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[11:27] Commentary on linking structures using the footer found on ______ as an example

[25:12] Is there a way to detect PBNs when you suspect a site is using them? I monitor a site that has 68 referring domains of which the bulk are Web 2.0 links but are generating $1,800 in traffic per month, 730 traffic, and 576 keywords. I suspect PBNs because it doesn’t make any sense to me. It’s in the personal finance niche so it’s fairly competitive.

68 referring domains isn’t really a high number.

There are many factors to this. One variable we need to know is how large the site is and how many pieces of content it has. But if you’re trying to detect a hidden PBN there are ways to do that.

For example, they won’t show up in Ahrefs. Look at the rankings for this particular website and get a list of those that they are manipulating, where they might be using PBNs to boost those rankings, then go into that SERP and crawl all the way back to the top 100 pages to look for those homepage references back to that particular website.

[38:48] (Website audit) I’m starting to think a disavow might be a good test. I tried adding more PBN links when the site got hit (about three months after it got hit). However, those didn’t move any rankings.

Never add PBN links after your site gets hit. Making more unnatural decisions makes your problem a lot worse. Build trust through your links and stay away from the PBNs for now.

Your anchor text looks really unnatural (i.e. not as branded as it could be to build relevance).

By optimizing your home page, you can get out of the hole you dug yourself in without doing a disavow.

Since you’re not ranking anywhere, you know this is garbage as far as backlinking goes.

You might even think about starting over by 301’ing this domain if your backlinks are beyond salvaging.

[53:00] Pet website audit

Anchors are your main issue because they look very unnatural.

Work on your branding and backlinks.

Out of 181 referring domains, 150 are Web 2.0s, none of which are branded.

Not every link has to be niche-relevant, but you should try to focus on making as many of them as niche-relevant as you can.

Your content tends to be thin with less than 500 words each and has too many internal links with little informational content.

A lot needs to be changed. Consider mimicking articles on your competitors’ sites.

[1:05:05] (Local website audit) I’ve optimized using Surfer SEO. I’m in the green on page speed insights. I’ve published blog posts every three days for the past two years, built links, used SEO audits like Sitebulb and even Cora to optimize as much as I can. Still, super unoptimized competitors destroy me in the rankings. I just don’t know what else to do. Any idea on what I’m overlooking?

As a local website, work on getting local relevance. You’d be surprised how much a niche-relevant comment on a blog post can get you locally.

Inject geographic relevance through titles, etc.

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