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Your business’s website, online footprint, and SEO standings are completely unique and are unlike every other business in some way.

Why then should your link building campaign be the same as everyone else’s?

It shouldn’t. Not if you want to maximize your results.

Enter custom link building.

In this article, we’ll discuss:

  • The different types of custom link building services
  • How our link building agency approaches custom campaigns
  • The process we follow to ensure tailor-made link building
  • The different types of backlinks and techniques used
  • And more!

Let’s get into it.

Our Custom Link Building Services

We’ll cut right to the chase for those of you that already know what you’re looking for.

But first, we need to know exactly what you mean by “custom link building.” 

Here are the two options we offer.

Custom Link Building Campaigns

We offer a 100% done-for-you service where you give us your goals and keywords and set a monthly budget, and we handle the link building with those goals in mind.

Our custom campaigns are based on a constant cycle of website analysis and building, ensuring that the links built and decisions made are specifically designed for your site’s current situation.

Learn more about Managed Link Building.

Custom Metrics and Pricing

If you look around at our services, you will notice that each type of backlink we sell is priced by certain metrics, such as DR or Organic Traffic.

Our regular backlinks priced by DR.

Want links priced by different metrics that are more important to you?

For larger orders, we provide fully-custom backlink pricing based on the metrics of your choosing to ensure you get exactly the types of links you want.

Learn more about our Custom Pricing.

How We Approach Link Building

We focus on creating high-quality, relevant links that not only boost your SEO but do so effectively into the future.

Here are some of the things that make this link building approach possible.

Quality Over Quantity

We focus on securing high-quality backlinks from reputable and relevant websites, and our ranking experience shows us that this is more effective than focusing on a large volume of lower-quality links.

A few excellent links can have a more significant impact than higher amounts of low-quality ones due to how Google evaluates them.

The days of black-hat spamming are over!

Naturalness and Diversity

Our goal is to build a natural and diverse link profile for your website. 

This involves using a mix of various types of backlinks from a diverse mix of types of websites, domain authority levels, etc.

Our variety of different types of backlinks.

This is how websites naturally accumulate links in the real world, and so this is how your backlink profile should appear to Google as well.

Link diversity is a best practice for building links and is crucial for the sustained success of SEO campaigns.

Data-Driven Approach

Our strategies are always backed by analysis and data. 

We use SEO tools such as Ahrefs to study your current link profile, identify opportunities, monitor progress, assess your competition, and make informed decisions.

Analyzing a site in order to develop a custom plan.

All of our custom link building campaigns include monthly analysis, and our link building team evolves our strategies as necessary based on this information. 

Future-Proof SEO Link Building Services

We adhere to link building best practices that have been formulated on many years of experience and testing. 

Focusing on quality, diversity, and naturalness helps to ensure that your rankings continue to grow positively over time, despite any algorithm updates.

Our Process

Here’s what to expect from our custom link building services.


First, we learn about your business, target audience, and goals via an application

Our custom link building application.

This helps ensure that we are a good fit for your campaign and helps us create a link building strategy that aligns with your objectives.

Off-Page SEO and Competitor Analysis

Next, we conduct a thorough off-page SEO analysis of your website. 

Off-page analysis is the first step of the link building process.

We look at your current rankings, your backlink and anchor text profiles, your link distribution, the organic keywords your site is ranking for, and more.

We also study your competitors, identify their backlink sources, and look for opportunities where you could potentially gain more visibility.

Link and Anchor Text Selection

Then, we plan your backlink order for the month.

Choosing the right types of links and anchor texts is crucial, and this is informed by the analysis we completed earlier.

We try to fill any gaps as well as discover any opportunities to drive organic growth.

Our team has access to our full range of link types when building, and they are trained to keep an eye on diversity and naturalness while planning and executing custom link campaigns.

Content Development and Link Placement

After that, we create engaging and valuable content where we strategically place your links (in the case of guest posts).

Then, we conduct link building outreach to secure your placements by finding relevant websites and articles that would drive relevance and domain authority to your website.

This is the longest part of the process, and it involves a lot of emailing and communication with webmasters.

A woman handling the link building outreach for our team.

Transparent Monthly Reporting

Each month (28 days after payment), you’ll receive a detailed report showcasing the progress of your link building campaign, the links we’ve earned for you, their individual pricing, and how these links are influencing your website’s performance.

At this time, you’ll be able to decide if you’d like to continue or stop the custom backlink campaign.

If you decide to continue, the cycle begins again with an off-page SEO analysis of your website to determine our best course of action.

Link Types

There are various types of links used in link building services by SEO professionals. 

Each type serves a different purpose and has a different impact on your SEO.

Organic Outreach

Organic outreach involves reaching out to other relevant websites and persuading them to link to your content. 

Managing the outreach process to land some new links.

This is how the best backlinks are earned, and it’s a natural way of earning high-quality links that Google loves.

White Hat Link Building

White hat link building refers to following link building best practices and ensuring your site’s safety into the future. 

It may take more time and effort, but it yields long-term benefits and reduces the risk of penalties from search engines.

We stay far away from black-hat tactics like spam, irrelevant backlinks, autogenerated links, etc.

Google's spam guidelines for black hat links.

Some white hat links we don’t provide are things like fixing broken links, unlinked brand mentions, and resource link building. 

While these are proven link building strategies, our link building process focuses on creating new industry connections to build topically relevant links.

Broken link building services have become much more popular (and thus competitive) over the years, so it’s not something our link building company focuses on to build high quality backlinks.

Pillow Links and Diversity

Various sorts of pillow links are used to diversify your link profile and make it appear more natural to search engines.

A variety of different types of backlinks for diversity.

They’re typically low-value links from social media profiles, citations, and audio/video websites (and many more), but that doesn’t make them any less important. 

Link diversity is key to a healthy SEO strategy, and these types of links typically take up 5% or less of your budget.

Guest Posting and Editorial Link Insertions

Guest posting services and link insertions (niche edits) are among the most powerful backlink tools SEOs have at their disposal to leverage the power of authoritative websites to get more organic traffic.

Both are highly effective link building services that ensure quality backlinks that drive tons of relevance and authority to your website.

These types of links are earned through outreach, and they typically take up about 95% of your link building budget.

Why Choose Our Custom Link Building Service

Here’s how a custom SirLinksalot link building campaign stands apart from the rest.

Result-Focused Link Building

Our goal isn’t just to build links but to drive results. 

We focus on earning high-quality backlinks that increase your website’s visibility, drive organic traffic, and improve your rankings on search engine results pages.

Link building results from our results oriented approach.

Our link building together with you working diligently on the website’s content and on-page SEO is a powerful combination.

Integration & Collaboration

We work collaboratively with your team and integrate our link building services with your overall marketing strategy. 

This ensures that the custom link building campaign is tailor-made for your business and works towards achieving the goals you’ve set.

Trusted By 1,000+ Clients

Over a thousand clients from 60+ countries in various industries trust our services. 

Where our backlink clients are in the world.

In an industry where things can change at the drop of a hat, we consider our continued popularity and success over the years quite an achievement!

Our clients’ success stories speak volumes about the incorporation of link building best practices, like link diversity, into our work.

These concepts and principles are what allow us to continually build rankings over time and why many consider SirLinksalot to be the best link building service.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We take pride in the positive feedback from our clients. 

Their testimonials demonstrate our commitment to quality service and highlight the tangible SEO results we’ve helped them achieve. 

Review of our custom link building service.

We’ll always go the extra mile to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations!

Getting Started

Starting with us is easy. Here’s how to do it.

Free Analysis

Before you commit to anything, we offer a free analysis of your website and current link profile, as well as our plan of attack. 

This provides a clear picture of where you stand and how our services can help improve your rankings.

You can get started here.

No Contracts

We operate on a month-to-month basis with no long-term contracts. 

We believe in earning your business every month through consistent, high-quality results, and we understand that you may way to pause and restart your custom link building service at any time.

Our Pricing

Our pricing is competitive and transparent. 

All of our backlink prices are publicly available on our website. 

These prices are the same for our custom link building campaigns, and all reports include a pricing breakdown.


Our custom link building service is a strategic approach to enhancing your online visibility and boosting your website’s SEO performance. 

With a focus on quality, diversity, data-driven decisions, and future-proofing, we ensure our clients receive the best possible results. 

We believe in a transparent and collaborative relationship, tailoring our services to each client’s unique needs. 

Start your fully-custom journey with our link building agency today for a stronger, more authoritative backlink profile that is sure to boost your rankings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create a link building strategy?

You create a link building strategy by understanding your business, competitors, and target audience. Our link building company then identifies high-quality websites for potential links, creates valuable content, and reaches out to those websites for linking opportunities.

How much should I pay for link building?

How much you should pay for building links varies based on your specific needs, objectives, niche, and competition. After a free analysis of your website and current link profile, we can provide a customized quote.

Is link building free?

No, link building is not free in most cases. While some things, like broken link building, can be free, valuable links often require significant time, effort, and resources. Our services, while paid, ensure a professional and effective approach.

What makes an effective backlink?

An effective backlink is from a high-quality, relevant website, uses proper anchor text, and is placed within valuable content. A mix of authority, relevance, and power are among the most important factors to look at when determining the effectiveness of a backlink.

Can you help with anchor text selection?

Yes, we choose all anchor text for custom link building, ensuring it’s relevant to your content, strategically placed, and optimized for SEO without being overdone.

What types of links should I get?

You should aim for a mix of high-quality links from diverse and authoritative domains. This creates a natural link profile, which is preferred by search engines like Google. You should secure links from relevant sites instead of using unnatural link building tactics to improve your search rankings.

What kind of link building packages do you offer?

Our SEO link building packages are fully custom and based on competitor link analysis, your existing link profile, how many low quality links you have, etc. Our manual link building efforts stand above other link building agencies because getting more traffic and higher search engine rankings requires a tailor-made approach.

How many links do I need?

How many links you need will depend largely on how many inbound links your competitors have. Any reputable link building company or SEO agency will have their link builders analyze this first before developing a custom link building campaign.

Article by: Chris Tzitzis
Hey I'm Chris, one of the founders here at SirLinksalot. I'm into building internet money machines (affiliate websites) and specialize in building backlinks. Find out more about me and my link building team.

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