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We are very proud of the growth of our SEO learning community and discussion group on Facebook – the SEO Round Table.

And we’re also very proud of all of you knowledgeable and helpful SEOs that make such a group possible!

To say thanks, help promote our group, and further foster a sense of community and helpfulness, we will be announcing a “Group Member of the Month” every month from here on out!

The group member of the month will win $200, credited to their SirLinksalot account, which can be used to purchase any of our link building or other services.

Keep reading to learn more!

SEO Round Table - SirLinksalot's Facebook community for learning and discussing SEO.

How Winners Will Be Picked

Doing any of the following will increase your chances of winning our monthly prize:

  • Answering other group members’ questions
  • Providing extremely detailed and helpful responses
  • Sharing experiences others can learn from
  • Promoting our group or services *

* IMPORTANT: Absolutely DO NOT promote our group or services in any way which may be seen as spammy or unwanted, do not lie about our group or services, and do not share fake experiences or results from our group or services. You will not only not win the prize, but you will be banned from our group permanently.

How To Be Eligible To Win

There are three things you must do to qualify as member of the month:

  • You must be a member of our Facebook Group – SEO Round Table.
  • You must be subscribed to our mailing list (sign up on our homepage).
  • You must have a SirLinksalot account – no purchase necessary (sign up here).

And that’s it! Get out there, lend a helping hand, and best of luck!

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Chris Tzitzis

Hey I'm Chris, one of the founders here at SirLinksalot. I'm into building internet money machines (affiliate websites) and specialize in building backlinks. Find out more about me and my link building team.

Questions or Comments?

We are active in our Facebook Group seven days a week and would love to hear from you. Ask us questions, learn from other group members, and share your knowledge.

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