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Welcome to another episode of Live SEO Support!

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But in case you missed us live this week, here’s the full episode:

This Week’s Archived Livestream:


[18:40] If I were to build 50 backlinks per month, how many social signals would you suggest to use per month as pillow links (to mimic buzz)? Any suggestions?

Mimicking social buzz to make your link building campaign look natural is a good idea, but it really doesn’t matter how many social signals you use per month. We don’t use more than one of our Social Signals Packs, which is at least 225 links. If you’re building them yourself, than you don’t even need that many (25, 50, or 100 per month), but if you’re buying them, our Social Signals Pack should provide an adequate amount to generate the buzz you’re looking for.

[32:58] I’ve got an aged domain and I plan on rebuilding the original posts, which have valuable backlinks, and continue adding new content in its original niche. My question is what happens to the backlinks the site has that you cannot create URLs for and use. Do you still get the juice? Are you supposed to rebuild every page / post or 301 redirect them?


301’ing the pages to relevant destinations is a good idea unless they’re so niche-specific that you cannot find a destination to point them which makes sense. Another thing I like to do is rebuild the old pages with the same URL or a slightly different one that better targets the original niche. And you can rebuild these old pages to become hub pages to improve the “crawlability” of your site for the content that matters. 

For example, I could take old URLs and add 1000-2000 words of content, and add some niche-relevance to the permalinks which used to be there. Then 301’ing the old links to the new ones. Basically, if you’re changing the permalinks, make sure you’re creating the 301s to repurpose the backlinks.

[41:04] How are you guys handling the December 2021 ‘Product Review’ Google update? My website got hit hard.

Regarding the first part of the update about providing evidence for product reviews.If you’re not going to actually buy or use the product in order to “reinforce the authenticity of your review”, then you need to make it seem like you did. For example, you’ll need to tailor your content with language that reflects your own experience with the project (e.g. words like “I or “we”). As for providing visual evidence, you can just grab images from a Google search or take screenshots from actual video reviews.

For the second part of the update referring to linking to multiple sellers (as an affiliate), we would recommend you follow this guideline and choose the best affiliate networks you can get (with the highest commission).

[49:33] Why do you guys dislike SEO for real estate so much?


One of my first clients was in the real estate niche and it wasn’t easy. I encountered compliance issues with brokers and there was a lot of hassle involved with the projects like not being able to use the word “realty” in any URLs or citations. To be honest, the competition in the real estate niche is incredibly high and high-income players who can spend a lot of money on SEO are going to dominate this space.

[56:40] Would rotating IPs be a good idea when creating multiple Web 2.0s?

No, it’s not something you need to worry about if you’re using separate accounts on different platforms.

[1:01:05] Can switching host providers hurt your rankings?

No, switching your hosting shouldn’t harm you unless you forget a few basic tasks like not adding a SSL certificate or sites on another host provider that aren’t getting indexed for whatever reason.

[1:04:40] Is it normal for PBN links to have no traffic?

Yes, but it’s not something we worry about because the objective of a PBN is to add powerful contextual backlinks to the homepage that point to your target.

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