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Welcome to another episode of Live SEO Support!

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But in case you missed us live this week, here’s the full episode:

This Week’s Archived Livestream:


(Check out the first hour of the video to watch Chris and Nick audit a live website)

[1:04:12] In Ahrefs, if a keyword requires backlinks from around 200 unique referring domains to rank in the top 10, what are possible strategies to emulate this performance? 200 authority links, like guest posts, or a mix of pillow and authority links, or 100% pillow links?

First of all, Ahrefs doesn’t show you all the backlinks a site may have. It actually scans more links than it displays in the referring domains report. It basically shows you the links that it considers to be the most important. For example, not all pillow links show up in Ahrefs. Websites usually have a lot more pillow links than what is actually displayed. 

When we utilize pillow links, we order them, use naked/branded anchors, and never think about them again. They are like the insulation inside the walls of your home. You don’t see or think about them, but they provide an important foundation. We just look at whether organic traffic, rankings, and keywords increased in a tool like Ahrefs (so we don’t completely ignore them). After we notice traction in the SERPs, then we know the pillow links worked and we can start getting a little more aggressive with the link building.

Can you get 200 RDs from only pillow links? No. You will need high-quality diversified backlinks. Keep in mind that the quality and diversity of your link profile is considerably more important than the absolute volume of your backlinks, all else equal. Here’s an article that touches on this concept.

[1:12:00] How do I know that I have enough pillow links and my page/site is ready for power links like guest posts, niche edits etc?

Regardless of whether the site is old or new, we don’t really identify a specific number of pillow links as an indicator or benchmark to start adding more diversification. For example, our pillow links product, which is generally used as a starter pack, or to reactivate aged domains, provides 30 natural white-hat links. But that’s not a magic number.


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