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PBN Links and You

Uses, Safety, and Prerequisites

How to Use

Our PBN Links are for SEOs with more experience with linking and want to pass as much power as possible to the sites they want to boost in the SERPs.

Hat: Black Hat

Although PBN Backlinks violate Google’s TOS, we follow industry best-practices, and we’ve taken every step to ensure the safety of our network and your sites.

Site Health

You should follow industry best-practices when buying PBN links for your sites. We have strict requirements for sites wanting to use our PBN links.

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Pass Mega Link Power to Your Site by Buying PBN links.

Powerful, Niche Specific Homepage Links

Get these quality, do-follow, contextual homepage links on tested sites in a wide variety of niches and power levels. Rental PBN links remain on the homepage for the duration of your subscription, while our rolling PBN placements begin on the homepage and eventually roll to inner-pages. These domains were hand-picked for their premium backlink profiles and rebuilt to pass as much power as possible to help rank your projects. Taste the power yourself – we’ve got some of the highest RD PBNs on the market today!

Tested Blog Network Security

Security begins with our careful domain selection process. Only the best, penalty-free domains are bought at auction for our network. We perform constant testing and analysis to ensure there are no footprints or linking patterns between sites in our network. Quality content and minimal outbound links are overseen by our trained professionals, and sites are screened carefully before we allow them to buy or rent PBN backlinks from our network. We’ve upheld our end of the bargain – all that’s left is you!

Hand-Written Content on Legit Websites

When you buy PBN links from SirLinksalot, you will see that the quality of our PBN is not only behind the scenes. All of our articles are handwritten by experienced writers (no spun content is used!) and placed on sites that look real enough to pass manual inspections if need be. All of this adds up to an end product that blurs the lines between real sites and PBN sites and ensures as few deindexes as possible. We take pride in this!

Top-Notch PBN Quality

From our hand-selected aged auction domains, most of which were never dropped, to using a mixture of premium hosting services with different IP ranges, you can be sure that our network is secure and will be into the future. Every step of the process in setting up our network has been examined under a microscope to ensure the safety of our assets as well as yours. Whether you’re looking to buy or rent PBN links, we provide an agency quality product that you can feel safe to use as well as resell.

The Results Speak for Themselves

These links pack a serious punch! View a sample report.

A review from someone who bought our PBN backlinks.
A review of our PBN backlinks after some nice ranking increases.

How it Works

Our simple, hassle-free process

Choose Your Links

Choose from our PBN Rentals and 1-time-payment Rolling options. Check that your site meets our requirements before pushing that buy button!

We Place Your Links

We double check that your site meets our requirements, have an article hand-written, and post it on a PBN domain of our choosing. This usually takes 3 days or less.


Blast Off!

That’s it! Your PBN links will start passing massive amounts of link juice as soon as they are indexed. A full, white-label report is sent on completion.

3-Month Recurring PBN Rentals

Prices are for a 3-Month Rental for 1 Homepage PBN Backlink. Priced by Ahrefs Live Referring Domains.

1-Time-Payment PBN Links

Prices are for Unsticky Homepage Links that Roll to Inner Pages. Priced by Ahrefs Live Referring Domains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please Read before Contacting Us.

Can I see a sample report?

You may view a sample report here.

What niches do you accept?

We can provide the best PBN links for almost every niche minus some things like payday loans, gambling, pharma, and escorts. Go ahead and send us a message if you’re unsure, and if we can’t provide you links, you can always build you your own PBN!

What languages do you accept?

We are currently only providing PBN links in English.

How long do the 1-time-payment links stay on the homepage?

There is no set guaranteed time that these links will remain on the homepage – it depends on post volume for that specific PBN.

Do you ever delete links?

No, links remain live for the entire life of the blog for both rentals and one-time-payments. If you cancel a PBN rental, it will slide to an inner-page just like a one-time-payment link.

What’s the difference between one-time-payment links and 3-month rentals?

Our 3-month rentals are guaranteed to stay on the homepage for as long as you continue your payments. One-time-payment links begin on the homepage but roll to inner-pages as they are replaced by newer posts.

Do I have to resubmit my rentals every 3 months to continue?

No. You will be billed every 3 months automatically until you cancel payments.

What if I want to cancel and barely miss the billing date?

We have a 3-day grace period for our PBN rentals. If you want to cancel after a new payment has been made within this period, we’ll refund you.

If I don’t like the PBN I’m placed on, can I request a replacement?

No, but we will remove your link if requested. Refunds will not be issued in this case.

Can I see samples?

Nope! This is to ensure the safety of our network which will not be compromised.

Are exact match anchors OK?

Yes, but you must diversify anchors to a single URL. We do not allow you to spam the same exact match anchor repeatedly.

What metrics do you guarantee?

The only metric we guarantee for PBN links is the RD which they are priced by. While the team does perform quality checks based on other metrics, these are purely at the discretion of the team.

How long will it take?

It typically takes us 3 days or less before posts go live, but this will depend on the order volume for the domain you are purchasing links for (we drip feed larger orders).

Can I drip feed my PBN backlinks?

We drip-feed larger orders for individual domains. You cannot choose to drip, not drip, or the days your links go live on. This is something we decide ourselves in order to maintain the safety of our network. We do not prorate for the time before links are dripped.

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final once work has started.

If I cancel my 3-month rental before the due date, can I get a partial refund?

Nope! Your link will remain on the homepage for the duration of the 3 months and then slide to an inner page after the paid time period expires.

What happens if a PBN I have a link on gets deindexed?

For rentals, we will contact you and notify you of your replacement. For 1-time-payment PBN backlinks, you will not receive a replacement. 

Can I pick the sites my links are placed on or see the list?

No and no. We take care of all of this to ensure the safety of our PBN and the sites we link to.

How long will it take me to rank?

We can’t answer this for you. There are too many factors to consider like your on-page, other backlinks, competition, niche, and much more.

If you need more help with link building, you can look into our Managed Link Building program.

Do you block bots from crawling your PBNs?

We do on some and don’t on others. This is another way we diversify our PBN network. You cannot request only PBNs with bots blocked or unblocked.

Will my post be placed on a PBN only about my niche?

While we do try to place articles on PBNs in your niche, this is not always possible due to availability as well as avoiding overlap with other clients which can create footprints. 

Some PBNs will be more niche-focused than others, but keep in mind that it’s completely natural for sites to get links from other sites that are not only about the same topic as your site.

We DO always guarantee that your article will be about a topic in your niche.

Buy PBN Backlinks Today

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