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[20:52] Aged / Expired Domains

Expired means the domain is not currently indexed by Google. Aged means the domain is already indexed. That matters because ideally, for the purposes of SEO, you want a domain to at least be indexed for a while before you start working with it. So if you acquire an expired domain, you should host it for a while and let it resonate in the SERPs before using it for a campaign or project.

Aged domains won’t require that kind of ramp-up period of an expired domain. Whereas expired domains may take a few weeks or months to resonate in the SERPs, aged domains are ready to use right out of the gate (unless they have been dormant for a long time on a parking page for example).

Having said that, both aged and expired domains have valuable use cases. If you are able to acquire either one that has a lot of power behind it, you can use it in few ways:

  • Building a new website by building off the current niche / URL and rolling the historic press into your new campaign. You will benefit from the history of that aged or expired domain (e.g. existing backlink profile)
  • 301 the aged / expired domain to another live website in the same niche (best practice is to stay very relevant and targeted with the redirect to maximize resonance). You can also 301 the domain to secondary properties like social networks or web 2.0’s.
  • You can turn the domain into a private blog network and use it to power up money sites.

We will provide more in-depth information about how to utilize aged / expired domains in a follow-up video. For beginners, the best thing you can teach yourself is how to explore and analyze a website’s backlink profile (i.e. referring domains). Tools like Ahrefs and Majestic are very useful for this task.

[31:30] How many diversity and pillow links do I need each month to make progress?

To clarify for some of our users, when we talk about “diversity”, we are usually referring to the strategy of diversifying a link profile by building a mix of different types of backlinks. Although we do provide a specific diversification product called “diversity links”, those would just be a few types of backlink that you should add to your backlink profile for overall diversification. There are a plethora of other types of authority and pillow links etc.

Having said that, you want your link building campaign to try to emulate natural link progression and natural resonance in the SERPs. For example, if you run a blog site that publishes a new article, you would expect that article to gain traction in social networks and perhaps other relevant blog sites. This will create natural progression in the SERPs. You shouldn’t simply expect your site to progress out of being stagnant by just adding random links every now and then.

Ongoing diversity is important. To take one of our assets (that is currently gaining a lot of traction over a 1 year timeline) as an example, we did a lot of link diversification in the beginning (e.g. pillow linking) and then we got into a consistent pattern of adding authority links and social signals. New links have been added quite frequently because the website is an actual business, particularly being active in social forums.

This article will provide more information about this common concern.

[44:13] How do you make a product review unique and stand out from the rest?

It always helps to write from a perspective of having personally used the product in a successful way (i.e personal experience). Unique photos are a plus. Building trust in the quality of the product is what readers like to see.

[1:04:17] Please tell me a little bit about pillow links.

Basically speaking, a pillow link is a non-authority link that you would expect new and existing sites to naturally acquire over time. They provide a solid foundation to a backlink profile and serve to establish, insulate, and protect your site. They are safe and natural. Best of all, they are free and anyone can create them in a short amount of time. Pillow links include backlinks like social/forum profiles, citations, directories, web 2.0’s, and social signals.

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