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[10:30] How long will it take to grow a website before starting to 301 a rebuilt expired domain to money site? What are some indicators it’s reached a good point to be able to 301 to the main site?

You can 301 immediately. You don’t have to wait for anything. You only need to make sure that the expired domain is ready to go—it’s able to get indexed. Ideally, you want to let an expired domain resonate in the SERPs a bit and get it indexed. Maybe you want to have a mock-up site up first, with relevant pages getting some historical press built out. That way, things are actually live.

[13:55] When is it too late to 301 an expired website to my main e-commerce website? Does it have to be another e-commerce website in the same niche?

It’s never too late, maybe unless you’ve already 301’d one or two sites. Think of a 301 as one company buying another company. Company A buys company B, and company A 301s company B’s site to theirs. The closer you can get to the niche of the expired domain, the better. It doesn’t have to be exact, but closer is always better.

[18:32] Do you think forum backlinks are good? There is a unique situation in my country where a lot of government and education websites allow people to spam their forum.

Forum links and blog comments are our favorite types of pillow links. They’re easy to do and not worth a lot. They just take a little bit of time. However, in your case, if the websites are spammed out, I would NOT use forum backlinks. Only use them if they add value to the forum, and the forum is not spammed with other backlinks.

[25:28] If a domain was not developed properly in the first few months—with links to inner pages instead of the homepage—can it be recovered later by putting links to homepages? Or will that leave a so-called imprint?

It’s very rarely too late. In most cases, recovery is possible by doing the good stuff to balance it out: homepage links, natural anchors, etc. Diversification is key. Also, take into account if it’s worth the effort to put in the time to revitalize the site versus starting a fresh domain.

[34:33] Does your homepage have elements of EEAT? I got my privacy, terms of service, etc. If you go to my About page, there are good elements of EEAT. My question is, should I redesign my homepage so you can see who the owners are (pictures), contact email, address, etc.? Currently, all of that is on the About Us page.

It doesn’t need to be on your homepage. Google is pretty good at understanding what these pages are. Have those links on at least your footer.

[39:01] Do you have experience with SAPE links? Obviously, they can be of less value for English SERPs, but some say they still work for foreign SERPs. You can get some homepage links from websites with incredible stats there for cheap prices.

SAPEs aren’t as popular as they used to be, and they aren’t as effective as they could be because they aren’t a footprint-free type of link. A lot of time, you’ll see them injected into footers, especially if they are homepage links. It all comes back to the diversification of your backlink profile. Also, not all SAPE links are created equal, and some are spammier than others. You have to use good judgment in choosing these links.

[44:02] I had someone cold-chat me on my WhatsApp. They gave me a list of URLs. The one that caught my eye was DR 91, with 8 million in traffic. They told me it’s $150 for a permanent listing. I fear this to be a scam. What do you think?

The website is AP News. It’s suspicious for someone to be spamming around on a public list to pay only $150 to basically get an article on AP News. In general, when people are spamming cold lists, the links are probably not legitimate.

[51:44] (site audit) I followed someone else’s course on buying expired domains. It apparently had good backlinks and he said that if I just build content on it, it would get plenty of traffic. I put close to 100 articles on there, and it’s been sitting for over a year now with next to no traffic. I just created a bunch of new articles and it’s now up to 350 articles.

This is an incredibly competitive niche. There are 584 results on Google for the site, which is pretty solid as far as indexed pages go. There is some inner linking, but the article is very basic with walls of text. No images. It might be AI-generated. Depending on how fast the articles get published, Google might consider them as spam, especially if the articles don’t add anything new to the topic. You don’t want to confuse the algorithm by using the same anchors on different inner pages and creating keyword cannibalization, which includes both off-page and on-page factors. Since you haven’t built links to the site, get some press naturally to the homepage—naked, branded anchors. Break up the walls of text to make the site more user-friendly.

[1:13:27] What are your thoughts on translated content? I had a unique piece of content and put it in two separate domains. One is ranking, and the other is not.

This doesn’t work as well as it used to. Anytime I tried translating content, even on subdomains, it didn’t work out quite how I liked it. If it’s not ranking, it’s not a favorable strategy.

[1:15:18] I thought Google wasn’t happy with everyone and their brother using stock images.

I’d stay away from stock images. You can use unique images created with AI, such as through Midjourney. You can take screenshots from YouTube or edit images with Photoshop. With AI here to stay, unique images will only grow in importance, just as unique content will become more important.

[1:19:04] What are your morals regarding SEO niches? I would never enter the casino niche because it’s unethical for me.

We’re fine with most adult stuff, but we don’t do escorts or predatory, loan-type stuff. No scammy stuff. No pharma. Nothing from the dark web.

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