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Why is finding the best Austin SEO company to market your business or help with your digital marketing strategies so important nowadays? Let’s first take a look at what makes Austin so special.

Austin, TX is a trendy, high-tech city that attracts migrants from all over the country and the world. It’s been one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in America for many years and its economy is expected to steadily grow for the foreseeable future.

Austin is a great place to raise a family and is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in the United States. Big companies relocate to this smart city each year, adding to a hot labor market that also has a thriving startup ecosystem and very high growth of million-dollar businesses.

Moreover, the city is a hotspot for young professionals and millennials who love to shop online and dine out. They now dominate the consumer market over Generation X and Baby Boomers. This population trend will continue to have a positive impact on the real estate market, which is one of the best in the U.S.

It’s obvious that Austin is an evolving technology hub (aka ”Silicon Hills”) that’s experiencing a major tech migration in recent years. But it’s also a cultural hub for music, film, art, and food that attracts a lot of tourism each year. The cultural appeal of Austin can be exemplified by global icons like the annual SXSW Conference & Festivals and Austin City Limits.

local austin seo

Now you’re probably tapped into Austin’s growing, digitally-enabled economy and striving to grow your business and increase its online presence. You also want to make sure all the tech-savvy people moving to Austin find out who you are and what you (or your clients) have to offer.

Whether you’re an SEO professional, artist, realtor, or entrepreneur, you obviously stand to benefit from digital marketing provided by a great Austin SEO company. Digital marketing (SEO) is by far the most effective strategy to promote you and your clients’ businesses, especially in an ultra-modern, growing market like Austin, Texas.

However, competition is stiff and you’ll need the right set of Austin SEO services, expertise, and tools to be successful at ranking your website in search engines. SEO companies offer many different services for ranking.

The best tools for ranking in Google will be backlinks. Backlinks help generate organic traffic by improving the ranking position of your website in the search engine results pages. Acquiring quality backlinks to your domains is the most important element of local Austin SEO, and it’s one of the most challenging activities to do.

You’ll need a link building SEO agency that takes a dynamic and comprehensive approach to acquiring backlinks for your search engine optimization campaign. This is what SirLinksalot.co specializes in.

Who we are

SirLinksalot.co is a boutique Austin SEO company that specializes in link building for SEO professionals, digital entrepreneurs, and website/business owners. We are one of Austin’s top SEO companies and its #1 source of wholesale backlinks, learning resources, and SEO products. Local and international marketers come to us for their backlinking needs.

SirLinksalot came into being back in 2017 when co-founders and digital entrepreneurs, Nick Altimore and Chris Tzitzis, realized there was too much untrustworthy information and sketchy products in the SEO market, and saw an opportunity to fill this gap with a quality link building company.

Nick is a seasoned SEO with ample experience starting online businesses and building/ranking niche domains, including complicated networks like PBNs. Chris has experience in internet marketing, photo/video editing, UX, web design, SEO PPC, and content marketing/management.

SirLinksalot co-founders, Chris Tzitzis and Nick Altimore

Together they created a dependable, clean-cut, highly specialized and efficient online marketing agency to serve SEOs and other clients with a wide variety of backlinks services and informational content.

Although our SEO agency specializes primarily in link building, we also sell a variety of other products with the goal of helping SEOs (and non-SEOs) rank their sites higher in the search results.

On top of a diversified set of link building services and SEO products, our SEO company also offers the digital marketing community essential information on how to perform SEO efficiently and effectively.

This (100% free) knowledge base is provided through our SEO Blog, SEO Podcast, SEO YouTube Channel, and our SEO Facebook Group with the sole intent of strengthening the SEO/digital marketing community and helping all SEO professionals (novice through advanced) sharpen their internet marketing skills.

What we specialize in

Here’s a sample of some of the powerful tools and services you can rely on to boost your rankings and search visibility in the Austin market:


Managed Link Building

If you’re just starting out in SEO to grow your business, need to outsource some work for your agency, or are an affiliate expert with better ways to spend your time – our Managed Link Building Program is ideal for any site you need to build links for (but don’t have the time or know-how to execute).

Our custom-made backlink plans and monthly audit reports are carefully tailored for you and your website – regardless of your knowledge level, budget, goals, or preferences. Our preferred method of link building is “gray-hat” which follows industry best practices. However, we are more than welcome to provide you with pure white-hat or black-hat links.

There’s really nothing you need to do in order to benefit from our Managed Link Building Program except spend $500 or more per month on backlinks as a regular customer through our website, fill out an application, and participate in an initial consultation.

You can decide whether to increase your monthly budget, which goes entirely to purchasing backlinks that you can keep forever. The site auditing, monthly reports, and actual link building are free.


Authority Links


Guest Posts

These are very popular links for SEO that draw on the relevance and authority of the linking website to give you a ranking boost.

Guest posts are safe to deploy and utilized by so many experienced SEOs that they’re virtually considered white-hat. Use our guest posts on new sites with natural anchor text.


Niche Edits

These are also popular backlinks that are used to boost rankings. You can use them to increase authority, power, and relevance to their target sites.

Niche Edits are considered safe because they’re widely used. We suggest using pillow links alongside these authority links to diversify your footprint.

Pillow Links

These natural links pave a foundation for further backlinks. They are perfect for insulating new sites that need to diversify their link profiles and anchors.

Pillow links are pure white-hat links that are spam-free and Google-safe. They are legitimate backlinks that real websites acquire and can be deployed any time you want.


Other Services

Aged Domains

We’ve got plenty of aged domains that are indexed and ready to use. Deploy them as 301s, money sites, PBNs, or whatever you want.

It’s completely safe to buy our aged domains that come with powerful backlink profiles (without any prerequisites).

Learn SEO from us

What makes SirLinksalot so special and unique to the local SEO community is that we take pride in delivering a ton of valuable knowledge resources for free through our website and social media support groups. It’s one reason why we consider ourselves such a cool SEO company.


Live SEO Support (YouTube)

We provide a weekly live stream where anyone can join and get their SEO-related questions answered by our founders, Nick Altimore and Chris Tzitzis.

It’s a great opportunity to relax and listen to a couple of SEO pros nerd out about the industry or ask burning questions related to link building, running a digital marketing agency, or about a new project or website you’re trying to rank.

You can join via the Facebook Group or YouTube channel each Wednesday at 12:00 pm CST.


Case Studies

Follow and learn the precise tactics and tools we use to generate big gains in traffic, rankings, and revenue using search engine optimization. Our case studies will cover anything related to affiliate, local, white/black hat, beginner, and advanced strategies. Learn about how backlinks increase performance, on-page optimization, CRO, and more.

Additional resources

We’ve got nearly as many knowledge resources as SEO services/products! Here are some more:



This is one of the best places to learn everything about SEO for free while staying current with the latest industry developments and trends.

Our guides, tutorials, and informational content cover a very wide variety of SEO-related topics. They’re written to help you rank and improve your SEO skills.



The SirLinksalot SEO Podcast is for beginners to experts and features long-form discussions with some top SEO professionals. Contact us through the podcast discovery form if you’re interested in being featured on the podcast.


Facebook Group

The SEO Round Table is where you can discuss link building, on-page SEO, and everything in-between. No matter if you’re black-hat or white-hat, affiliate or local, newbie or pro, you’ve got a place at the SEO Round Table.

This Facebook SEO group is managed by SirLinksalot.co’s co-founders (and SEO experts) Chris Tzitzis and Nicholas Altimore. Members can gain valuable insights via SEO case studies, in-depth articles, quick analysis, and weekly live streams for free SEO help.


Link building is considered to be the most important ranking factor in SEO, but it’s certainly not the easiest of SEO services. There are many SEO companies out there, but good Austin SEO needs a good marketing agency with years of experience, testing, and #1 results that can help you rank in a competitive market like Austin, Texas. SirLinksalot.co has SEO experts with years of linking experience that can take care of all your link building needs.

Our SEO agency has been ranking our own websites and our clients’ to the top SERP positions for years, ranging from small affiliate sites for Austin SEO marketers to high-dollar international clients. We’re continuously learning and adapting to the evolving SEO environment (unlike some SEO agencies). Now we want to pass that power on to you, so you can focus on other things like content, on-page optimization, and lead gen.

Contributing Author: Brian Kihneman

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Hey I'm Nick, the Founder/Director here at SirLinksalot. I have a passion for building online businesses and taking websites to the next level with the help of my amazing link building team.

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