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[21:48] How do you set up tiers for tier-based link building? Does having more tiers give better results?

Tier-based link building just means building layers of links on top of each other. Each layer points to the layer above it. So you just have to start by building the first batch of links to your target websites. Then you build more links later on that point to the first batch. There’s nothing complicated or special about tier-based link building. It’s easier than it sounds.

As an example, Tier 1 links should point directly to your money sites (or main website/homepage). Tier 1 could be a mix of guest posts, niche edits, citations, web 2.0s, and social links.

Tier 2 links will point to each of your Tier 1 links. So you would build a few diversified links that point to each page that contains a Tier 1 link. Tier 2 links tend to be cheaper than Tier 1 links.

Essentially, you’re “linking to your links”. Each tier should have more links than the tier above it. And you should diversify the links with pillow and authority links across each tier. You should choose the best Tier 1 links that you want to “power up” with Tier 2 / Tier 3 links.

Having more tiers will make your backlinks more powerful, so yes you’ll get better results.

[33:22] Does submitting a single URL in multiple sites in a single day increase the spam score?

We don’t pay attention to Moz’s Spam Score. We don’t think it’s important. Moreover, we have seen spam scores on assets that were very valuable to us. People tend to overestimate the damage that spam links can cause. Proprietary metrics are useful to us as a general gauge. It’s not our goal to hit specific numbers with regard to metric scores.

[40:07] Can someone explain how a competitor’s Domain Rating can jump from 0 to 54 in just a few months? I’m trying to wrap my brain around what this person did for his/her website.

For those that don’t know, ‘Domain Rating’ is Ahrefs’ proprietary domain authority score. As for how the website jumped to DR 54 in a few months — it’s because they built a bunch of links in a very short amount of time and were able to get a decent amount of referring domains in the process (over 1,000). It’s also a pretty large site with over 800 indexed pages in Google. 

The website also utilized a lot of 301 redirects to send traffic from relevant sites and increase trust flow. Good content distribution too.

[53:26] Hey guys. I found an expired domain, that is niche-specific, and has only 3 backlinks that are highly relevant with a DR of 50+. The DR of the domain is only 2.5. Is the domain worth buying for these 3 backlinks?


Honestly, this is going to be a personal choice. You have to take into account the ROI for this investment and factor in registrar/hosting fees for the domain. I used to do this a lot but not so much anymore. However, I would consider this tactic if I needed to improve the niche relevance for a target site/project.

I would pass on this specific asset you’re referring to just because the 3 backlinks aren’t enough to justify the investment and 2.5 Domain Rating.


I would prefer a niche-specific domain with at least 15 – 20 backlinks before I consider buying it.

[57:42] Can a 301 redirect be used to close the link gap? For example, if I need 20 DR 50+, can a 301 with those links close that link gap?

Yes! Just make sure the 301s are clean and relevant.

[59:32] What would you do with a domain with over 500,000 backlinks?

Well, it depends. How good are the backlinks? How relevant? There’s a huge difference between a site with 500K spam links and 500K quality links.

Let’s say the domain has 500K good, clean backlinks. We would start a new affiliate site or money site and gravitate towards a solid ecommerce business. You could also 301 the links or make the greatest PBN of all time (but we wouldn’t recommend this).

On the other hand, let’s say we are dealing with a domain with 500K spam links. First we would check to see if they are indexed. We would try to identify any history of having trust or resonance in the SERPs. This would add value to the domain. Transforming the site into a PBN would be a great idea.

[1:04:46] If you can get a link exchange, is it better to go for guest posting or link insertion?


I would choose a link insertion if I could only pick one because it has more history than a guest post.


The ideal situation is to get both guest posts and link insertions. Link diversity is key. It really depends on your goal, because even though the link insertion will have more age, the guest post could be more relevant.

[1:10:09] Hey there! Do you have good experience with coupon / discount code websites (as potential backlink juice)?

We don’t recommend investing too much in this strategy unless you can appear very natural and legitimate about it (like having a real business that offers them), because this approach (i.e. coupon links) was heavily abused in the past and Google has caught on. You don’t want to be spamming these very often across a ton of sites. We would consider these sites for simple pillow links.

We aren’t saying you cannot do well with a bunch of coupon links, as there are many high-performing sites with a bunch of coupon links. However, we feel that coupon links should come naturally without any intervention on your part.

[1:12:57] What are your go-to content creation platforms? I’ve found a number of them, but want to stay away from ones like Fiverr and The Hoth.

iWriter.com is a good option if you just need some simple content (we use iWriter for some of our assets). ContentPit.com is worth checking out too (also used for a specific website). Maybe SEOContentHero.com?

[1:23:53] Hi guys, what do you do if someone hits your page with spammy links? Should I disavow or leave them alone?

You should leave them alone if everything else is running smoothly and your rankings are going up. Disavowing may be a good option if you notice that you’re starting to perform worse since receiving the spammy links. However, you can also try adding more quality links to offset the spam links without having to disavow them.


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