Julian Goldie’s Lessons From 8 AI-Content Case Studies

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Julian Goldie has a YouTube channel with 30k+ subscribers, owns a link building agency, and runs an SEO mastermind and coaching program.

And we’ve been getting a ton of value from his AI videos on YouTube lately!

In today’s podcast episode, we talk to him about the things he’s learned from creating eight AI-content websites: AI tools, content quality, teams, processes, and much more!

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Watch the Podcast:

Podcast Summary:

AI Content Generation

Julian emphasizes the effectiveness of AI-generated content, particularly using tools like ChatGPT. He dispels myths about AI content, confirming that it can indeed rank well on search engines.

Link Building

Julian’s team consists of three people who handle link building. They ensure the quality of the links and make sure they’re not of low value. He prefers a minimalistic team approach, focusing on efficiency and reducing complications.

Content Creation Tools

Julian frequently experiments with various AI content-creation tools. He finds “Koala Writer” to be of high quality. He also mentions “Agility Writer” and “Auto blogging” as effective tools for bulk content creation. Auto blogging, in particular, has given him impressive results.

Editing with Descript

Julian uses Descript for video editing. It turns videos into transcripts, allowing for easy editing. It can automatically remove filler words and improve audio quality. This tool has enabled Julian to produce and publish videos faster, often on the same day.

AI Content on Main Website

Julian admits to using AI-generated content on his main website. However, he spends more time editing and refining this content to ensure it represents his brand well.

Myth Busting

Julian debunks several SEO myths:

  • English backlinks can be effective for foreign sites.
  • Citations aren’t always necessary to rank local content.
  • AI content can rank effectively on search engines.

Future of AI Content

Julian believes there’s a window of 6-12 months before the market becomes saturated with AI content. He mentions that only a small percentage of people have used tools like ChatGPT, indicating there’s still potential for growth.

Plans for the Future

Julian plans to continue producing YouTube content, testing new sites, and speaking at various events. He will be speaking in the Philippines and at DCBK in Bangkok.

Article by: Chris Tzitzis
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