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We’ve been doing SEO and building backlinks for the better part of the last decade. We’ve ranked countless keywords into top positions across our clients’ sites and our own.

Throughout this time, we’ve built a fantastic link building team. Now, you can make use of them too.

Our founders, Chris Tzitzis and Nicholas Altimore.
About our company and team at SirLinksalot.

What’s Really Working

All of our services are designed around the lessons we’ve learned over the years – lessons we’ve learned the hard way so that you don’t have to.

So whether it’s our products’ design or tips we give out on our blog, we practice what we preach. 

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Meet SirLinksalot’s Founders

SirLinksalot Co-Founder Nick Altimore.

Founder/CEO: Nicholas Altimore

After working for some time for a larger sales-based company that provided basic SEO to clients, Nick took a leap of faith and decided to work for himself.

He dabbled across various different specialties until he really got into a groove with link building where he earned a name for himself in the community.

He’s built multiple companies in the space since then, and he spends his time between SirLinksalot and growing affiliate businesses across various niches.

About SirLinksalot's team.

Co-Founder/COO: Chris Tzitzis

After traveling and teaching in Asia for some time, Chris got his start in SEO doing work for local clients back in the US.

While he was excited to be learning a new craft and having success helping brick and mortar businesses, that venture proved to be somewhat short-lived due to what happened next.

Nick introduced him to affiliate SEO, and there was no looking back.

Whether he’s working to scale SirLinksalot or grow an affiliate project, he manages to keep his hands full!

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