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But in case you missed us live this week, here’s the full episode:

This Week’s Archived Livestream:


[21:07] If I make a backlink, do its results show up in Ahrefs immediately, or does it take time like Google?

You can expect it to take longer in showing results in Ahrefs compared to Google. Don’t check Ahrefs every day, though. Your cumulative efforts snowball in ways that you can’t really predict. Sometimes, a link will boost everything really quickly, but more often than not, it might take until the 20th link to see crazy gains. You may have to educate your clients on this reality.

[27:40] I have a site and in the beginning, I was posting on the general health and fitness niche. But now I want to focus on the keto diet and calories. Should I start another site or just keep publishing on the old site?

Assuming your existing website is working well, we recommend keeping your old site because it’s easier to manage one site. Continue to build your authority on your established site and slowly niche down from there.

[32:08] SEO Challenge: You take on a new site where the homepage ranks for Service A keyword. You can’t rank for Service B or C because Google has you pegged as Service A company. Service A page isn’t ranking very well despite SEO efforts. How do you get Service A page to rank so you can free up the homepage?

Unless you have a niche site located in a small metro, there will be no pain-free way to do this. You’ll confuse Google because you’re basically re-doing your site and changing what it’s about. It will take some time for Google to adjust to these changes. I would focus on inner-linking: Make sure you have a link on your homepage going to Service A page using the main, contextual keyword as your anchor. Likewise, link from Service A page back to your homepage with whatever the parent keyword is. Link to Service A page on any supporting content you have using the main keyword and variations of the keyword. Build some backlinks to Service A page with exact-match anchors and variations of the keyword and anchor.

[40:31] Can you stuff keywords into GMB titles or should it always be the company name?

It should always be the company name. You would be keyword-stuffing in a very important place. That said, if you have a business name with your keywords in it, that would be best.

[45:52] How do I rank for a keyword that I am not allowed to use in any sentence or headline?

Try to get as close to the keyword as you can by using related words. Your anchor texts (links from other websites) should point to that page. Use exact-match anchors or variations. Another small thing you can do is to add images to the page with your keyword in the alt tags.

[52:53] How many billable hours does it take someone with experience to optimize a 2000-word blog article in Surfer?

There are a lot of variables that go into this. Let’s say it’s a basic affiliate article about products that are easily found on the internet. As long as you’re being general and sticking to the Surfer guidelines to paint this narrative, two hours might be fine. Some articles might not take much time at all, especially if they are recent publications.

[58:52] Which is the best way to earn money with SEO? Client SEO, affiliate SEO, rank and rent, or blogging?

There is no “best” way because it all depends on you. Each of these has its positives and negatives. The majority of our community monetizes their websites via ads followed by affiliate SEO, then e-commerce, then lead gen, then courses/counseling/digital products. No one on our poll voted for local SEO. An important thing to consider is that your career in SEO is tied to who you are and who you are connected to. It’s about how you like to operate.

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