Top Paying Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

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So you’ve got a handle on SEO, and now you’re ready to make some money by starting an affiliate marketing business. One great way to do that is by partnering with an affiliate program to generate affiliate income by selling products on your website, blog, or social media platform.

In this comprehensive guide to high paying affiliate programs for beginners (and other affiliate programs for experts), you are going to learn what affiliate marketing is and how an affiliate marketing platform works.

You’ll then be able to checkout the  massive list of some of the best affiliate program out there. This article is written for affiliate marketing beginners to start their own affiliate program, and successful affiliate marketers looking for other great affiliate programs to compliment their marketing efforts.

When you’re looking for the best affiliate programs, it’s important to consider the income potential that each affiliate network has to offer. Some offers have little or no potential for generating significant income (very low commission on most products), while others have the potential to generate a lot of money (specialty goods, big ticket items). If you’re looking for a high-income opportunity, it’s best to focus on affiliate programs that already have a proven track record of success. In this blog post, we will discuss what factors you should consider when assessing an affiliate program’s revenue potential.

But before we get to our highest paying affiliate programs list, let’s cover the basics of affiliate marketing and how an affiliate partner works with an affiliate marketing service provider!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a relationship whereby an affiliate earns commission  for marketing products and services for someone else, such as a whole sale or manufacturer.

An affiliate searches for a target market, or product niche, and publishes promotional content aimed at converting potential buyers, who are interested in specific products, when they are visiting a website or social media platform and deciding to make a purchase.

Affiliate programs are the professional arrangements between affiliates and sellers that determine the types of products to be promoted as well as the strategies and payment terms related to how an affiliate generates income.

For example, an affiliate link (provided by the affiliate network) is used to direct buyers to the seller’s website as well as record transactions in order to credit the affiliate with a percentage of a sale.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate marketing works by allowing sellers to share product marketing responsibilities with affiliates, who leverage their unique skills and online marketing strategies to promote products to target consumers.

Affiliates are incentivized to perform well and provide compelling promotional content because they earn commissions from affiliate programs by referring customers to prescribed sellers (retailers or advertisers registered on the affiliate network).

Moreover, the seller gets to reach a wider audience through multiple channels. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Let’s briefly discuss the three main parties involved in the affiliate marketing process:

1. Seller

These are the product creators, service providers, and retail brands. They can include software vendors, online merchants, manufacturers, wholesalers, dropshippers, or even electricians and plumbers. Whoever is selling or needs to advertise a product or service, big or small, can benefit from working with affiliate marketers.

2. Affiliate

Also known as publishers, affiliates are individuals or companies that specialize in marketing and promoting the seller’s products through a variety of online channels. They publish compelling content on relevant web sites that target specific markets and persuade buyers to purchase directly from the seller.

Affiliates are great for sellers because they test the product and promote it. They usually get a percentage of sales, so their interest is in making sure the seller gets as much sales as possible.

3. Consumer

These are the everyday people that drive the growth of e-commerce and make affiliate marketing such an important activity. Affiliates share in the profits generated by online customer transactions. These buyers read about products on affiliate websites, social media, and blogs. Sometimes they’re aware that an affiliate is referring them to a seller, but more often than not, they simply complete their purchases unaware of any strategic collaboration that goes on in the background.

So how does an affiliate get paid after linking a consumer to a seller? There are 3 common payment models used in most affiliate marketing programs.

Keep in mind, the consumer doesn’t necessarily have to complete a purchase in order for the affiliate to earn income. The main purpose of the affiliate is to generate leads and drive conversion.

1. Pay per sale

A customer completes a purchase as a direct result of an affiliate marketers promotional effort and the seller pays the affiliate a percentage of the retail price via direct deposit, called a commission.

2. Pay per lead

Affiliate marketers are compensated based on creating leads. This entails the affiliate persuading potential buyers to perform specific actions or provide additional information to the seller. Typically, the consumer who is directed to the seller’s website may perform actions like filling out a form, signing up for a trial, or downloading a file. It’s the sellers job to convince the lead to make a purchase.

3. Pay per click

This model expects the affiliate to drive as much web traffic to the seller’s web site as possible by enticing their web page visitors to click on links, called an affiliate link, that will direct them to the seller. The affiliate earns a share of revenue per click (which is tracked and recorded by the affiliate marketing program using cookies).

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn revenue from your site content by turning your web page traffic into money. But you have to choose quality, in-demand products that search users are looking for and provide quality contextual content to describe and sell them.

When done correctly, affiliate programs for beginners can be an incredibly lucrative online business for both the affiliate manager and the retailer or advertiser that’s part of the same affiliate marketing program. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Massive Affiliate Marketing Networks

1. ShareASale

Shareasale's logo.

A private affiliate network that has been around for 20 years, the Shareasale affiliate program offers affiliate marketers a wide selection of products to promote and earn commission for referrals. Its affiliate program offers a platform for merchants and affiliate managers to implement and manage their affiliate program. Integrated services and strategic consulting are available for affiliates and merchants based on decades of best practice experience in the industry. 

This is one of the best affiliate program to get started with your online business. They offer a wide selection of products, which means you’ll have no problem finding something that fits into your niche.

Flexible payout options and affiliate income commission rates are available on their platform.

Try ShareASale >

2. ClickBank

Clickbank's logo.

As one of the oldest affiliate networks around, ClickBank is an affiliate marketplace that has been in business for over 20 years and offers products for sale, purchase, or promoting. It is a great place to learn the basics of performance marketing and kickstart your career as an affiliate marketer. A comprehensive training program is offered by ClickBank University to teach you how to promote products as an affiliate.

Commission rates vary between 1% and 75% with a maximum of $150 on a single sale.

Try ClickBank >

3. CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate's logo.

CJ Affiliate is one of the biggest and best affiliate marketing programs in the world. It’s also one of the oldest affiliate networks in existence, one I’ve been using since about 200A trusted leader for over 20 years, many of the world’s largest brands advertise with CJ Affiliate using its affiliate network. Affiliates gain access to highly experienced account managers and an advanced platform, including an affiliate personalization solution and real-time analytics, designed to maximize the value of partnerships. This best affiliate program has experienced 43% year-on-year growth in commissions.

The CJ Affiliate network is for more experienced internet marketers, with 300 brands and a thriving global affiliate program. It wil help you sell hundreds of products. You can use this opportunity to earn money, learn more about affiliate marketing and collaborate with other experts in the field.

Commission rates are highly competitive (up to 75%).

Try CJ Affiliate >

4. MaxBounty

Maxbounty's logo.

MaxBounty is an up and coming affiliate performance marketing network that aims for its affiliates to promote high-converting cost-per-action (CPA) campaigns with blogs, social media, and e-mail marketing expertise. There are many attractive advertisers and verticals to choose from, particularly in the technology sector. This affiliate marketing service provider has an easy to use interface and a ton of ads for all sorts of niches.

$1000 bonus for earning a minimum of $1000 per month for three months. Numerous performance-based bonuses. Weekly, digital payments.

Try MaxBounty >

5. Awin

Awin's logo.

Awin is one of the largest affiliate networks in the world connecting over 14,600 advertisers of all sizes with over 200,000 publishers. Its mission is to create trusted partnerships that drive growth. Awin partners with some of the best known brands in the world and offers effective solutions, like an intuitive and easy-to-use platform, for both retailers and affiliate partners around the world.

Competitive commission rates with an average of 5%.

Try Awin >


6. JVZoo

JVZoo's logo.

If you’re interested in affiliate marketing for technology, consider joining JVZoo and its affiliate programs for beginners. This affiliate platform is a great place to sell your digital products and software. JVZoo is an online marketing network specializing in software products that makes selling online fast, easy, and safe. It boasts a network of over 800,000 affiliate partners and 18 million vendors. JVZoo users have averaged an astonishing 6000+ sales per day since 2011 which is a testament to how popular the platform has become. 

Up to 50% or greater commission from every sale + second tier commission from referring others to become affiliates.

Try JVZoo >

7. Flexoffers

FlexOffers' logo.

Flexoffers is a large affiliate marketing network that has been in business for over 10 years. They offer affiliates a very wide selection of products and brands of various sizes to promote across numerous categories including automotive, credit cards, consumer electronics, education, and clothing. There are over 15,000 programs to choose from and affiliates also get to earn a second tier commission from the sales that other affiliates generate. 

Competitive commission rates with an average of 5%.

Try Flexoffers >

8. Tradedoubler

Tradedoubler's logo.

Tradedoubler is a performance marketing network that offers leading technological solutions to enhance network partnerships and grow revenue for everyone involved. Tradedoubler is remarkably innovative in their vision of the future. They are dedicated to evolving their open platform to accommodate blockchain technology because they believe blockchain will revolutionize the future of affiliate marketing. As a performance marketing network that offers leading technology to its customers, their dedication in improving their services makes them the best choice for your business needs.

Publishers receive a standard CPA model and CPC fee. Competitive commission based on an incremental ladder system (increases and decreases per month) plus performance bonuses.

Try Tradedoubler >

9. VigLink

VigLink's logo.

VigLink provides a unique affiliate program designed for bloggers whereby dynamic links on affiliate partner blogs are automatically updated in real-time depending on VigLink’s determination of which merchants are the best choice for that blog. In other words, VigLink takes a hands-on approach and keeps track of conversion rates and payouts from publishers and automatically creates links for its partners based on content and other factors.

Commission rates are given by merchants and affiliates can choose between CPA and CPC models.

Try VigLink >

10. Skimlinks

Skimlinks' logo.

Skimlinks is a large commerce content monetization platform that automatically affiliates product links from commerce content. If you write great content about brands and products for an audience, then Skimlinks will automate the affiliation process through your website with powerful tools and expertise. It’s affiliate platform is automatically accessible to merchants of all sizes. Affiliate managers and publishers can create new revenue streams by converting their existing shopping and product review content into valuable contextual affiliate links

Content owners can partner with Skimlinks and get direct access to a network of over 40,000 merchants and 50 demand partners. There are also over 400 merchants of the Preferred Partner program that offer up to 100% commission.

8% – 11% commission on click-through purchases (up to 100% for VIP programs).

Try Skimlinks >

11. Warrior Plus

Warrior Plus's logo.

Warrior Plus offers a sales automation and affiliate network platform for digital business owners and marketers. It provides access to thousands of educational and software products that you can utilize as an affiliate to grow your business or promote to others for commission.

Commission rates vary by product.

Try Warrior Plus >

12. PeerFly

PeerFly's logo.

PeerFly is a fast-growing cost-per-action based affiliate ad network that is built from the ground up to provide reliable hosting mechanics. It partners with publishers all over the world across every vertical and niche.

Commission varies by merchant.

Try PeerFly >

13. LinkConnector

Linkconnector's logo.

An established affiliate marketing network, LinkConnector provides access to global online retailer brands and provides affiliates with excellent support and promotional technologies to support growth. Affiliates earn commission from their website traffic.

Commissions depend on advertiser/seller.

Try LinkConnector >

14. 2Checkout

2Checkout's logo.

2Checkout, formerly AvanGate, is a leading all-in-one monetization platform that allows businesses to expand their brand of digital goods globally and optimize revenue streams across various channels as simply as possible. Founded in 2006, 2Checkout has over 17,000 clients and 4 global offices. Affiliates earn commission by promoting software and digital products.

25% – 80% commission on sales.

Try 2Checkout >

Shopping Directories and Online Marketplaces

15. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associate's logo.

One of the original affiliate programs launched in 1996 that many programs have modeled themselves after ever since, and is now considered one of the best affiliate marketing programs in the world. Originally, affiliates could place text links or banners on their websites for individual books sold by Amazon, or a link directly to the Amazon landing page. These days, almost every consumer product in the world is sold on Amazon and the affiliate program has become a huge success. Because of its massive selection of products and powerful brand recognition, the Amazon affiliate network has become of the best affiliate programs for beginners in the world and it partners with many successful affiliates.

Get up to 10% in advertising fees from products and qualifying purchases, plus competitive conversion rates for referrals who buy products other than what you specifically marketed.

Try Amazon Associates >

16. eBay Partners

eBay Partner Network's logo.

When partnering with one of the most well-known online marketplaces in the world you get to earn money by driving traffic and sales across a large and diverse selection of consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer products. Plus, the eBay Partner network has evolved to enhance the seller’s experience and provide you with the data and insights needed to fuel growth.

Up to 6% commission rate depending on sub-category with a sales cap.

Try eBay Partners >

17. Fiverr

Firverr's logo.

Fiverr is an online freelance marketplace offering a wide range of freelance services for your business. It is a perfect marketplace for any person that wants to make money online. Here, you’ll find creative freelancers of all types and skill levels who offer a wide range of services for extremely affordable prices. It also offers access to vetted freelancers trusted by major brands and courses on freelancing. If your audience includes entrepreneurs or business owners needing specialized marketing, design, or tech skills then you may do well acting as an affiliate for Fiverr.

30% of Fiverr Learn online courses purchase, $10 CPA + 10% revenue share for Fiverr Hybrid, and $15-50 for Fiverr CPA.

Try Fiverr >

18. Rakuten

Rakuten's logo.

Dubbed the “Amazon of Japan”, Rakuten is an award-winning online marketplace where advertisers and publishers can find high demand inventory for a global audience. It’s one of the best affiliate marketing programs in Asia. t offers cutting edge data-driven campaigns, consumer insights, and performance solutions to assist you as an affiliate marketer. You have to apply to individual advertising programs.

Commissions are specified in Rakuten’s Engagement agreement.

Try Rakuten >

19. Etsy

Etsy's logo.

Etsy is an e-commerce marketplace for handmade or vintage items and craft supplies. These products fall under a wide variety of categories including jewelry, home deco, apparel, furniture, toys and art. Vintage items must be at least 20 years old. Etsy is a great platform for affiliates to suggest unique goods to their target audiences as well as friends, family, and acquaintances.

Up to 8% commission per sale.

Try Etsy >

20. Overstock

Overstock's logo.

Overstock.com is one of the world’s largest online retailers. They started out with a large number of surplus goods that they sold to those who were interested in them, and their business grew from there. It then focused exclusively on surplus and returned merchandise, including liquidated inventories of failed dot-com companies. Now, Overstock.com is a thriving online business and is basically like many generic retailers such as Target and Amazon, selling home goods across many categories at discounted prices. Its affiliate marketing program is managed by CJ Affiliate.

Up to 6% commission on all products.

Try Overstock >

21. Target

Target's logo.

Target is one of the largest retailers in the world with a very strong and reputable brand. Being a massive retailer, Target is a great place to find everything you need. Not only do they have an amazing selection, but their prices are very affordable. The good news for affiliate marketers is Target offers a wide range of consumer products through its e-commerce platform as well. Its affiliate program has a volume-based commission structure, meaning the rate increases as monthly net orders increases.

1% to 8% commission depending on product category and monthly net orders.

Try Target >

22. Hammacher Schlemmer

Hammacher Schlemmer's logo.

Hammacher Schlemmer is an American shopping catalog that has been around for over 150 years. It offers a wide variety of high quality premium products from electronics to home living, personal care, and toys. Think Target or Wal-Mart, but nicer. Affiliates can earn commission off very expensive catalog items.

8% commission on any sale.

Try Hammacher Schlemmer >

23. Spocket

Spocket's logo.

Spocket is a dropshipping supplier, distributor, and wholesaler for entrepreneurs. It offers top dropshipping products from US and EU suppliers to customers globally. As an affiliate you stand to earn remarkably high commissions per referral.

Up to $450 for each referral and up to 30% commission per subscriber depending on subscription tier.

Try Spocket >

Web-Based and Email Affiliate Programs

24. Shopify

Shopify's logo.

Shopify is one of the easiest ways to get started on your own ecommerce website. There’s no upfront cost and setup takes a few minutes. Use your influence to inspire people who want to launch an e-commerce business, move an existing store from another platform, or simply monetize skills and hobbies with an online platform. Shopify is designed for these people in mind and its affiliate program is a highly regarded service that provides training, resources, and content creation tools to make it easier for you to refer people to their platform.

Earn an average of $58 for each user who signs up for a paid plan using your affiliate link, and $2000 for premium referrals.

Try Shopify >

25. Leadpages

Leadpages' logo.

Leadpages offers a fantastic landing/webpage builder as well as a suite of lead generation tools that has helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs create online businesses to sell top of the line products for local businesses. Because the tools are so well made, it is easy to implement and showcase them in your marketing campaign to convert referrals with the Leadpages affiliate program. Their landing page builder is easy to use, though not as intuitive as some other programs on the market. The suite they offer covers all aspects of business management

10% base recurring commission after July 1, 2020 for past and present referrals, with the opportunity to earn up to 50% based on the amount of new customer sales generated within each month. Performance bonuses included. 

Try Leadpages >

26. WP Engine (StudioPress)

WPEngine's logo.

WP Engine is a leading WordPress platform that provides web hosting and solutions to brands that need to create remarkable WordPress sites and apps. As an affiliate partner for WP Engine you stand to earn industry-leading commissions from WP Engine’s affiliate program by recommending managed hosting plans, as well as StudioPress themes and the WP Engine. Affiliates also get to choose custom landing pages with pre-designed banners.

$200 minimum commission for WP Engine sales and 35% of StudioPress sales.

Try WP Engine >

27. PartnerStack

PartnerStack's logo.

PartnerStack is a modern Partner Relationship Management platform that supports some of the largest reseller channels. It is a complete partner marketing solution for B2B businesses and provides automation, revenue attribution, and everything you need to build and scale channel partner programs. It has an affiliate program that focuses on promoting software apps and tools. PartnerStack fosters growth and development between affiliate marketers and product owners.

Try PartnerStack >

28. Google AdSense

Google Adsense's logo.

AdSense is the largest online advertising network where millions of advertisers compete for your ad space. The platform features many optimization features that make displaying ads effective and easy. Ads are screened for high quality, relevance, and competitively auctioned to maximize your revenue. And AdSense finds the right products to promote for you, saving a lot of time.

Publishers receive 68% of revenue share with AdSense for content and 51% of revenue share with AdSense for search.

Try Google AdSense >

29. Constant Contact

ConstantContact's logo.

Constant Contact provides email marketing automation tools for small businesses and bloggers, making email marketing easier and faster. Real-time reporting and analytics are included too. Affiliates get to use a tracking dashboard and have access to promotional materials.

$5 commission when a referral signs up for free trial and $105 when referral registers for a new account.

Try Constant Contact >

30. Unbounce

Unbounce's logo.

Unbounce is all about converting more leads through its custom landing page platform that allows one to build professional, high-converting landing pages. As an affiliate, you get the bonus of offering a 20% discount to your site visitors or social media followers.

20% recurring commission per referral.

Try Unbounce >

31. AWeber

AWeber's logo.

Autoresponder and marketing automation platform with great tools for newsletters and email drip campaigns. AWeber has been trusted by businesses and entrepreneurs for over 20 years. Affiliates or ‘advocates’ have the opportunity to earn income through an in-house program or CJ Affiliate. 

30% lifetime commission for monthly plans ranging from $20 to $150, or up to $300 per referral account through CJ Affiliate.

Try AWeber >

32. BigCommerce

Big Commerce's logo.

BigCommerce (founded in 2009) is an open SaaS platform for building e-commerce websites at lower total cost of ownership than other e-commerce platforms. It can be used for B2B, wholesale, multi-channel, headless commerce, or international businesses and has industry specialization in health & beauty, apparel & fashion, food & beverage, manufacturing, and automotive. Affiliates earn commission on referrals and have access to excellent promotional resources.

200% commission on customer’s first monthly payment or $1500 per enterprise referral.

Try BigCommerce >

33. 3dcart

3d Cart's logo.

3dcart allows you to build a high-ranking, high-conversion online store to help grow your business. It is an e-commerce platform that specializes in SEO and comes with specialized tools aimed at conversion and lead generation. Affiliates earn commission on referring customers through the ShareASale and CJ Affiliate networks.

300% commission per referral.

Try 3dcart >

34. ConvertKit

ConvertKit's logo.

ConvertKit offers email marketing software designed to allow creators to connect with their audience. Its mission is to help its customers grow their audience and share their creative process, while making income with email campaigns. Affiliates earn commission through referrals.

30% recurring commission for monthly plans ranging from $29 to $2000.

Try ConvertKit >

Travel and Hospitality Affiliate Programs

35. Boatbookings

Boatbookings' logo.

Boatbookings specializes in boat rental, yacht chartering, and sailing/boating vacations. The Affiliate program is a great option for travel marketers. Affiliates earn commission on net charter value.

20% commission on charter value of boat rental (with higher rates for multiple referrals) + 10% for returning customers.

Try Boatbookings >

36. TripAdvisor

Trip Advisor's logo.

TripAdvisor is one the largest travel sites in the world and one of the best affiliate programs in the travel and hospitality space. Directing traffic to travel sites like TripAdvisor and Expedia is a great way of making money. TripAdvisor utilizes crowdsourced knowledge to inform customers about the best ways to lodge, travel, eat, and explore. You can also compare prices of over 200 hotel booking sites. Its affiliate program is operated through CJ Affiliates and implements a pay-per-click model whereby affiliates get paid if link referrals click on ads and links of TripAdvisor partners within the TripAdvisor website (i.e. click-outs). Final purchases are not necessary for affiliates to earn commission.

50% minimum commission off revenue generated from click-outs to hotel booking partners.

Try TripAdvisor >

37. Expedia

Expedia's logo.

Expedia is one of the most popular travel search engines and travel fare aggregators. There are many travel search engines out there, but Expedia is one of the best. It offers both online and offline booking; it has a large selection of flights, hotels, cruises and vacation packages. It is a one-stop source for travelers and holidaymakers needing to extensively research and plan their trips. It offers access to over 260,000 bookable properties and 400+ airlines. CJ Affiliate is its dedicated affiliate manager.

Up to 6% on referrals.

Try Expedia >

38. Kayak

Kayak's logo.

Kayak is a travel agency and travel search engine owned by Booking Holdings. It has won numerous online awards over the years. Affiliates gain from a competitive product with seamless integration. Commission is earned from flight bookings.

50% commission per flight booking.

Try Kayak >

39. Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet's logo.

Lonely Planet is one of the largest and most successful travel guide publishers in the world having sold over 120 millions copies since 2011. Lonely Planet is a highly respected brand and affiliates have great opportunities to generate revenue through referral links and click-throughs to partner sites. CJ Affiliate serves Asia-Pacific and Awin operates the UK and Americas networks.

15% of transaction fee on all print books and ebooks, plus competitive rates on qualified leads for travel service offerings.

Try Lonely Planet >

40. Booking.com

Booking.com's logo.

A very popular travel search engine for lodging reservations, Booking.com offers access to over 1.4 million hotels and apartments (or trains and treehouses) without requiring booking fees. Affiliates earn commission on bookings made through their websites.

Up to 40% commission on bookings.

Try Booking.com >

41. Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean's logo.

Royal Caribbean is a world-renowned premier cruise line brand offering passengers trips to unforgettable destinations. It offers some of the best deals and packages on cruises to the Caribbean and the Bahamas. Its affiliate program is managed by CJ Affiliate. 

4% commission on gross sales.

Try Royal Caribbean >

42. Cheapflights

Cheapflights' logo.

Cheapflights is a travel comparison site that has travelers in mind and offers a one-stop source for comparing airfare prices. Conduct flight comparison and explore cheap flights, airline tickets, and airfare deals. The affiliate program awards affiliates with click-out commissions (sending traffic to Cheapflights partners).

Flat commission fee of $0.45 per click-through on desktop/tablet and $0.25 for mobile.

Try Cheapflights >

43. Momondo

Momondo's logo.

Momondo is a global travel comparison site that allows you to compare flights, hotels, and car rentals. Commission follows a CPA (cost per action) model whereby affiliates earn when referrals click on links that were displayed specifically from using the flights search engine.

$0.65 (desktop and tablet) CPA and $0.45 (mobile) CPA for flight searches only.

Try Momondo >

44. Sandals Resorts

Sandals Resorts' logo.

You have very likely seen commercials for Sandals Resorts because it is the most recognized and premium brand in the world for Caribbean resort travel & hospitality. Sandals Resorts operates 15 locations in The Bahamas, Jamaica, and more. Affiliates earn commission when their referrals book a hotel stay or an activity reservation (like scuba diving). An ideal marketing opportunity for your specific audience of luxury travelers.

4% commission on hotel and activity bookings.

Try Sandals Resorts >

Marketing, Advertising, and SEO Affiliate Programs

45. Pabbly

Pabbly's logo.

Pabbly is a marketing and business management platform that helps entrepreneurs grow their audience and develop customer relations. It is packed with workflow automation and email marketing tools. Affiliates have access to a sales monitoring dashboard. 

30% recurring commission within 40 days of sale, with average minimum of $183 per sale.

Try Pabbly >

46. HubSpot

Hubspot's logo.

HubSpot offers powerful, award-winning software for marketing, sales, and customer service. It comes with a free CRM package that excels at organizing, tracking, and building better relationships with customers and leads. Its affiliate program allows you to refer its renowned software to your audience, while gaining access to a creative inventory of training and marketing resources. 

Referral commissions range from $250 to $1000 per product depending on its tier.

Try HubSpot >

47. Tapgerine

Tapgerine's logo.

Tapgerine is a mobile advertising and user acquisition platform offering data-driven solutions for user acquisition and traffic monetization. It’s like an affiliate network integrated into a mobile platform and allows publishers to connect with advertisers. There are thousands of unique offers and campaigns to choose from across many geographies, verticals, and ad formats. As an affiliate you simply refer others to download and register with Tapgerine.

Payment structure and commission rates are not readily available.

Try Tapgerine >

48. SEMRush

Semrush's logo.

SEMRush specializes in SEO and competitive intelligence tools for digital marketers through its sophisticated web platform. It is an all-in-one marketing toolkit. Its affiliate program is called BeRush and offers generous payouts and lots of promotional material.

40% recurring commission per subscription (with a 10-year cookie life).

Try SEMRush >

CBD and Cannabis Affiliate Programs

49. Green Roads CBD

Green Roads' logo.

Green Roads is a wholesaler of CBD based products including oils, topicals, capsules, and edibles. Its mission is to help people find the healthiest version of themselves through the power of plants. Affiliates who reach out to an audience of CBD users should consider joining the Green Roads affiliate program.

10% commission on referral sales.

Try Green Roads CBD >

50. Just CBD

Just CBD's logo.

Just CBD believes that CBD is nature’s secret miracle. The company was founded with the mission to promote CBD with honesty and integrity. Its high quality products are made from world-class labs. Just CBD’s dedicated affiliate manager is CJ Affiliate.

Up to 25% commission on referrals.

Try Just CBD >

51. CBDMedic

CBD Medic's logo.

Offering some of the first topical medications that combine active pharmaceutical ingredients with hemp oil, CBDMedic strives to increase awareness of the health benefits of hemp and CBD-based products. CBDMedic promises its affiliates some of the highest benefits in the industry and they are not exaggerating.

40% commission of all retail sales.

Try CBDMedic >

52. Lifted CBD

Lifted CBD's logo.

Lifted CBD is an online marketplace of CBD and hemp products featuring the best curated CBD brands available. Visitors can shop for edibles, topicals, oils, and even applications for pets. Potential affiliate partners should take note that the average order value is over $200.

15% commission per referral sale.

Try Lifted CBD >

53. Green Wellness Life

Green Wellness' logo.

Green Wellness Life is a family-owned wholesaler of holistic CMD oil and hemp goods that has a big presence in the state of Michigan. Its focus is on hemp-based products comprising the highest grade of CBD. This grassroots company also has a great rewards program for customers and boasts a landing page conversion rate of over 19%.

10% commission on referral sales.

Try Green Wellness Life >

Beauty, Fashion, and Cosmetics Affiliate Programs

54. Murad

Murad's logo.

Murad is a leading skincare solutions wholesaler and online retailer. Founded by one of the world’s top skincare authorities, Murad creates products and experiences for healthier skin and happier lives — developing targeted formulas for acne, anti-aging, cellulite, and anti-stress treatment. Affiliates are provided with dynamic banners and context-sensitive text links to promote Murad products with promotions to attract your audience.

11% commission per order with average order size of $90 plus.

Try Murad >

55. Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher's logo.

Online retailer offering botanical beauty products, including makeup, skin & body care, and fragrances. Free shipping with $40 order and free gifts with purchases. Affiliates can earn very high commission and get access to creative assets and promotional tools to refer customers to the Yves Rocher site.

15% commission per sale.

Try Yves Rocher >

56. Scentbird

Scentbird's logo.

Scentbird is a place where you can try out hundreds of designer fragrances through an affordable delivery subscription service. Over 450 designer brands are at your “dating” (i.e. sampling) disposable and you do not have to falsely commit to any expensive bottle ever again. Affiliates earn commission on subscription sales generated through an affiliate link.

$14 commission per subscription sale.

Try Scentbird >

57. BH Cosmetics

BH Cosmetics' logo.

BH Cosmetics is an innovative and constantly evolving cosmetics brand dedicated to bringing cruelty-free cosmetics to customers worldwide. It targets beauty enthusiasts looking for affordability and inclusivity. Affiliates with audiences centered around beauty and cosmetics should consider joining BH Cosmetics’ affiliates program.

8% commission on purchases within 60 days of site visit.

Try BH Cosmetics >

Sports and Fitness Affiliate Programs

58. Under Armour

Under Armour's logo.

Under Armour is a major international brand of footwear, sports and casual apparel. Countless athletes and professional sports teams are sponsored by Under Armour. Moreover, it has some of the most popular sports products on the market. Affiliates will get a chance to sell shoes, clothing, and accessories for athletes and sports teams. Its award winning affiliates program allows qualifying partners to place an affiliate link on their website and earn monthly commission fees. 

5% commission on purchases.

Try Under Armour >

59. TaylorMade Golf

Taylor Made's logo.

TaylorMade Golf Company is an American manufacturer of golf clubs, bags and accessories used worldwide by millions of people. Some of the best golfers in the world use TaylorMade golf clubs. More importantly, golf has always been a lucrative consumer goods category and affiliates stand to gain well. TaylorMade Golf’s dedicated affiliate manager is the Skimlinks affiliate network.

Around 6% commission on referral sales.

Try TaylorMade Golf >

60. Enigma Fishing

Enigma Fishing's logo.

Enigma Fishing grew out of a passion to take fishing to the next level while supporting the needs of the angler. Fishermen and women will find many opportunities to improve their experience and love for fishing through Enigma Fishing’s catalog of high performance products. The affiliate program is managed by ShareASale with a handsome commission rate.

20% commission per sale.

Try Enigma Fishing >

61. GoPro

GoPro's logo.

GoPro is an immensely popular brand of portable cameras, drones, and video recording accessories. The company rose to fame as thrillseekers, sports and adventure enthusiasts around the globe started to capture their activities with GoPro cameras and easily share them online. GoPros sell themselves, and you stand to gain as an affiliate who actually uses one in your marketing campaigns. Affiliates get access to dedicated account managers and deep linking.

5% commission rate.

Try GoPro >

62. Leather Head Sports

Leather Head's logo.

Leather Head Sports sells custom made vintage leather balls and gloves for football, basketball, and baseball. They are finely handcrafted and resemble the classic balls of previous eras. These goods are beautiful and photogenic making them great to promote on Instagram or Pinterest. The affiliate network is operated by ShareASale. 

10% sales commission.

Try Leather Head Sports >




63. Mountain Hardwear

Mountain Hardware's logo.

Mountain Hardwear sells activewear apparel for men and women along with mountaineering and hiking accessories like tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks. Its affiliate program is managed by CJ Affiliate.

Up to 10% commissions on referral sales.

Try Mountain Hardwear >

64. Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick's Sporting Good's logo.

Dick’s Sporting Goods is a leading American sporting goods retailer with over 800 locations. It sells anything and everything related to sports and outdoor activities. As an affiliate, you are able to promote a huge variety of great products to a wide audience and earn competitive rates. Fitness websites, sports blogs, and recreational groups are ideal places to promote Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Up to 5% commission.

Try Dick’s Sporting Goods >

65. Reebok

Reebok's logo.

Reebok is an American-inspired global brand of footwear and apparel centered around sports and owned by sporting goods giant Adidas. Its affiliate program is managed by ShareASale and will have access to the largest online inventory of Reebok sports and fitness products.

Up to 7% commission per sale. 

Try Reebok >




66. Horizon Fitness

Horizon Fitness' logo.

Horizon Fitness is part of Johnson Health Tech, a global provider of exercise equipment for more than 35 years. It is dedicated to designing and manufacturing high-quality exercise equipment. Its products are award-winning and they provide industry-leading customer service. Affiliates get to offer their audience regular promotions and customer financing.

8% commission on every sale (average order volume of $800).

Try Horizon Fitness >

67. BowFlex

Bowflex's logo.

BowFlex is a leader in home fitness equipment. It features an innovative line of cardio trainers and Max Trainers designed to help every person achieve their fitness goals from home. The affiliate program runs through Impact Radius and performance is tracked in real-time.

3% minimum commission.

Try BowFlex >

68. ACE Fitness

Ace Fitness' logo.

For 30 years, ACE Fitness has offered accredited fitness certifications and free information to millions of people worldwide. It is a nonprofit network consisting of 90,000 fitness professionals and health coaches. Its affiliate program is managed through Rakuten (LinkShare) using banners and text links. An excellent option for fitness personalities and coaches.

8% commission on referrals.

Try ACE Fitness >

69. TRX Training

TRX Training's logo.

You have probably seen TRX equipment at franchise gyms like Gold’s and 24 Hour Fitness. TRX is a world-class brand that offers simple equipment, effective workouts, and fitness education to everyone. Affiliates, or Ambassadors, can give 10% discounts to others who purchase through their affiliate links and earn commission.

10% commission on referral sales.

Try TRX Training >

VPN, Proxies, and Cyber Security Affiliate Programs

70. ExpressVPN

Express VPN's logo.

ExpressVPN launched in 2009 and is one the most trusted leaders in the VPN industry. Customers enjoy unlimited access worldwide to video, social media, and more. ExpressVPN operates a massive global network of fast VPN servers that offer powerful online protection and privacy. Its affiliate program provides excellent value to affiliates with competitive commissions and fast payouts.

Up to $36 per referral.

Try ExpressVPN >

71. NordVPN

Nord VPN's logo.

NordVPN is one of the leading VPN network providers and offers fast, secure and private internet access when you use public Wi-Fi or access personal and work accounts anywhere in the world. Customers can choose from over 5,500 servers in 59 countries. NordVPN’s affiliate program offers some of the best commission rates in the industry and promises high conversion rates.

40% – 100% commision for new sign-ups depending on term plan plus 30% renewal.

Try NordVPN >

72. Surfshark

Surfshark's logo.

Like all VPN services, Surfshark offers private and protected access to the internet so you can access your content safely. But unlike most VPN services, Surfshark allows you to connect from multiple locations simultaneously so that you can truly mask your identity. Affiliates earn generous commissions and fast payouts with referral links.

40% commission per referral.

Try Surfshark >

73. IPVanish

IPVanish's logo.

IPVanish offers private access to 1,300 servers in over 70 countries and guarantees no traffic logs and unlimited bandwidth. Affiliate Groove is the exclusive network that manages affiliates for IPVanish, offering them some of the most competitive rates in the industry. Affiliates will work with top-notch sales professionals to help promote trusted privacy services.

Up to 100% commission on new sales generated and up to 35% for subscription renewals.

Try IPVanish >

74. CyberGhost

Cyber Ghost's logo.

CyberGhost is a Romanian VPN company that has been around since 2011. It offers fast, private, and secure access to more than 7,000 servers in over 90 countries. Customers can stream and browse without any limitations such as closedowns, geo-restrictions, and digital censorship.

Up to 100% commission.

Try CyberGhost >

75. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access' logo.

Private Internet Access is an affordable and trusted VPN service provider that offers exactly what its name suggests without gimmicks or hassles. It is trusted by many small businesses and endorsed by PCMag, CNet, and Tom’s Guide. They also allow customers to pay anonymously with major brand gift cards, adding an extra cool layer of privacy. The affiliate program promises best in class conversion rates and offers recurring commissions.

33% commission on new and recurring sales over customer lifetime.

Try Private Internet Access >

76. TunnelBear

Tunnelbear's logo.

Like other easy-to-use VPN service providers, TunnelBear encrypts your internet connection to make sure your activity remains private and secure on any network. Access global content and censored websites with changing virtual locations. Also, TunnelBear shares the results of independent security audits giving the customer extra peace of mind. The affiliate program is quite nice and allows partners to earn commission from referrals.

50% commission per referral.

Try TunnelBear >

77. Hide My Ass

Hide My Ass' logo.

HMA is a seasoned player in the VPN space and offers very fast service with no logs, automatic Wi-Fi protection, and coverage in over 290 locations. HMA also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and is endorsed by The Guardian and CNet. Affiliates can earn big money through referrals.

30% – 100% commission depending on tier plan.

Try Hide My Ass >

PC and Gaming Affiliate Programs

78. NVidia

NVidia's logo.

NVidia is one of the most successful manufacturers of high-performance GPUs (graphics processing unit) for gaming video cards in the world. In fact, they invented the GPU. And they continue to push cutting edge innovation every year. They offer a solid affiliate program for influential partners in the gaming and entertaining space.

2% commission per sale.

Try NVidia >

79. Alienware

Alienware's logo.

Alienware sells custom designed high-performance desktop gaming rigs for serious gamers. The desktops can cost up to $5000 and incorporate the very best technology and hardware on the market. The Alienware affiliate program is managed through CJ Affiliate and affiliates stand to earn big bucks by promoting these expensive and highly sought after gaming rigs.

Up to 6% commission per sale (short attribution window of 3 days).

Try Alienware >

80. Twitch.tv

Twitch TV's logo.

Twitch is a highly popular video live streaming service that focuses mostly on video games, but also event broadcasts, music, and creative content. It is where gaming enthusiasts congregate to watch professional gamers. The affiliate program is free except for a few requirements such as being an active broadcaster on the platform. Once approved to be a partnered streamer, you can start monetizing your channel with ads and links.

50% revenue share.

Try Twitch.tv >

81. Logitech

Logitech's logo.

For decades, Logitech has been manufacturing computer accessories that have been highly popular in the gaming world. They are known for their gaming mice, headsets, speakers, and keyboards. Their brand is well known and easy to promote as an affiliate.

4% – 10% standard commission on sales ($125 average order volume).

Try Logitech >

82. Razer

Razer's logo.

Razer produces probably the best computer gear for hardcore gamers on the market. Their gaming mice and keyboards are used by the world’s top gamers. Razer’s premium products are highly sought after and affiliates stand to earn big.

Up to 10% commission per sale.

Try Razer >

83. Leprestore

Leprestore's logo.

Leprestore provides a service whereby gamers can boost the stats of their primary game avatars in popular games by contracting Leprestore’s team of professional gamers to do the hard work. In other words, gamers pay other gamers to improve their characters for them. Affiliates simply refer gamers to Leprestore and the affiliate program is managed by ShareASale.

15% commission per sale.

Try Leprestore >

84. ModdedZone

Modded Zone's logo.

ModdedZone specializes in custom modification of gaming controllers and offers hundreds of radically cool designs for the Xbox and Playstation. ModdedZone believes the gaming controller should reflect the style and persona of the gamer. Affiliates who video broadcast themselves playing games could sell a bunch of these products. The affiliate program is run through ShareASale.

10% commission per sale ($150 average order value).

Try ModdedZone >

85. Kinguin

Kinguin's logo.

Kinguin is a successful online marketplace for games and a distributor of license keys for new and upcoming online games. Users can trade existing keys when they grow tired of a particular game and buy access to other games at a discounted price.

Up to 6% commission per game sale based on which “levels” referrals purchase from.

Try Kinguin >

86. GameStop

GameStop's logo.

GameStop is the most recognizable video game retailer in the U.S. operating over 5,200 stores nationwide. Affiliates earn commission from click-throughs to the GameStop website while benefiting from promotions and creative content.

Up to 6% commission on all items sold.

Try GameStop >

87. Origin PC

Origin PC's logo.

Origin PC builds custom overclocked and liquid-cooled gaming PCs for serious gamers with a focus on customization, service, quality, and performance. Origin PC’s affiliate programs aims to partner with passionate PC gamers who will champion products via YouTube channels or social media and Twitch.tv accounts.

Commissions depend on an individual basis.

Try Origin PC >

Finance Affiliate Programs

88. Capitalist Exploits

Capitalist Exploits' logo.

Capitalist Exploits consists of a team of professional money managers, entrepreneurs and investors focused on high quality investment research. Subscribers get to tap into a wealth of extraordinary investment strategies and financial advice from seasoned experts. Affiliates are treated very well and are considered an integral growth component of Capitalist Exploits.

50% commission per sale (minimum $750), up to $1750.

Try Capitalist Exploits >

89. Kabbage

Kabbage's logo.

Kabbage is where small businesses get funded. It is a platform that connects small business to capital and businesses can apply for up to $250,000 in loans. Affiliates earn commission when referrals qualify for a loan.

$250 per new qualifying account + $50 if referral is approved for a loan.

Try Kabbage >

90. Sage Financials

Sage Financial's logo.

Sage Financials is a cloud accounting solution powered by Salesforce and Sage Business Cloud. It provides accounting, reporting, analytics, payments, and operations tools for small to midsize businesses. Over 3 million customers use Sage Financials’ award-winning solutions. Affiliates have access to a dedicated support team and receive direct bank payments. They even get commission for free sign-ups.

$10 per Cloud subscription, $7 for other products, $5 for free trial sign-up.

Try Sage Financials >

91. Lending Tree

Lending Tree's logo.

Lending Tree is a well-known price comparison site for credit cards, loans, and insurance products. Lending Tree ensures that its affiliates can expect quality leads and high conversion rates when connecting to a network of 30 million borrowers.

Up to $70 per referral.

Try Lending Tree >

92. USAA Credit Cards

USAA's logo.

USAA offers insurance, banking, credit cards, and financial services to people and families who serve or served in the United States Armed Forces. USAA offers a pay-per-lead program and affiliates can look towards a huge network of potential leads.

$25 per sign-up.

Try USAA Credit Cards >

93. Bankrate Credit Cards

Bankrate's logo.

Bankrate is a performance marketing network for credit cards. It helps publishers generate revenue from their credit card related web traffic and partners them with leading financial institutions. Affiliates also gain access to more technology solutions than any other network and some of the top monthly payouts in the industry.

Commission varies on product.

Try Bankrate Credit Cards >

94. BBVA Bank

BBVA's logo.

BBVA is one of the biggest financial institutions in the world with a presence in North America, South America, Turkey and Romania. BBVA offers a broad range of financial services typical of all big banks. It offers a pay-per-lead program managed through CJ Affiliate.

$85 per sign-up. 

Try BBVA Bank >

95. CIT Bank

CIT Bank's logo.

CITBank is a regional bank that was founded in Utah and is based in California. It consists of an online bank and OneWest Bank. It offers award-winning savings accounts, money market accounts, and high yield savings. CITBank’s affiliate program aims to connect small businesses with their financing services that include equipment leases and working capital loans.

$100 per customer sign-up.

Try CIT Bank >

96. Discover

Discover's logo.

Discover is a widely popular credit card brand issued by Discover Bank. It also offers online banking, personal, student, and home loans. Affiliates who inform their site visitors of the value and benefits of Discover will earn competitive commissions. The affiliate program is run through CJ Affiliate.

$40 per approved Consumer Account and $20 per approved Student Card Account.

Try Discover >

97. Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja's logo.

Invoice Ninja is an open-source invoicing app for freelancers and small businesses. It is free and trusted by over 110,000 businesses. It earns revenue from premium upgrades (the Ninja Pro Plan is $10/month). As an affiliate it is always easier to promote free products, especially if your target audience consist of entrepreneurs and freelancers.

50% on referrals for four years.

Try Invoice Ninja >

Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs

98. Binance

Binance's logo.

Binance is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Most people who buy and sell cryptocurrencies will probably wind up creating an account with Binance at some point.

Up to 50% commission every time a referral completes a trade.

Try Binance >

99. Coinbase

Coinbase's logo.

Coinbase is another popular cryptocurrency exchange that acts as a trading platform for buyers and sellers as well as a digital wallet for alt coins. Users can use fiat currency to buy coins on Coinbase. Affiliates gain commission on referral’s trading fees.

50% commission on trading fees.

Try Coinbase >

100. CoinMama

Coinmama's logo.

CoinMama is a marketplace for easy, fast, and secure trading of cryptocurrency. Unlike other exchanges where users conduct P2P transactions, CoinMama acts as a brokerage intermediary to offset some of the risk. 

15% commission on all referral’s purchases (including future purchases).

Try CoinMama >

101. Local Bitcoins

Local Bitcoins' logo.

Local Bitcoins is a cryptocurrency exchange for east, fast, and secure P2P transactions of Bitcoins. Its affiliate program allows you to earn bitcoins as a form of commission for referring other users.

20% commission on trading fees from each participant involved in a P2P transaction.

Try Local Bitcoins >

Education Affiliate Programs

102. Coursera

Coursera's logo.

Coursera offers world-class learning for anyone, anywhere by providing access to thousands of courses and specializations from top educational institutions. Courserans can build the latest skills while earning certificates and degrees. The affiliate program operates through the Linkshare network and provides affiliates with professional banners, newsletters, and content recommendations.

20-45% baseline commissions on subscriptions ranging from $29 to $99, with performance bonuses (30 day cookie).

Try Coursera >

103. Teachable

Teachable's logo.

Teachable is a reputable e-learning platform designed specifically for people who want to share their skills and experiences by building their own unique online course for the public. There are over 18 million students and 186 thousand courses across many niche subjects. Affiliates earn commission from referrals.

30% recurring commission on monthly subscriptions ranging from $29 to $499.

Try Teachable >

104. MasterClass

Masterclass' logo.

MasterClass is an online education platform on which people can access lectures and tutorials recorded by famous experts in various fields. Some of the fields include music production, cooking, filmmaking, art, and business. Its affiliate program is run through ShareASale.

25% commission per sale plus monthly bonuses.

Try MasterClass >

Pets and Animals Affiliate Programs

105. Whistle

Whistle's logo.

Whistle offers health and location trackers for pets. With Whistle’s wearables you will better understand your pet’s needs, behavior, and well-being. You can be notified by email, text, or app and the real-time GPS tracker can provide updates every 15 seconds. Affiliates earn commission on sales of Whistle devices.

10% – 20% commission on referral sales.

Try Whistle >

106. Petco

Petco's logo.

Petco is an American pet retailer with 1,500 locations. Petco sells live animals, pet products and services. Its retail locations also store and sell fish, reptiles, small birds, and rodents. It is a very popular store for pet owners and a well established brand.

Up to 4% commission.

Try Petco >

107. Holista Pet

Holista Pet's logo.

Holista Pet is an online retailer of hemp and CBD pet products and treats with the goal of providing natural remedies to reduce your pet’s discomforts. It sells products for dogs, cats, and horses with 30-day money back guarantees. Holista Pet is an industry leader in CBD pet treats, tinctures, and capsules. Affiliates who manage pet or pet care related web traffic should consider joining Holista Pet’s affiliate program.

25% – 40% commission on all CBD pet product sales.

Try Holista Pet >

108. Pet Care Supplies

Pecare Supplies' logo.

Pet Care Supplies is the ultimate online pet supplies store for all your pet’s needs. It sells a wide array of dog supplies, cat supplies, and homeopathic medicine at very affordable prices. Affiliates work with dedicated account managers to earn commission from referrals.

Up to 13% commission on all orders.

Try Pet Care Supplies >

Art, Music, and Photography Affiliate Programs

109. Focus Camera

Focus Camera started out as a retail store in Brooklyn in 1966. Known for having dedicated staff, industry experts, and the best products from leading manufacturers, Focus Camera eventually expanded into e-commerce and now serves millions of customers worldwide through its online platform that sells cameras, video recorders, pro audio, computer and office equipment, electronics, scopes, and optics. The affiliate program is managed by Impact.com and affiliates gain access to two brands, Focus Camera and Lifestyle by Focus.

3% commission on order sale amount.

Try Focus Camera >

110. B&H Photo

BH Photo's logo.

B&H Photo is a large online retailer of photography equipment, pro video, lighting equipment, TV & entertainment, camcorders, surveillance, computers, audio equipment, and optics. They offer special deals and fast delivery. It offers a successful, internationally recognized affiliate program. If you publish websites related to photography then joining B&H Photo’s affiliate program is a must.

Up to 8% commission on products.

Try B&H Photo >

111. Canon

Canon's logo.

Canon is Japanese multinational manufacturer of imaging and optical products such as cameras, film equipment, projectors, photocopiers, computer printers, image scanners, microscopes and many more. It has an extremely well respected global brand that has been recognized for over 80 years. The company continues to innovate and grow. Affiliates stand to earn commission on Canon’s industry-leading product lineup with special offers and promotions.

2.5%+ commission on sales.

Try Canon >

112. Guitar Center

Guitar Center's logo.

Guitar Center operates over 250 stores and sells a wide range of musical instruments and accessories. You can find tops brands of keyboards, drums, DJ equipment, instruments, and PA systems. Its affiliate program is a great option for those who connect with audiences through music.

3% – 5% commission on sales.

Try Guitar Center >

113. Musician’s Friend

Musician's Friend's logo.

Musician’s Friend is an online retailer of musical equipment, instruments, books, and apparel. It also offers different promotional deals on products every day and stocks over 1.7 million products. Affiliates get to work with a nationally-known brand with a dedicated support team. 

4% commission on sales from referrals.

Try Musician’s Friend >

114. SamAsh.com

Sam Ash's logo.

Sam Ash Music is a family of companies, including SamAsh.com, that is America’s largest family-owned musical instrument retailer. Its website sells over 50,000 products including guitars, drums, amps, microphones, keyboards, and electronics. SamAsh.com really focuses on providing musicians with everything they need.

Up to 10% commission on referrals.

Try SamAsh.com >

Best Affiliate Programs Wrap-Up

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make extra money on the side. By referring customers to prescribed sellers, you can earn commissions on their sales. This is a great opportunity to learn about new products and share that information with your followers.

You can also increase traffic and revenue for your website by promoting affiliate products. And because it’s a performance-based system, you only earn commissions when you generate sales.

As you begin your affiliate marketing journey, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is choosing from one of the best affiliate programs on this guide. After all, if you promote products that don’t have good revenue potential, you’re not going to make very much money.

This mega list of awesome affiliate programs should keep you more than busy for a while – there are a ton of ways for you to make money out there as an affiliate marketer (including building an ecommerce website).

Make sure that your affiliate program is at least trying to follow industry best practices and offers agreements that protect you from affiliates who would bid on your keywords and exploit your brand. You don’t want your affiliate marketing efforts to be derailed by a dishonest affiliate network.

These affiliates will often commit web attribution fraud by using techniques like sneaky redirects to claim credit on unjustified referrals.

If you have any affiliate programs that you think should be added to this list, let us know in the comments below!

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