New Client Discount

Save 10% on your first purchase.

Never made a purchase with SirLinksalot before?

Save 10% on your first purchase!

This discount can be applied to our full range of products: backlinks, domains, and more!

Just follow these simple steps to have the 10% discount applied to your order:

1. Find What You’d Like to Purchase

Browse our site and get an idea of what you’d like to buy.

You can start on the homepage or browse using the drop-down menus above:

A screenshot of some of our products displayed on our homepage.

2. Sign Up or Log In to our Client Portal

Instead of clicking the “Order Now” buttons on the pricing tables on our product pages, click the “Login” button on the top menu of our site:

Click the login button on the menu.

If you already have an account, you can go ahead and sign in here.

If not, just click the “Sign Up” text at the bottom.

Creating a new account on SirLinksalot.

Enter your name, email, and desired password to complete the registration.

An email verification will be sent to you, but remember to save your password!

This will be how you access our dashboard to make future purchases, check on existing orders, view your reports, etc.

3. Enter the Client Portal

Whether you just made a new account or have an existing account, sign in to the client portal as usual. It will look like this:

The SirLinksalot client portal.


It’s very important that you follow this step!

Instead of clicking the “Order Now” buttons from our product pages, select the order form manually from inside our client portal.

You can find the order forms on the left side of your screen:

How to select your order form manually.

5. Select Your Items and Fill the Form out Fully

Once you’ve selected some items, you will see their prices along with the discount being applied in the top right corner:

Discount success message.

Just be sure to fill out your order form completely with all the info we need, and complete your purchase!

If you don’t see the discount applied in the top right or you have any other issues, please contact support at info@sirlinksalot.coΒ for further assistance.

That’s it!

Thanks for giving us a try, and we hope to see you around πŸ™‚

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