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[21:38] My site is 4 months old. It’s a Spanish language site in the Education niche. It has 0 backlinks. My question is: can I build PBN links? Or should I diversify over the first few months?

We don’t advise you to start with PBN links. Actually, we think your plan of starting with social shares in the 1st month, pillow links in the 2nd month, etc. is a good idea. Better yet, you can combine pillow links and social shares in the 1st month. You should focus on diversifying your anchor profile around this time as well (URL, branded, generic).

We would focus on building authority links like niche edits and guest posts before deciding to implement PBN links. Try to get your website ranking for keywords and generating traffic first. One of the dangers of using PBN links early in your site development is the risk of them being de-indexed. This can really harm your site’s potential for growth.

[38:27] I started an e-commerce site a month ago using an expired domain in the same niche. I currently have 160 live articles and almost 200 live product pages. I am planning on churning around 60 blog posts a month. My question is: can I start a heavy link building campaign, or should I gradually build social shares and pillow links for the first 1 or 2 months?

There is usually a “ramp up” time for expired domains before your site and content starts gaining traction in the SERPs. However, it’s unclear how your site is currently performing. Having said that, you’ve got a relatively huge amount of live content and pages. Assuming they are high quality and useful to the search user, it would only be natural for backlinks to be pointing to this content. 

So we think you should be focusing more on heavy link building with tools like guest posts and niche edits. You should probably stay away from PBN links at this time. But you can afford to be a little more aggressive with your link building, maybe 5 – 10 pages per month or something like that.

Whenever we see a young asset with a ton of live content, we can’t help but think if the posts were auto-generated. But if the content is original, quality, and without keyword cannibalization, then go ahead and start building more links.

[47:04] Does it matter to Google how old a domain is? Is that why I am ranking so poorly?

There are likely numerous reasons why you may be ranking poorly. If an aged domain is one of the reasons for your poor rankings, it could be because the domain has a “bad history” with Google, meaning it was spammy or used for shady purposes. On the other hand, aged domains with a clean track record, in the sense they were never penalized and followed Google guidelines, will always have value. Aged domains with a clean track record are always great assets to own. They probably have an existing backlink profile and they provide the owner with a solid foundation to rank because they generate greater trust flow than a brand new site.

[58:20] How can I increase domain authority?

There are a few ways to think about domain authority. These are the proprietary metrics provided by research tools like Ahrefs and Moz. There is also the general concept of “authority” and credibility that’s associated with a website. Authoritative sites are popular, have lots of referring domains, and typically rank well in the SERPs. That’s how we like to think about domain “authority”.

The great thing about your question is that it has a very straightforward answer: build a bunch of high-quality backlinks. That is the most effective way to build authority to your website.

[1:07:45] I am interested in buying a starter content site in the business/finance niche with around $0 – $50 in daily revenue. What is a fair price when looking to buy websites that are already monetized in this range?

Established broker sites that buy & sell websites can typically offer 20 – 30x the monthly revenue stream. So as a rough estimate, a site as you describe could potentially be valued around $19,000 – $38,000.

One way to value a young domain with modest revenue/traffic would be to estimate the investment cost of procuring all of the content and building the site out.

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