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[13:08] (Local business website audit) I have 2 locations and have been in business for 28 years. I am doing pretty good with Google but I need to expand my reach. I just hired you guys for citations and will most likely be doing some backlinks next. I know a little bit but can use some help. Thanks.

Traffic and keywords are on a little bit of a decline, and it doesn’t look like the website was hit in the algo update. Anchors look good at a glance.

It looks like there are a lot of lower-end backlinks.

It’s natural and an authority in your niche, but you’ve grown out of your backlink profile and now you will have to deal with growing competition.

There is nothing to clean up, but add more authority links such as guest posts and niche edits so that you keep thriving. Use PBNs sparingly if you wish.

[29:00] Ecommerce website audit

This site may not do well in the long run.

There are no branded, naked, or pillow anchors.

There are a lot of inner pages with long, spammy links. This site has some of the worst permalinks I’ve seen. Don’t rely on Yoast to create your titles because you’re not targeting or optimizing for any particular SERP.

With regards to your content, make as much of it as original as possible and limit descriptions that come from elsewhere. When in doubt, look at the top-ranking pages on Google and model yours after them.

At the end of the day, go back to basics on the onsite work and slowly start adding natural links and natural anchors to your homepage.

[44:40] Thoughts about the last Google update?

When it first rolled out, I didn’t notice anything. But now, any new content I add seems to see exponential growth.

There is no consensus on what the update did, but they tightened everything up and highlighted sites with the most authority, meaning you now need to do all the right things better.

It comes down to focusing on building an actual project without cutting corners. Optimize them. Build backlinks to the money site. Lean towards longer-form content and match search intent. Do it all in a natural way.

We use Algoroo often to look at winners and losers and gauge what’s going on in the SERPs.

[58:08] (Money website) I have a 5-month-old site, RD 200. Is there any time span to give a homepage backlink to someone?

For the purposes of getting ad space, you can provide a homepage backlink, especially if the site is resonating well in the SERPs and it’s matching your intent.

I would be selective about how many of these you allow.

Price it accordingly for those you allow to rent ad space.

[1:00:27] What do you think about buying links on Fiverr?

I buy links from Fiverr here and there. But you need to be somewhat advanced to use them properly.

If you’re new to link-building, I would stay away from Fiverr.

I basically buy what I know to be low-quality links to add insulation to the site as part of a pillowing process.

[1:06:46] Do comment backlinks ever get indexed? I have tried a bunch but they don’t.

A blog comment is a comment on a blog post from a normal website. If those pages aren’t indexed, Google probably de-indexed them for spam.

[1:11:56] Can I sell homepage links from a 6-month-old site referring domains 600?

Yes. If you know how to insulate a PBN well by not creating footprints, etc., then you’ll be fine. Just make sure to diversity outbound authority links.

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