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Live Stream Summary:

[07:53] (e-commerce site audit) I bought some links off Fiverr early on in the learning process, so I might have some that could do with removing. I started a blog mostly to capture some keywords, but I’m thinking that all might be redundant with Google’s new AI updates. At the moment, I’m focusing on creating some media for social media platforms and using them for harvesting clicks instead of Google. I don’t want to throw away all the stuff I’ve been working on and learning about with the blog and SEO, but at the same time, it feels like in 12 months’ time, either Google or AI will make our sites irrelevant.

Nobody knows what’s going to happen with the Google AI updates. Don’t let it deter you from doing SEO. As long as people are searching, there is always something to optimize. You’ll either adapt or you won’t and fail. Part of creating an online brand is creating content consistently on social media, so you’re on the right track. I’d also focus on video content and create an email list to solidify your followership. The good news is that you’re starting to get some traffic and keywords, with 17 referring domains. A lot of inner-linking and strong EEAT. You’re doing well. Be optimistic and keep doing what you’re doing.

[19:10] I’m confused about authorship. How is it possible to make a website with a fake persona but at the same time bring publicity to it from Google?

Some people create social media profiles for this fake persona and build a digital footprint of this person on the internet.

[22:15) Can you recommend services that will set up all of your socials for you, then hand over the keys?

SirLinksalot has a service like that, though we’re currently revamping the product to make it simpler and cheaper. Note that we only create profiles for a hundred or so smaller platforms, but we don’t do the major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

[26:40] About your aged domains, what is your recommendation on repurposing? Can I buy one and turn it into a travel blog? Basically, can I change the niche?

If you buy an aged domain, the niche should be as close as possible to the one you’re trying to build. If you’re going to make a travel blog, the domain should be within the travel niche.

[31:09] Almost all of my money pages have disappeared from the SERPs save for a few pages. This was after ranking on the first and second pages of Google for quite some time. Now I’m only ranking for homepage keywords, and, funnily enough, my homepage is starting to rank for some of my money keywords that were formerly on pages one and two. Is this some form of penalty, or am I falling on the bad side of an algorithmic change? I’ve not received any warning message on Google Search Console for it to be a manual penalty.

If your other pages are disappearing and your home page is ranking for those terms, you’re probably experiencing cannibalization issues. Usually, if someone is dealing with these problems, then they’re turning out low-quality AI content.

[37:36] (new site audit)

DR 41 is pretty good for only having 278 referring domains. You’re building up a good amount of traffic thanks to one big keyword bouncing around. Add an offer to your email signup form to incentivize them to join your list. I’d do an H2 tag for the FAQ and H3 tags for the questions themselves. You could also do FAQ schema. Add a contact page separate from your About Us page to make it easier for Google. Your anchor text is over-optimized with an insanely high amount of exact match. In short, your on-page is great, but your off-page looks extremely unnatural and spammy.

[49:58] Do you use AI for guest posting?

We believe that human content is best. At the very least, edit your AI-generated content.

[54:42] (foreign real estate site audit) It’s been receiving bad backlinks for a while with little good stuff and some PBNs. Otherwise, it’s been ranking random images from the website as individual pages that cannibalize the money pages those images are supposed to represent.

DR 18, 266 referring domains. For an image to rank in the SERP, it sounds like you’re having a weird technical issue. Your site went down to absolute zero for a period, then bounced back heavily with a lot of keywords and traffic. According to Ahrefs, a lot of your pages are getting lost for some reason. Work on your technical SEO and growing your blog.

Article by: Chris Tzitzis
Hey I'm Chris, one of the founders here at SirLinksalot. I'm into building internet money machines (affiliate websites) and specialize in building backlinks. Find out more about me and my link building team.

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