Press Release Guidelines

Please read before ordering.

Important: Read Before Ordering

Please read fully before placing an order for Press Releases.

If you fail to meet our requirements, your order will be canceled and refunded.


All Press Releases MUST:

  1. Use standard press release format.
  2. Avoid inflammatory language, exaggerations, and unattributed opinions.
  3. Ensure accuracy and avoid libelous content.
  4. Clearly label opinions and attribute them to the source.
  5. Use fact-checked news sources.
  6. Attribute information to authorized sources, like court documents.
  7. Avoid harmful, threatening, or offensive content.
  8. Don’t incite fear or predict catastrophic events.
  9. Don’t promote hatred, bigotry, or violence.
  10. Don’t attack, defame, or harm individuals or groups.


All Press Releases Should Have:

  1. Newsworthy Content: Highlight timely and relevant news, such as product launches, events, or milestones.
  2. Objective Tone: Avoid direct address and hype. Maintain credibility.
  3. Legal Accuracy: For legal or criminal references, provide sufficient documentation.
  4. Financial Transparency: Financial topics, like Cryptocurrency, need transparent verification details.
  5. Contact Details: Include a valid name, phone number, and email.
  6. Authorization: Some announcements may need written authorization from company executives.
  7. Length: Keep between 300-800 words.
  8. Grammar & Spelling: Ensure correctness and clarity. Define industry-specific terms.
  9. Formatting: Avoid HTML tags, non-standard characters, and all caps. Ensure functional links.
  10. News Source: Clearly identify the issuing company in the headline.
  11. Email Addresses: If included, format as Name (at) example (dot) com.
  12. File Types for Images: Accepts .jpeg, .gif, .png.


Content Restrictions:

We will not distribute:

  1. Advertisements: Content primarily selling a product/service without a newsworthy element.
  2. Sexually Explicit Content: No references or links to explicit sexual material. All 18+ websites are considered explicit.
  3. Link SPAM: Limit links to 1 per 100 words.
  4. Reprints: No copyrighted content from other sources.
  5. Duplicate Content: Releases must be original and distributed only once.
  6. Third Party Legal Releases: Only from law firms representing a party in the case.
  7. Intent to Harm: No content promoting hatred, bigotry, or intending harm.
  8. Written Authorization: Needed for certain announcements, especially from network marketing companies.
  9. Unauthorized Ticker Symbols: Authorization required for each ticker symbol used.
  10. Online Gambling: No content promoting/linking to pay-to-play gambling or fantasy sports.
  11. Short-Term Loans: No promotion/linking to payday or unsecured loan services.
  12. Gun Topics: No promotion of guns or essential gun components.
  13. Online Pharmaceuticals: Only if they require a doctor’s prescription and are US/UK-based.
  14. Tobacco: No promotion of tobacco or related products.
  15. Weight Loss Products: Not allowed.
  16. Health Supplements: Not allowed, regardless of legality claims.
  17. Sexual Enhancement Products: Not allowed.
  18. Easy Money Schemes: No get-rich-quick or similar schemes.
  19. Stock Recommendations: No stock advice. Public companies can promote their news.
  20. BlackHat SEO Tactics: No promotion/linking to Black Hat SEO services.
  21. Viruses, Scripts, and Codes: No content that can harm computer systems.


Legal News Guidelines:


  1. Fair comments on political or public figures, provided they don’t border on libel.
  2. Official opinions or stances on public issues or events. These must be quoted and attributed to the respective organization.

Not Allowed:

  1. Announcements of intentions to sue someone.
  2. Content that falsely suggests someone:
    • Committed a crime or illegal act.
    • Lacks mental capacity.
    • Engaged in immoral behavior.
    • Has a detestable disease.
  3. Interpretations of ongoing legal proceedings. Claims must:
    • Reference court documents.
    • Avoid interpretation until a case is decided, only detailing allegations.

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