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[10:32] Is there a tool to measure EAT (expertise, authority, trustworthiness) for SEO?

No, we are not aware of any tool that breaks down these metrics or analyzes them as a whole in a comprehensive EAT metric. However, there are several tools that we use which do provide key metrics like Page/Domain Authority based on proprietary measures, such as Moz Domain Authority, Ahrefs Domain Rating and Majestic Trust Flow.

Having said that, a simple component of our off-page SEO strategy is to understand what makes quality backlinks and add topical relevance/supporting content (.e.g., guest post, editorial link).

[1:37] 100 tier 2 web 2.0s pointing to a tier 1 web 2.0 (is this a good technique)?

Tiered link building with good content is a solid tactic that can work well. But we would prefer to see a little more diversity on the backend, or breaking the 100 tier 2 sites into different networks that point at the Tier 1 web 2.0 or money site.

For example you can try using different types of pillow links, such as directories, social signals, blog comments, along with the good supporting content from the tier 2 Web 2.0s. Maybe even rent PBN links for part of the tiered network. Breaking up tiered web 2.0s into multiple networks of sites is a good way to add diversity and look more natural to search engines such as Google.

[27:52] Should you delete old posts that get no traffic?

This may be a good idea for very large sites (i.e., thousands of URLs) that want to “optimize their crawl budget” so to speak. But it’s not something we would worry too much about regarding smaller sites with a few hundred URLs or less.

But it depends on why these posts aren’t ranking or what their original purpose was for. Are you auditing for things that won’t help your page rankings such as keyword cannibalization or thin content? Do they have decent backlinks?

You could repurpose these old posts to serve as hub pages for inner linking (even if they don’t rank in any SERP). They can provide informational support content which can build your expertise or trust.

However, if you decide to delete the posts instead (especially if they have backlinks), make sure you 301 them to a relevant working page.

[34:08] Do you think the number of reviews on Google or Yelp help your SEO business?

Yes, reviews can help your SEO business (especially with Local SEO and getting local leads). Having said that, we don’t spend too much time trying to maximize our online reviews.

[38:05] Do you believe that different types of backlinks work better in different niches?

Most quality backlinks should work in any type of niche, however, there are certain types of backlinks you’ll see more often associated with certain niches (which some consider “bad neighborhood” niches such as gambling links, casino, adult backlinks). 

But that doesn’t mean they will get spammed out more on low-quality sites. Adult SEO can still be done in a healthy way with quality and trustworthy links.

So it depends on what the top performance sites for a specific SERP are doing when it comes to comparing their backlink strategy to yours.

[43:01] Are TF & CF important factors for guest post backlinks?

To be honest, we don’t really take TF or CF into consideration when judging the value of a backlinks that we’re interested in. 

However, we do consider TF/CF a little bit for domain hunting. We don’t have high standards for either score, but at least 5 or 10 for each (and they should be fairly similar to one another). Along with other metrics, they just help paint a bigger picture of domain health.

[58:14] What is the ideal amount of exact match anchors?

When in doubt, compare your site to its SERP competitors. In general, most sites will have a relatively low ratio of exact match anchors compared to total anchors. We always preach anchor text diversity, so you should try branded, naked, and topical or generic long-tail anchors too.

Just don’t over-optimize your anchors and use more natural anchors in place of exact match anchors if possible.

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