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Bibi the Link Builder is one of the most unique voices in the SEO space that we know.

Founder of BibiBuzz, speaker at many SEO conferences, featured in the Ahrefs hardcover book, and wielder of swords and other miscellaneous weapons.

We wanted to have Bibi on to talk about link building because she has a totally different take on sending outreach emails that will actually get you quality links… for free! (LESS SPAM, MORE JAM).

Listen as we talk to Bibi about her thought processes, her team, the tools she uses, and what she would do for building backlinks with almost no budget!

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Watch the Podcast:

Podcast Summary:

The podcast delves into the nuances of link building and outreach strategies, focusing on the innovative approach by Bibi, the founder of BibiBuzz.com. Bibi’s method diverges from traditional link building techniques by combining personalized and thematic templates tailored to the target audience’s interests. Here are the key insights and strategies discussed:

Hybrid Outreach

Bibi emphasizes a middle ground between bespoke (highly personalized) and generic (mass-sent) emails. By segmenting the target audience based on interests or demographics and crafting themed templates, Bibi creates a sense of personalized communication that resonates with recipients.

Engagement Through Relatability

By incorporating elements that reflect the recipient’s world, such as industry jargon or trends, Bibi ensures the outreach feels targeted and relevant. This approach fosters an instant connection, akin to striking a conversation at a party by mentioning a shared interest.

Creative Content Integration

Bibi has explored the use of AI-generated images to enhance outreach emails. For example, creating an image that combines the recipient’s niche with universally liked themes (e.g., cats) to catch attention and build rapport.

Success Metrics and Challenges

While Bibi does not specify an exact success rate for her outreach, she notes a response rate of 20-30%. The main challenge in recent times has been the declining conversion rate for link acquisition, which she attributes to the saturation of outreach efforts and recipients’ growing wariness of link builders.

Insights on Tools and Techniques

Bibi highlights the importance of tools like Pitchbox for scaling outreach efforts and Ahrefs for researching and planning link building campaigns. She also points out the evolving landscape of AI and its impact on content creation and link building strategies.

Fostering Connections Through Outreach

Bibi stresses the significance of the tone and timing in email communications. Being non-defensive, transparent, and prompt in replies can greatly influence the success of outreach efforts. Building a genuine connection, rather than aggressively pushing for links, leads to better engagement and results.

Future of Link Building

Bibi anticipates fluctuations in the link building domain, with shifts in the industry’s openness to links due to evolving SEO strategies and Google’s algorithm updates. She advocates for adaptability and continuous innovation in outreach strategies to stay relevant.

Article by: Chris Tzitzis
Hey I'm Chris, one of the founders here at SirLinksalot. I'm into building internet money machines (affiliate websites) and specialize in building backlinks. Find out more about me and my link building team.

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