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[07:22] How many links is safe to build per day for a new site?

There is no exact number. It is all dependent on variables that you are manipulating in unison to not only the backlinks but also the historical data that exists on the particular money site that you’re adding links to. Determine 1) where your site is currently at on-page-wise, 2) what the historical data looks like in terms of backlinks and off-page factors, and 3) your budget and goals spread out over time. Check out our video on building links to a new website for more information on this topic.

[16:42] The first website I built in 2019 was successful and was getting over 2K pageviews/day without building backlinks. Is that possible in 2022 going into 2023?

Absolutely, but “not building backlinks” is different from “not having backlinks.” Also, as time moves forward, everything gets more competitive as far as SEO and ranking. If you’re in the market today, you need to have a competitive edge to maximize longevity. If you’re serious about building an SEO campaign, then you shouldn’t neglect any aspect of that campaign. Budget accordingly so that you have a well-rounded asset that is going to stand the test of time, handle more volatility in the SERPs, and factor in not only what Google’s algorithm accepts but also tweaks. Good content or good backlinks are powerful, but there is no reason to neglect either one. A guest post or two a month to your homepage with branded anchors can help you dramatically get off the ground.

[25:23] Are naked or branded anchors used only to diversify and make a natural-looking profile, or do they actually pass juice?

Every backlink passes juice. Every backlink that you build is conveying a message to Google. A backlink is essentially a vote of confidence for your website. Your anchor text makes the link more relevant. When you have an exact-match anchor, you’re making your link hyper-relevant for that exact phrase.

[31:34] How do I do more real-life marketing instead of just SEO?

If you are scrambling to make a business work and you’re new to SEO, I would shift away from just doing SEO. There is a lot of volatility and know-how involved. It took Nick two years before he could say he was able to do SEO competently. Looking at ads, from local to Facebook to YouTube, might be a good idea. SEO isn’t a quick fix to make money. Do SEO correctly, and don’t rush it, or you’re going to be sorry.

[40:22] How can you build backlinks to your homepage if it’s an EMD?

Just build natural anchors: your brand name (which is what your EMD or Exact-Match Domain is), URL anchors, generic anchors, long-tail anchors, and topical anchors.

[46:23] (site audit) 25 posts with no traffic, most keywords stuck on the 2nd-3rd page; off-page (most profile links, 10+ high-quality guest posts, DA 20-60), natural links placement, 7-8-month-old site.

You have decent diversification going on, but you should focus predominantly on natural, naked, and branded anchors. Your guest posts are of lower quality. You might be getting your links from link farms such as Fiverr. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but you ought to diversify. The site has 51 pages indexed, so it’s in good health. Keep adding content. Your DR is very low. Take your budget and continue on.

[1:05:40] I bought a banner on a website with a lot of visits, and I have visits from there. But, now I have a lot of dofollow links and nothing else. I’m not sure what to do, where to find diversity, or if I should deny part of my dofollow links.

There is a big difference between “backlinks” and “referring domains.” You bought a banner on one website (not 8000 separate websites), which is displayed on every page of that site. Google sees this as closer to one backlink—one referring domain. Look into links from unique websites rather than only the number of links you have. When we say we built ten links this month, we always mean ten links from ten different websites. I wouldn’t really worry about this in terms of messing up your diversity. Don’t worry about your dofollow links. In fact, the only issue would be if all of your links were nofollow.

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