Reviews of the Best PBN Hosting Providers

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Choosing the best PBN hosting for you can be an extremely daunting task.  As if there weren’t already enough footprints to worry about, hosting seems to be the main reason a PBN gets de-indexed.

It’s incredibly difficult to make sure you avoid getting hosting on bad IPs and separating nameservers… all while maintaining your pocketbook (and peace of mind). In lieu of that, we went ahead and made this list available to anyone wanting to build their very own PBN.

After managing a PBN for years, using every type of host available, and de-indexing enough PBNs to amount to a fortune, we’ve figured out a few tricks that should help make your lives easier.

We use all of these hosts to maintain over 2,000 PBNs to this day. Without any further ado, here are the best PBN hosting providers based on our experience.

Don’t Cheap-Out on PBN Hosts

Though you may be inclined to pay “The Mega Cheap PBN Host Proz” $2.99 per year to host 50 PBNs, we would strongly recommend against that.  The type of sites hosted on these IPs is sure to eventually get your PBN de-indexed.

Spend a little extra cash upfront with some of the better PBN hosts, and you’ll add a level of security to your PBN network that might help you sleep better at night (at least a little bit).

Managed PBN Hosting – Our Favorite Options

Whether you’ve owned a PBN for 10 years or you’re just getting started, our opinion stands that managed PBN hosting plans make life really easy for the amount of money spent.

Years ago, there was a whole fiasco with some managed hosting providers messing up and getting a ton of de-indexes overnight.

Thankfully, those days are over. The technology nowadays is more thought out and secure, making them are our favorite way of getting a PBN hosted.

As for pricing, they have become more competitive with each other in recent years. So, it’s really about choosing your favorite seeing as they all have the same trial period and cost per month.

For about $2 per site, you can get a PBN hosted easily on any of these platforms. We obviously think that’s well worth it.

Here are our reviews of our favorite managed PBN hosting providers.

1. Bulk Buy Hosting

The reason this gets the #1 spot on the list is that they give you Cpanel access. This makes PBN work much easier, and some of the other managed providers do not offer it.

This is looking at things from the perspective of a seasoned PBN manager who wants more ability to prod and manipulate things.  If I was new to PBN building, I would recommend option #2 on our list instead of this one.


10 Domains hosted for 27$/mo and better as you increase site amount.


– Has a trial period for $5 for the first month

– Friendly Dashboard

– Fast and Friendly Customer Service

– Cpanel Access

– Good mix of IP addresses

– Deindexation and DA Check


– Doesn’t have some automatic features like auto-update to SSL, site backups, etc.

– Dashboard is a bit cumbersome compared to others

2. Easy Blog Networks (EBN)

Another great PBN hosting option we really like is the guys and gals over at Easy Blog Networks.  Their dashboard is not only really easy to use, but it also has a sophisticated look and feel to it.  Like I said before, if you’re a bit newer to messing with PBNs, then this may be the best option for you.


10 Domains hosted for 27$/mo and better as you increase site amount


– Has a trial period of $5 first month

– Beautiful and easy to use dashboard

– Good mix of IP’s

– Good Customer Service

– Index and TF Check


– No Cpanel Access

– When you get site errors, it prompts you to wipe the blog – annoying

– Quite a few plugins not allowed

3. LaunchCDN

LaunchCDN uses content delivery networks to separate your PBN hosting.  This is great when it comes to getting a lot of PBNs up, but you have to be a little more careful not to let the fact that all your PBN links will be coming from CDNs become a footprint.

If you go this route, you will need to be more mindful of properly diversifying your link profile. We use CDNs to further diversify our PBN link profile in conjunction with other providers.


10 Domains hosted for 27$/mo and better as you increase site amount


-Has a trial period of $5 first month

– Friendly enough dashboard

– Good IP’s

– DA, TF, CF check

– Great Customer Service

– FTP access


– Working on the sites is cumbersome because of how CDN’s work

– No de-index check

– Overall just issues with it being purely CDN based – works fine as it stands

Non-Managed PBN Hosting

If you decide to go with a managed PBN hosting service, you can be assured that any of the above options are excellent.  Managed PBN hosting providers have made it their business to take care of proper separation and provide an easy access point for anyone looking to get started with PBN building (also see our PBN Checklist).

That being said, they aren’t for everyone. Some of you might just be looking for stable and reliable hosts you can use and separate out on your own.

If you’re confident in your PBN building and you’re ready to host your own PBN on reliable networks, then here’s a list of some of our favorite non-managed PBN hosting providers.

4. Namecheap

I’ve always loved Namecheap. In all honesty, they’ve always been my favorite hosting provider for PBNs, but also just in general.

There is something about how professional and fast their customer service is, the way they give you free Whois with domains (I know that’s registrar-side), and are overall just super reliable and easy to use.


Starting at $1.44/mo shared hosting for 3 sites


– Excellent Customer Service

– Dashboard is very easy

– Excellent Prices and Reliability

– Nick’s favorite

– Did we mention Ukrainian College Students on live chat support?


– None that we are aware of

Namecheap is the best non-managed PBN hosting provider, but the rest of this list are also going to be solid options that you can use to diversify your PBN hosting.

5. SiteGround


Starting at $3.95/mo shared hosting for 1 site


– Sites stay up – Reliable

– Solid Dashboard

– Good uptime

– Solid Load Times


– Customer Service is a little slow but not bad

– Get ready to need fake emails for verification

– Higher Renewal Rates

6. A2 Hosting


Starting at $3.92/mo shared hosting for 1 site


– Reliable – Sites load Fast, Very Fast

– Secure

– Easy to use dashboard

– Good Customer Support


– Higher Renewal Rates

– Might get some restrictions on cheaper plans

7. HawkHost


Starting at $2.99/mo shared hosting for unlimited sites


– Secure

– Nice Dashboard

– Good Uptime


– Might take a while for initial setup according to some

– Verification may be Difficult

8. Hosting24


Starting at $0.80/mo shared hosting for 1 site


– Decent Customer Support

– Automated Backups

– US and Euro Servers

– Good Uptime


– Can be a little slow at times

9. Hostpapa


Starting at $3.95/mo shared hosting for 2 sites


– Easy interface

– Fast Servers

– Lots of clean IPs


– Chat and Customer Support can be a little lacking

10. GreenGeeks


Starting at $2.95/mo for shared hosting for 1 site


– Reliable Hosting – solid uptime

– Good Security

– Good Support

– Environmentally Friendly


– Dashboard isn’t the best

– Price is higher after a year

11. HostGator


Starting at $2.75/mo for shared hosting for 1 site


– Easy to use dashboard

– Good Customer Service

– Lot’s of IPs

– Great Uptime


– Slow Page Speed

– Hit you with extra fees if you’re not careful

– Fees go up after a year

12. A Small Orange


Starting at $8.80/mo for shared hosting for unlimited sites


– Easy to use Dashboard

– Reliable and good uptime

– Great Support


– More expensive than some

– Can exceed their data limits

13. BlueHost


Starting at $2.75/mo for shared hosting for 1 site


– Easy to use Dashboard

– Reliable

– Chat is quick


– Addon domains and Reseller options are a bit of a mess

– Higher renewal fees

Caution: Know What You’re Getting Into

After years of building PBNs, I’ve definitely figured out what a hassle it is to build and develop systems sophisticated enough to really keep one alive.

If you are going to be building a PBN from the ground up after buying some aged domains, expired domains, or PBN domains, then you should make sure you have a proper education on separating things out well enough. This can range from using CDN to using reseller options with the host to mask IPs (not all hosts offer this).

This list of PBN hosting reviews is a good place to start when it comes out to figuring out hosting solutions for your PBN.  If you have other options you like, please feel free to leave them in the comments so we can keep growing the knowledge base and community.

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