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[09:46] Has the spam Google update changed your strategy, and how do we combat that?

There were two spam updates in 2022. The first seems to target content that doesn’t add any value, and the other seems to target low-quality backlinks. From what we saw, nothing got algorithmic penalties, but they lost around 10%-20% of their ranking. But none ever bottomed out, so we haven’t changed our strategy.

[18:07] Let’s say you have two guest posts. 1 has 70 DR, the other has 40 DR. Would you send the higher one to the homepage? Or the higher one to articles? Or both to articles?

It depends on how many links you’ve already built. This is a personal preference, but I like to send a lot of super-high authority stuff to the homepage. If you look up the most natural websites on Ahrefs and pull up the best pages by links, you’ll see that homepage is king. It also helps to send higher authority links on hub pages (ex. category page, blog, or, pillar article) which link out to a bunch of other content, to spread that authority juice all around.

[23:32] Can you share your experience with the SEO budget for a small business owner? How much should a website owner allocate for link-building and content creation? And which type of links a site with 200+ pages and ranking for competitive terms on SERPs without link-building should focus on first?

If you’re doing well for competitive terms already, dump most of that money into content creation. It also depends on how much of your topical map you’ve already covered. Depending on your niche, 200+ pages can either mean you’ve covered everything, or you still have thousands of articles you could write. As for your budget, this is subjective depending on your business and how important it is to allot for your SEO spend.

[30:38] What’s the average cost and time period to get an affiliate website up and running in the finance niche generating, say, $300 a month? I’d just like a rough benchmark to keep in mind.

If you’re just starting out, it’s going to take you at least a year and a half to start making decent money if you stick to it and do everything correctly. Finance is also a more competitive niche, especially if you’re starting on a new site rather than on an aged or expired domain. It becomes easier if you niche down as much as possible because you’ll be able to make use of low-competition keywords and build authority quicker.

[35:48] If a restaurant also does catering, should I create separate citations for the catering business using other categories, or should I not build separate citations?

Don’t build separate citations because it’s the same business. Create a services or catering page and rank that.

[36:41] Do you think Rank and Rent is a viable strategy in 2023?

Sure, why not? It’s not something we choose to do, though. In 2023, there’s great opportunity to be found in local SEO, affiliates, e-commerce, and ads-based sites.

[49:20] Which links should I consider when 30+ keywords are on the second page? It looks like the DR is really low. I’m thinking of 10 blog comments or forum links.

We like to use blog comments and forum links for pillow linking—creating a diverse mix of backlinks. We don’t consider these powerful links that will push you forward in the rankings. They just add that diversity and naturalness. Make sure the links are relevant and not coming from spammy pages. If you want to raise the authority of your site (we generally don’t care about your DR), the links we like include guest posts, niche edits, HARO links, and other editorial links.

[56:40] What are your thoughts on GSA software? Should I stay away from it?

We only recommend automated link-building tools to advanced, black-hat SEOs who really know what they’re doing. For newbies, it’s always better to focus on the basics and not on a tactic that blows up a website for a couple of months before it completely tanks.

[1:02:55] Do you think that Google Stacks provides zero value?

Google Stacks would be considered a pillow link because it’s user-generated content that anybody can create for free, usually on someone else’s website. It’s not zero-value, but the links Google Stacks generates are low-value.

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