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Other than being mentored by a seasoned professional or going through formal training, participating in community groups is probably the best way to learn a lot about business or a field of study.

Some of the best community groups will even give you access to mentors, valuable information resources, and opportunities to practice your trade and grow your business.

Community groups provide a valuable service to their members by creating an interactive environment where like-minded individuals can collaborate, share ideas, seek advice, and network.

Groups exist for every imaginable trade, field of study, and hobby. Bringing people together to learn or conduct business is part of the vital role that community groups have on the internet.

These groups are especially important for niche areas of focus that aren’t supported by large institutional education systems like that of popular or traditional fields of study (e.g. accounting, automotive technology, music).

For niche markets and areas of expertise, like SEO, community groups are one of the only places where large groups of strangers can meet to educate each other and share valuable knowledge.

Many SEO professionals learned the trade and honed their skills from the information they gained from SEO groups. Realizing how important the groups were to their success, many of them eventually started their own groups to share their knowledge to newcomers.

Facebook Groups is the best social media network for finding SEO-related groups. There are nearly 2 billion community groups on Facebook. Hundreds of these Facebook SEO groups are devoted to SEO and digital marketing.

The key is to find the right SEO-related group that works for you, as there will undoubtedly be many such Facebook groups that are inactive, exploit members, or share spam content (e.g. self-promotion) instead of useful information.

We’ve narrowed down some of the very best SEO Facebook groups for you to consider joining if you’re wanting to dive deep into this burgeoning field.

This article will teach you what to look out for when assessing the quality and usefulness of a Facebook SEO-related group as well as provide a synopsis for some of the biggest and best Facebook groups.

Facebook Groups is a great place to connect with like-minded people

What To Look For

The best SEO Facebook group is difficult to select and you’re not guaranteed membership if you apply to join (most are private and some may require a reference or invite to join). Some groups are selective of their members and typically perform a background check on new applicants to screen out spammers, posers, and bots.

When searching for a group that may be the right fit, you need some objective criteria to stay logical and unbiased:


Founding members/admins

SEO is filled with colorful personalities, self-taught gurus, and big marketing professionals. Many of these individuals have created Facebook groups to spread their word (i.e. brand).

Some are highly respected industry figures and others are controversial hotheads known for stirring up drama. Some founders can back up their success with real metrics and influence, while others just talk a lot and paint a rosy picture.

The point is you need to consider which group owner suits your personality and style. If you already admire someone, then go see if he or she started a group.

Choosing SEO Facebook groups based on founding members or administrators shouldn’t be the #1 priority, nor should it influence your decision that much. But it does help to know who is in charge because that group owner will be choosing the areas of focus, setting the tone/rules of the group, and attracting (or repelling) people.

Plus, you don’t want to listen to someone who doesn’t really know what they’re saying.

Nick Altimore, Matt Diggity, Chase Reiner, Chris Tzitzis

Area of focus

There are many niches in SEO and digital marketing. You may want to find a group that has a broad-based approach to teaching or discussing SEO if you’re brand new to the field.

If you already have an understanding of SEO and digital marketing, or you know precisely what category or style of marketing you’re into, then there are groups that specialize in those areas.

Some niche areas of SEO/digital marketing include link building, consulting, search engine ranking, local lead generation, affiliate marketing, brand marketing, conversion rate optimization, CTR, user acquisition, strategy development, social media marketing, domain flipping, content distribution, local client services, local SEO, guest posting, PBNs, site auditing, backlinks analysis, etc.

SEO Facebook groups may not explicitly say what they focus on in their profile description (although many do). But you can find out by looking at the group’s shared content or the business directories, social profiles/Facebook pages of its members who run websites or work with clients.

Most groups will cover topics about everything related to SEO and digital marketing with some recurring threads or changing themes depending on the interest of users at the time.


Target audience

Similar to an area of focus, a group’s target audience should be similar to what you want to gain from joining the group.

Some groups are dedicated to teaching and will accept any open-minded person who is willing and able to learn about SEO. Other groups may target established SEOs to share trade secrets and business contacts.

You want to find SEO Facebook groups that match your expertise level and personal/professional goals. If you’re an aspiring SEO, then look for groups that discuss how to implement successful SEO strategies for beginners.

Or maybe you’re a website/business owner looking to improve ranking and need a professional networking group of SEO professionals to develop relationships or seek advice.


Number of active members

You can’t really judge a book by its word count and that’s sort of true for SEO groups and the number of active members they contain.

Some perfectly functional Facebook groups have success with less than 500 or 1000 members. Other massive groups can have over 10,000 members.

People stereotype small groups as being exclusive and elite (think private high schools) while huge groups are presumed to be filled with riffraff and non-value-adding members.

Still, you cannot make any realistic assumption about the quality of a group based solely on the size of its user base. Some of the best SEO groups have thousands of members.

what's the group's target audience?

Value of shared information

The heart of any community group is the value of its shared content. The information passed around in a group is one of its most valuable assets.

You won’t truly get a feel for the value of a group’s shared information until after you’ve joined the group and spent time interacting with its members.

There is always a lot of activity going on beneath the surface of a group’s profile page. Some groups won’t divulge too much information when providing a general group description.

You need to find a group that shares useful information that’s relevant to your goals, and ditch a group that isn’t satisfying your information needs.

Don’t hang around a group for too long if you don’t feel like you’re growing from being a part of it, because there’s probably a better group just around the corner to teach you things you never thought possible.


Spam-free environment / rules & regulations

It’s probably universally accepted that user-generated spam is just a shitty method of self-promotion (except maybe to the perpetrators).

Often new users see a group as a chance to sell themselves (and their services) or link out to other websites from the comments.

Some groups may actually allow or even prefer this behavior. However, many SEO-related groups look down on self-promotion and spam comments.

You need to decide how important a spam-free environment is to your overall experience. Groups devoted to learning and sharing useful information don’t want members to self-promote because it detracts from the user experience or doesn’t serve the community’s goal.

You may want to consider Facebook groups with strict rules and regulations that filter out spam activity or remove members in violation of a code of conduct.

Strong moderators that actually enforce rules is a good sign that a professional group takes itself and its members seriously.

are there rules against self-promotion?

Overall engagement

Last, but certainly not least, is the engagement level of a group’s members (including its founders/admins).

You ideally want to join SEO Facebook groups with a high level of engagement between its users. It’s basically the difference between a group that may eventually die due to inactivity and one that sees each of its members growing and fulfilling their potential.

Active groups will be constantly sharing information, posting useful articles, showcasing projects and case studies, and offering insights into relevant topics.

Members and founders should be proactive in supporting everyone in the group. This means reaching out to those requesting help and commenting on each other’s posts.

Now you’re aware of almost everything you need to know to make a logical decision on joining a group. You can use this selection criteria as a general guide for selecting a group that fits your needs.

Now let’s move on to some of the best SEO groups on Facebook!


 Current SEO Groups That Are Worth Joining

We selected some of the best online SEO groups for you out of hundreds. Most surveys will mention up to 20 groups (which is too much). So we created a smaller and more manageable list of groups that you can explore in a relatively short amount of time.

SEO Round Table

SEO Round Table - SirLinksalot
  • Co-Owners: Nick Altimore & Chris Tzitzis
  • Created on March 8, 2019
  • Members: 1,001
  • 25 new posts in the last month (as of January 2021)
  • 2 new members in the last week (as of January 2021)


Nick Altimore and Chris Tzitzis are rising entrepreneurs in SEO and created the SEO Round Table blog out of a desire to post useful and essential information in an industry that’s often filled with untrustworthy products and misleading content.

They founded a link building agency in 2017 called SirLinksalot.co that sells a variety of products and managed services (members of the Facebook group gain access to free giveaways and exclusive promotions).

The SEO Round Table is open to anyone willing and able to learn SEO (beginners and business professionals alike).  Both founders and members play a very active role in supporting the community, sharing content, case studies, YouTube videos, and answering questions.

Anything related to SEO is open to discussion whether it’s white hat, black hat, local SEO, or affiliate marketing.

A simple screening check is performed on every new applicant to filter out fake accounts and potential spammers. The group has a zero-tolerance policy regarding spam and self-promotion.

Live SEO support is offered once a week to answer technical questions and give advice.

Affiliate SEO Mastermind

Affiliate SEO Mastermind
  • Owner: Matt Diggity
  • Created on October 25, 2017
  • Members: 17,960
  • 282 new posts in the last month (as of January 2021)
  • 153 new members in the last week (as of January 2021)


Matt Diggity is the CEO of Diggity Marketing and one of the leading experts in the field of digital marketing and SEO. He calls himself a “full-blown Search Engine Optimization specialist” and earns all of his income from affiliate marketing, client ranking, lead generation, and other SEO services.

Diggity Marketing is a results-based SEO agency that builds on the massive success that Matt has had with creating money sites, niche selection, and ranking. He creates lots of YouTube videos, publishes tutorials, and speaks at seminars.

The Affiliate SEO Mastermind is a group dedicated to affiliate marketing through the medium of SEO. The group is open for discussion on anything and everything (not just business).

Members focus on sharing test-backed strategies with proven results (no theory or guessing). Anyone who is interested in lead generation, local, and client SEO is welcome to join.

Local Client Takeover

Local Client Takeover
  • Owner: Mark Luckenbaugh
  • Created on October 24, 2014
  • Members: 27,870
  • 248 posts in the last month (as of January 2021)
  • 59 new members in the last week (as of January 2021)


Mark Luckenbaugh is a seasoned digital marketing veteran (and famous for local SEO) with over 10 years of experience. He mainly focuses on SEO services, PPC, online marketing strategies and advertising.

Local Client Takeover is an exclusive group about Local SEO tactics, digital marketing strategies, social media for local business, and Google My Business/Google Maps optimization. It’s one of the biggest and oldest SEO groups on the internet.

It attracts people who want to learn, discuss, and grow their wealth by improving the servicing of local clients. A lot of tested strategies/solutions used from over 400 clients are shared with members to teach them how to procure local customers and achieve a sustainable living.

Local Client Takeover maintains a safe and friendly environment that encourages the growth of its members. Spam and self-promotion is not allowed.

The group rules from admins include:

  • Being kind and courteous
  • No bullying or hate speech
  • No spam or self-promotion
  • Respect the privacy of members
  • Avoid making identical or irrelevant posts

White Hat SEO Network

White Hat SEO Network
  • Owner: Chase Reiner
  • Created on January 5, 2017
  • Members: 32,192
  • 347 new posts in the last month (as of January 2021)
  • 464 new members in the last week (as of January 2021)


Chase Reiner is an established SEO who likes to build engagement through social media marketing and funnels. For several years, Chase has been testing strategies, creating SEO checklists, resources, and sharing all of this information with his followers.

He founded White Hat SEO Network to teach people search engine optimization and how to rank #1 without backlinks. It’s one of the biggest SEO groups on the internet and famous for white hat tips/information and clean videos. There is a lot of free SEO and website advice shared in the group.

Some of Chase’s SEO products are promoted in the group like his “SEO Without Link Building Ultimate Package”, along with tools and affiliates like Surfer SEO, SEMRush, Web20Ranker, Cora, Group Funnels, and Dialhawk.

The admins like to keep people engaged and have changed the group’s name multiple times in the past few years to mostly highlight its focus on providing white hat SEO tips to pros.

Lion Zeal Mastermind

Still waiting for your blog post to rank on Google?
  • Owner: Daryl Rosser
  • Created on January 20, 2014
  • Members: 21,330
  • 27 new posts in the last month (as of January 2021)
  • 0 new members in the last week/month (as of January 2021)


Daryl Rosser is one of the bigger names in SEO and runs an agency called Lion Zeal (specializing in link services and private consulting).

He has had the opportunity to interview some of the smartest individuals in the SEO industry. He’s also a popular influencer that enjoys podcasting about advanced marketing techniques.

Daryl tests a lot of strategies out in his business and shares his findings with his followers. He created the Lion Zeal Mastermind group to discuss everything related to digital marketing and consulting.

The group’s target audience tends to be digital marketers, agency owners, and consultants. It’s a place to ask questions, post ideas, celebrate victories, or start relevant discussions. You can get exposure to consulting training and SEO courses through an online class.

It has a zero-tolerance policy for spam and self-promotion. You’ll stand to gain a lot if you commit to adding value, helping other members, and building relationships.

SEO Signals Lab

Still waiting for your blog post to rank on Google?
  • Owner: Steven Kang
  • Created on March 20, 2016
  • Members: 63,802
  • 768 new posts in the last month (as of January 2021)
  • 241 new members in the last week (as of January 2021)


SEO Signals Lab founder and digital marketing strategist, Steven Kang, has been in the scene since the late 90s (with a background in web programming). Since then he has run several business ventures and helped thousands of companies and ad agencies with his expertise as a lead developer, consultant, and project manager for various marketing projects.

He created SEO Signals Lab to educate his clients and share his professional views to anyone hoping to excel in marketing.

The group is geared towards marketing professionals who specialize in SEO, and a lot of its valuable shared information utilizes Steven Kang’s framework for scaling business online. Local SEO, Google My Business, and social media are also discussed. It’s a good place to crowdsource entrepreneurial ideas from professionals.

As its name suggests, SEO Signals Lab is a group dedicated to sharing ranking ideas and information from case studies, split-test results, and SEO algorithm trends.

Steven Kang has an active role in the group and participates in weekly AMA (Ask Me Anything) meetings with industry leaders. He also hosts a “Pick His Brain” session in which members can ask technical questions and get advice from successful SEOs.

Niche Website Flippers

Still waiting for your blog post to rank on Google?
  • Co-Owner: Adam Smith
  • Created on January 19, 2020
  • Members: 5,758
  • 176 new posts in the last month (as of January 2021)
  • 311 new members in the last week (as of January 2021)


Niche Website Flippers is a full-service SEO agency that helps affiliate marketers grow traffic and revenue and build profitable content sites. Co-founder Adam Smith is a digital strategist with experience in programmatic strategies, ad operations, and affiliate marketing.

The group serves as a networking hub for Niche Website Flippers and its business clients. It focuses on flipping profitable niche websites and niche research.

A niche site is a domain that attracts visitors with highly focused interests and aims to be an authoritative source of information on that niche subject. Niche sites target very specific keywords with medium to high search volume.

Many niche sites are operated by affiliate marketers who use product ads (e.g. AdSense) to generate revenue and direct traffic.

The ultimate goal for some is to “flip”, or sell, the niche site for a sizable profit after it starts generating consistent monthly revenue.

SEO Surfers

Still waiting for your blog post to rank on Google?
  • Owner: Michal Suski
  • Created on November 2, 2017
  • Members:  3,072
  • 98 new posts in the last month (as of January 21)
  • 49 new members in the last week (as of January 21)


Michal Suski is a skilled digital marketing specialist and founder of Surfer SEO, a data-driven SEO tool for on-page optimization, keyword research, content writing, and SERP analysis.

SEO Surfers is the mastermind group founded for Surfer’s users, SEOs, and friends. It generally focuses on marketing, sales, brand promotion, and business networking.

The admins respectfully ask that members be helpful, nice, and kind in order to foster a warm atmosphere with varied discussions. They also expect members to respect the privacy of others and not post sensitive information outside the group.

Spam, self-promotion, and irrelevant links are banned.

Final Thoughts

Joining SEO Facebook groups is essential for anyone that’s truly interested in digital marketing, SEO, and business. Anybody that means anything is part of at least 1 or 2 of the groups listed on this page (and probably others too).

SEO Facebook groups can be difficult because there are so many out there and most of them are closed/private. This means you can only rely on the group’s profile page. Sometimes this is all you need to become interested and you can apply if you think you’ll meet the group’s expectations (unless you need to procure an invite from an existing member).

But keep in mind that the selection criteria outlined in this article will be very useful to you when deciding whether you want to stay in a group after you’ve joined.

Contributing Author: Brian Kihneman

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