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The greatest thing about digital marketing today is that with the right analytical tools, your business can determine which marketing campaigns are the most effective.

In fact, thanks to the Internet and its data tracking, companies can now track the promotional links they put out and find out where their ads are working, who they’re working for, and how they become successful or not.

With link trackers, business owners and marketing agencies have the power to control and maximize their returns from their online marketing campaigns in one of the fastest growing industries.

While link tracking is an absolute must to consolidate your online marketing campaigns, it’s hard to find the right tracker to invest in with the overwhelming amount of tools and affiliate programs there are out there.

What tools do what kinds of link tracking? We did the research for you and compiled all the key features and pricing plans of the best link tracking software on the market.

1. Voluum (voluum.com)


Voluum is one of the best link tracking software there is. Its easy-to-use platform has built-in tools that allow you to optimize all of your ad and link building efforts in one place. Voluum’s AI-powered and cloud-based tracker service lets you apply its advanced click tracking features to analyze and manage all different types of affiliate marketing campaigns.

Voluum provides top-notch link tracking capabilities to affiliate marketers, bloggers, and marketing agencies alike with its streamlined Application Programming Interface (API) that allows its users to process information swiftly and locally in real-time.

Overall, Voluum enables you to:

  1. Track all your advertising campaigns instantly and on one platform
  2. Provides actionable insights based on in-depth data analysis
  3. Efficiently oversee traffic and teams
  4. Optimize ad performance for successful conversions
  5. Scale your affiliate marketing business

Whether it’s from email marketing, social media, or a website, your links can be easily tracked with Voluum. It works with any traffic source and format – it even offers pre-made templates that can assist users in optimizing their traffic.


  • Advanced Tracking: With direct pixel tracking, Voluum allows users to track paid and organic traffic without the usual redirects. Impressions from banner ads are also tracked to gather the effects of display touchpoints. Along with other metrics like domains with SSL and multiple cost models, Voluum gives you a full picture of your conversions and overall ad performance.
  • Mobile Access: Portable and immediate access to link tracking available through mobile apps that allow full control over performance management.
  • A/B Split Testing: Find out which campaigns work and which ones don’t to easily improve and manage campaign paths with automatic A/B split testing.
  • Control Traffic: Through automatic bot and IP filtering, Voluum can block click fraud as well as unwanted traffic from sites with IP ranges (that users can specify).
Voluum Pricing


Voluum has four pricing plans to choose from, from the Discover plan at $65 per month all the way up to the fully customizable Agency package at $999 per month. All plans provide a wide variety of benefits that include basic tracking features with a limited time of data retention, active campaigns, and custom domains.

2. ClickMagick (clickmagick.com)


Another all-around amazing link tracking software, ClickMagick provides a range of link tracking and analytical services for your marketing campaigns. It works with every type of advertising channel and streamlines your affiliate marketing needs with link rotators, dynamic sub-id tracking, link groups, fraud detection, and other tactics that paint you an accurate picture of your reach.

While it’s not as fancy as Voluum, ClickMagick offers the best link tracker software tools that give it a competitive advantage over any other link tracker.


  • Track and Optimize Entire Sales Funnel: In addition to tracking links, ClickMagick users can track and optimize the performance of the sales funnel from the beginning to the end. Adding a “tracking pixel” to the conversion page gets the onsite funnel builder tool to analyze your funnel. Its link tracker software includes the use of unblockable “first party” cookies and industry-standard UTMs that can streamline the process of tracking funnels with no redirects or tracking links.
  • Advanced Retargeting: By simply adding a “retargeting pixel” to your tracking links, ClickMagick’s advanced retargeting feature allows you to retarget offers to your visitors across any Ad network. This is a powerful way of increasing your chances of exposure and bringing in sales.
  • Affiliate Marketing Tools: Curated by a seasoned super affiliate, ClickMagick’s affiliate marketing tools offer automated split testing, an automated postback builder, and dynamic affiliate links that will have you on your way to becoming a super affiliate yourself in no time.
  • Automatic Bot Filtering: One of the best markers of a great link tracker is its ability to deter bots, which derail your marketing efforts with fake activity and stats. ClickMagick has a unique feature that automatically filters and blocks those annoying bots to make sure your marketing revenue isn’t hurt and your stats remain accurate.
  • Real-Time Stats and Reports: ClickMagick supplies users with accessible and up-to-date numbers that easily show you everything in one place. Their 24/7 automatic link uptime monitoring tool also ensures that your links are managed constantly. From conversion rates to your return on ad spend, your links are under full-time surveillance.
  • Track Phone Sales: Although it is traditionally unheard of for businesses to accurately track phone orders, ClickMagick allows you to tweak your opt-in and accurately track your phone sales. It is the only link tracker that enables small businesses to optimize phone sales to scale and is a great feature for businesses that rely on phone orders.
Clickmagick Pricing


Arguably the best link tracker deals out there, ClickMagick gives you a 14-day free trial as well as a 30-day money-back refund offer in case their services don’t add up to your expectations. They have three pricing plans that range from $27/ month to $97/ month, with all plans including basic features like funnel tracking and custom domains. Their Pro package even offers exclusive access to their Experts Academy.

3. RedTrack.io


RedTrack.io is a link tracking software that specializes in tracking links and automating media buying for online businesses. Like ClickMagick, it is a highly accessible and easy to use link tracker for affiliate marketers, media buyers, digital agencies, and other advertisers.

Its cloud-hosted tracking tool meticulously analyzes the ads that it tracks in order to efficiently optimize marketing campaigns for clicks. Its link tracking software targets various attribution data points that help you elaborately address click data.


  • Link & Conversion Tracking: In-depth tracking is available for clicks, custom conversions, impressions, HTTPS tracking URLS, custom domain URLS, no-redirects, campaign tags, dynamic click costs, and more.
  • Detailed Reports: Reports on campaigns and traffic sources for clicks are offered through its tracker software as well as options for report grouping, filtering, and free templates.
  • Redirection: It provides clicks with unlimited redirect streams, A/B tests for redirects, redirect filter presets, as well as redirects based on 18 different filters within the tracker.
  • Landing Page Management: Landing page offers rotation, landing page multi-offer, landing page protection, lander tags, and landerbolt integration for the best link.
  • Affiliate Network Management: Affiliate network templates, transaction tracking, custom event tracking, postback IP whitelist, custom postback domains, and conversion subid tracking.
Redtrack Pricing


After their free two-week trial period, this link tracker offers four different plans to choose from: Basic, Pro, Business, and Custom. Their Basic plan starts at $49 per month and is packed with core tracking features that include email support, custom domains, year-long data retention, and personal onboarding.

4. Trck.me


Trck.me facilitates the optimization of your marketing campaigns, social media accounts, and affiliate links with its all in one web-based link tracker software.

Trck.me can track and tag your traffic source on any channel, brand your URL links in real-time, and deliver other complex marketing data that help you optimize your marketing strategy for the best link.


  • Advanced Filters for Traffic: Trck.me’s advanced filters ensure that your marketing team knows exactly who sees your ads and where your traffic is flowing in from. Other filters allow you to specify how your ads are put out with rule sets you can customize for your best link tracker.
  • Auto-Tagging: Instead of worrying about creating links for every marketing channel you have, this link tracker does the work for you by automatically tagging all the sources your traffic is coming from.
  • Custom Branding: You can shorten those grossly long links to whatever types of links your brand fits or create custom links that appeal to your audience and get more clicks.
  • Wide-range Tracking: From clicks from different channels to social media reach, there is a wide range of tracking the tool can analyze. You can track open rates, conversion rates, affiliate links, sales, and even cloak links in affiliate marketing campaigns.
TrckMe Pricing


Trck.me is split into just two pricing models. Their Standard plan starts at $29 per month, offering a generous load of features like unlimited events & datapoints, year-long data storage, trackable conversions & revenue, and various affiliate marketing tools. Their Enterprise plan adds lifetime data storage, 25 branded domains & sub-accounts, and social media reach tracking to the Standard plan at $79 per month.

5. ClickMeter (clickmeter.com)


With ClickMeter, you can have a tracking link for your ads made in a matter of seconds and watch in real-time as its click-based link tracker software uncovers all of your traffic variables in your marketing funnel. One of the best link tracker and click-tracking tools there are, ClickMeter boasts a clientele of over 100,000 advertisers, agencies, affiliates, and publishers.


  • For Agencies: ClickMeter gives agencies easy to manage options to keep track of customers’ campaigns and keep up with which ones are doing well by tracking their conversion rates. The platform allows agencies to update customers in real-time and combats click fraud.
  • For Affiliates: From cloaking links to customizing domain names, affiliate marketers can track and monitor all their commissions and links across one dashboard. Bot filtering is also provided as a way to ensure real clicks.
  • For Advertisers: There are advanced redirect options, a click fraud detection system, sales and conversions tracking, and a data double-checking tool for paid marketing sources that advertisers can use.
  • For Publishers: You can share up-to-date reports with clients and provide certification of visibility for clients in various forms (clicks, tracking pixel, views, conversions).
ClickMeter Pricing


In case they don’t prove to be the best link tracker for your needs, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for its three pricing models. Starting with the Medium package at $29 all the way up to the X-Large package at $349 per month, ClickMeter offers 100+ tracking elements with each plan to satisfy your marketing goals.

6. Improvely (improvely.com)


Improvely is another efficient click tracker on the list that is used by thousands of online marketers. Not only does it track your link clicks, but it also tests the results of those clicks so you can better optimize your ads.

Improvely is compatible with various ad networks like Google Adwords, Adroll, Facebook Ads, and a bunch of others that make their link tracking service especially convenient to use. Their link and click tracker services help you pinpoint each source of conversion so you can optimize them accordingly while instantly detecting any fraudulent click activity.


  • Advanced Conversion Tracking and Attribution: To make sure that you invest in the right traffic sources and weed out the ones that don’t convert well, Improvely shows you the exact sources of your conversions and revenue. It details in-depth metrics on your link clicks and conversions all on one accessible link tracker software.
  • It allows you to see which paths your visitors come and convert through and defines the points where sales drop off. Moreover, the link and click-tracking software automatically compound a history of site visitors that looks out for conversion patterns per month.
  • Click Fraud Prevention: Their 24/7 fraud surveillance helps you detect, block, and prevent click fraud. Their round-the-clock security service notifies you of any type of suspicious clicks with detailed reports that instruct you on blocking any fake Ad clicks.
  • Affiliate Marketing: By tracking your commission sources, protecting your ads and keyword lists, and cloaking your affiliate links, Improvely offers professional conversion tracking for its super affiliate users. The link tracker works with most affiliate programs and networks that support tracking pixel or sub-id parameters like Commission Junction, ClickBank, and ClickBooth to name a few.
  • Agency Ready Marketing Reports: Digital marketing agencies can also take advantage of their link tracker services by using their white label marketing reports.
Improvely Pricing


After the 14-day free link click trial, there are four available plans per month: Freelancer, Startup, Small Agency, and Large Agency. From $29 per month, the Freelancer plan gives you access to one team member, affiliate marketing tools, split testing and fraud prevention, as well as conversions & revenue tracking. Depending on which plan you choose, you can get 10,000 to 250,000+ visits tracked per month. The bigger packages offer sub-accounts and unlimited team members, with the Large Agency plan ($299/ month) even offering white label reporting.

7. LinkTrackr (linktrackr.com)


Although it’s not as sophisticated as Voluum or ClickMagick, LinkTrackr is a link tracker software best for online business owners and marketers to get accurate and real-time data on their marketing efforts. They have a full range of features that include link tracking and analysis, affiliate link cloaking, paid ad tracking, a URL rotator, and A/B split testing. Its easy-to-use tracking tool also allows you to customize every aspect of your tracking to best fit your ad network and specialized needs.


  • Track sales funnel: All you need is a destination URL before configuring your click tracking needs to follow your sales and leads from your online promotions. Instant conversion data is provided for every click from the beginning to the end, with its intelligent conversion tracking preventing any duplicates.
  • Cloak & track affiliate links: This link tracker curtails the mess of affiliate marketing by making sure you have more control over your commission data. Instead of just relying on network reports, the platform protects your precious commissions by allowing sub ID tracking supported by major affiliate networks like ClickBank and Shareasale. It also automatically informs you of your affiliate sales with pixel and postback tracking.
  • Track PPC ads: Centralize your PPC campaigns by optimizing Google AdWords and Facebook ad campaigns. It also provides conversion data through keywords that are tracked based on successful returns.
  • A/B split testing & URL rotator: With these link tracking tools, you can improve your landing pages, increase affiliate payout, and rotate traffic across URLs.
LinkTrackr Pricing


Once your 30-day risk-free trial is over you have four price-per-month options to choose from: Basic, Pro, Hyper, or Extreme. One of the more affordable link tracking services there are on this list, LinkTrackr’s services are paid annually per month with their Basic plan at $7/month. Their biggest package is the Extreme plan at $47 per month (paid annually), which offers 5,000 tracking links and 500,000 clicks per month on top of custom domains and various affiliate marketing tools.

8. ClixTrac (clixtrac.com)


One of the most affordable tracking tools on this list, ClixTrac tracks your banners and links to tally how often your ads and links are being clicked or viewed. Whether it’s on your website or others, its services allow you to track both image and text ads. Recommended for newer online marketers, ClixTrac also has a basic link tracker that tracks the URLs you get to set up on your site.


  • Simple and easily accessible control panel
  • No external software is needed before you get to manage your ads and marketing campaigns
  • Scripts, databases, and other technical knowledge are not necessary to use the service
  • Real-time tracking for clicks and impressions
  • Link cloaking that helps you protect your affiliate commissions
  • It has a built-in sharing and bookmark option that can bring more traffic in
  • Provides a streamlined way to dynamically edit old affiliate links, text ads, ad banners
  • You can also track hyperlinks that you post on your website, social media, images and banners, emails, blogs, and newsletters
  • A/B Split testing for traffic that helps you figure out which pages convert the best
  • Simple URL redirection
  • Daily up-to-date reports on ad impressions, clicks, and click-through rates.
  • You can also export all your data into CSV files.


ClixTrac is an entirely free click tracker which makes it the most affordable tracker on this list.

9. Bitly (bitly.com)


Another widely used and known link tracker, Bitly facilitates the creation of short links that it elaborately tracks for you to protect and grow your online marketing campaigns. Having worked with major companies like Disney and Amazon, Bitly’s link shortening and tracking tool makes sure you know who and where your clicks come from.


  • Branded links: Bitly lets you create and share customizable branded links. You can increase conversion rates and earn the trust of your consumers with the help of branded links, which boost your exposure and engagement.
  • Click Analytics: Every click is analyzed with over 20 data points that allow you to have a deeper understanding of your clicks. From referring channels and pinpointing geographical data, you have access to elaborate insights on your clicks on one analytics dashboard that helps you manage your campaigns.
  • Mobile Links: Bitly provides SMS and deep linking compatible links that promote app installs for on-the-go link tracking.
  • Link Management: There are varied options to assign groups and tags to better manage all of your tracking links.
  • Secure & reliable links: All links are encrypted with HTTPS to ensure security and to avoid third-party tampering or click fraud.
Bitly Pricing


If you can’t choose between Bitly’s free beginner’s plan and their Basic plan at $29 per month, you can get a quote based on your custom solutions. Their free service gives you access to one user seat while tracking and measuring audience interactions. Their Basic plan provides 1,500 branded links as well as one free custom domain.

10. Pretty Links (prettylinks.com)

Pretty Links

One of the coolest WordPress plugins that you can find, Pretty Links helps your business grow by giving you the power to control your affiliate links, social media links, redirects, and more. They have many built-in features that automate link management for your marketing team. Downloading and installing their free services on your WordPress dashboard is as simple as their tools.


  • Simple ways to shrink, cloak, track, and share links
  • Tracking pixels to track all types of conversions and leads
  • Real-time performance data
  • Automatically create pretty short links for pages and posts that can be followed up with automatic customized tweets that you want to be published
  • Automatic keyword tracking and replacement to optimize content
  • The plugin also offers split testing, link importing, and exporting for optimized results.
  • Their advanced redirection techniques include a unique way of adding a skin-able bar called the “PrettyBar” to accompany the top of any pretty links you come up with so that people can see your brand through external links as well.
Pretty Links Pricing


Although they offer a free version with very base features, this link tracker offers three different plans per month: Beginner, Marketer, and Super Affiliate. Ranging from $49 per month to $149 per month, Pretty Links allows you to automatically create Pretty Links and auto-link keywords. Each plan comes with a year of support and updates as well as advanced redirect types to get you started. Depending on which plan you choose, you get to use their plugin on one, two, or five WordPress sites.

11. TinyURL (tinyurl.com)


TinyURL is a basic link shortener that is most compatible for creating efficient short links and redirects for email campaigns or email automation. One of the OG tools of link tracking out there, the shortened links that you can create with TinyURL never expire and remain trackable forever. You can add this link tracking service to your browser’s toolbar and have the ability to shorten links any time you want with a few clicks.


  • Allows you to create tracking links fast and easily
  • Break proof for email campaigns and automation
  • No expiration date to get clicks for links


TinyURL is an entirely free way to shorten your tracking links.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a link tracker?

Link trackers are software devices that allow companies to follow specific tracking links through different formats such as websites, social media posts, emails, banner ads, and affiliate links. Any and every type of advertising campaign can be tracked online with a link tracker.

Link trackers involve tools or software that automatically transforms long and unappealing URLs into short ones. The new shortened URLs redirect to the promotional destination of the original URL. By attaching a digital tracking code onto them, a link tracker will access and compile all user activity through these conveniently shortened links.

Why do you track links?

Link tracking provides the most elaborate data and analytics possible, which gives you a full picture view of the impact of your marketing campaigns and affiliate links. Essentially, companies track links to gather valuable information on conversion rates and advertising efforts.

Link tracking highlights the cause and effect relationships for every marketing tactic you employ on the Internet by gathering and analyzing its interaction with users. Uniquely identifiable links encode information for specific modes of marketing that you get to compare and contrast the impacts of.

With each unique link comes unique traffic and conversion data that shows you which parts of your marketing technique work and which don’t. The amount of clicks that you get, big or small, allows your marketing team to learn from and optimize campaign strategies to grow your business in some of the most competitive digital marketing niches.

Imagine you’re going on a road trip to the amazing land of successful returns. It’s the difference between having an old-fashioned paper map and a built-in GPS. Of course, having a link tracker is the built-in GPS in this case – new, effective, and almost impossible to live without.

Are link trackers safe?

You can definitely find a free link tracker but the best features cannot be accessed without paying a service fee per month.

What is the Best Link Tracker?

Modern-day marketing calls for modern-day ad tracking, which is thankfully easy to access with all the link tracking platforms available.

While all online marketing strategies call for a consolidated tracking strategy, it is just as important to find the best tracking tool that will streamline the tracking process through the entire sales funnel and also be able to monitor for suspicious activity like sneaky redirects used in ad hijacking.

Similar to choosing a GPS for your car, there are numerous options with varying degrees of capabilities and pricing. While all of them get the job done, some are just more efficient or affordable. It all depends on how much you’re willing to pay and what level of convenience or detail you require.

The best link tracker is best suited to your needs, and there are plenty of other link building software solutions out there to consider as well.

Hopefully, this guide suffices to determine which link tracker you have to get.

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