of this power is yours after only a few clicks. No hours of guest post outreach, no PBN building and guessing if you are leaving any footprints, no stress that your money site might get deindexed. Just links from real sites that pack a punch.

Links from the Best Sites with Real Traffic

We have established a massive outreach network of real websites which have already established trust with Google and are getting regular traffic. Your niche edit links are placed within preexisting articles on these pages. Prices are determined by the number of referring domains the site has going to the domain, and all of the sites we place niche edit links on have passed our thorough inspection and are confirmed to have solid backlink profiles for the niche they exist in. These curated links pack a punch.

Priced by Referring Domains

We use RD to price our Niche Edits because we have concluded that it’s the best judge of value of a site – but ONLY after you have determined it’s backlink profile to be of high quality. There are many factors to consider to determine the quality of a site’s backlink profile. We meticulously comb through sites to select the best to be a part of our Niche Edits outreach network.

Sample Niche Edit Metrics

























How it Works

Our simple, hassle-free process

Place Your Order

Choose your power level, and provide us your niche, URLs and anchor texts. Choose from 3-packs, package deals, or bulk orders of our niche edits.

We Drop the Links

We place your niche edit links in real articles on real websites according to your specifications. Link building usually takes about 2 weeks.


Watch Your Rankings

Sit back and watch your Google rankings take off. Results are seen quickly after link building and show up quickly in your favorite link tools.

Niche Edit Links 3-Packs

These Niche Edit Packs Contain 3 Links.

Niche Edit Package Deals

Choose from these Pre-Built Niche Edit Packages.

RD 10-50 Niche Edits Bulk Deals

Great for big sites, multiple sites in the same niche, diversifying anchor/link profiles, tiered link building, and more!

Attention: Important Changes have been made to our Barrage Packs. Click to Learn More.

Our Barrage Niche Edit packs now operate a bit differently from our standard niche edits. These changes had to be made due to the nature of these sites and the webmasters that run them.

We now attempt to place 1 extra link per 5 links in the pack.

We guarantee a minimum number of functional placements per pack.

We no longer do replacements for webmaster errors (404’s, nofollow instead of dofollow, page not loading, etc) unless it brings you below the guaranteed amount.

We will continue to do replacements for our mistakes (wrong niche, anchor text, etc).

No 3 month guarantee on Barrage links.

– Prices have been increased by 2 links per pack, and 2 links have been added to each pack to bring the guaranteed minimum up.

The large majority of orders will receive reports with more than the number of links in the pack originally. Congratulations! You got free links.

Rarely, you will receive a pack with less due to webmaster error, but we always make sure you get the guaranteed link minimum.

These changes will reduce customer service tickets, result in more links for you on average, result in cheaper links for you on average, and keep TATs as fast as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please Read before Contacting Us.

Are your niche edit links PBNs or real sites?

No they are not. Niche Edit links, also sometimes known as curated backlinks, are link placements within your niche in existing articles on real websites.

Do you have access to every niche?

Yes, but there are a few niches we stay away from with our niche edit links – gambling, adult, pharmaceutical, payday loans, etc. Sorry but that’s just the way it is!

Do you recommend buying niche edits for my site?

Like a guest post, everyone can buy niche edits and they can be beneficial for any website. However, if we determine your site to be spammy or scammy, we will cancel your order and refund your money.

Can I Choose different Niches for links in a package?

Sorry, but no. In order to decrease our turn around time and get your links to you quicker, links from each package must be in the same niche.

Can I specify a TLD?

Not at this time. The majority of the websites niche edit links are placed on are .com sites.

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final once work has started.

How long will it take me to rank my site?

We can’t answer this question for you. It depends on your on-page, other links, competition, niche, and more. Niche Edits are powerful links that will push your website towards its goals, but there are many factors to consider.

If you need help with building backlinks, you might consider our Managed Link Building program.

How many OBL (outbound links) are in the articles?

We do not allow the sites and articles we place links on to become spammed out. Most of the time there are only 1-2 OBL, but this may increase to 4-5 in some cases.

Are the links priced by RD of the domain or RD of the linking page?

Links are priced by the amount of referring domains the domain has according to Ahrefs.

How long does it take?

Link building usually takes about 14 days but can sometimes take up to a month. Results usually follow soon after as the articles are already indexed.

Do you do bulk orders?

Email us at info@sirlinksalot.co if you have a large order or recurring orders and would like more information.

Can I see the list of URLs to order from?

Absolutely not. This is to protect the privacy of our clients and website owners. We do, however, provide the URLs your order was placed on in the white label report that you receive on completion.

Can you drip feed the niche edits?

We don’t drip-feed the links because the natural rate of indexation does that for us. After the link building, the backlinks will all get indexed at random intervals by Google, acting as it’s own drip-feed.

How can I get links over a certain Domain Authority?

Our niche edit links are not priced by DA (Domain Authority), DR (Domain Rating), or any other metric except for RD (Referring Domains) the overall domain has. Once we have established a website to have a high quality backlink profile relevant to your niche, RD seems to be the best determiner of impact a niche edit will have.

Get Niche Edit Links Today

Buying Niche Edits Placements is Easier than Guest Posting.

I started with just a small order of these niche edit backlinks and saw the quality immediately – fast tat, non-spammy websites, good link profiles. The weaker bulk packages are also AMAZING for big websites that need a push. I can recommend SirLinksalot niche edits to anyone doing link building.

Tolga C.

Easy choice for link building. I’ve been using Sirlinksalot niche edits a lot more often now instead of my old pbn or doing guest posting. It’s just easier and many times I get more than I paid. Their customer service is fire too! They replace any links that get dropped.

Raj S.

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