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[21:04] A client wants to promote only the careers sections on his domain.com/careers. How would you approach it in terms of link building? Usually, you recommend mostly the homepage naked/branded and only a prickle to the pages themselves with exact/partial anchors. Here he doesn’t care about the homepage/90% of the site.

Respectfully remind the client that you are the SEO expert, that you are well-versed in building links, boosting the overall authority of their site, and ranking any page they want. In this case, the whole site has to be healthy for a specific part of it to be ranking well. You can’t just build links to one section because a) it’s not natural and b) it’s not standard practice for SEO.

[27:43] Discovered but currently not indexed. How can I solve this?

The main thing to look at is the quality of your content: Make sure the page is worth being indexed. Make sure there are inner links going to it—that it’s not an orphan page. Give it a bit of time as well.

[29:51] What were some of the largest changes to SEO in 2022?

The helpful content update, affiliate marketers needing to adjust their strategies, and, of course, AI. There will be turbulence thanks to innovations in AI, but there is always opportunity in turbulence. Let’s ride out the storm and not get obsessed with trying to predict the future of the industry.

[36:09] How do you get press release distribution by big players such as CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC, etc.?

You can run one of those cheap Fiverr press releases and get local versions of those big players. They’re not the highest-quality links, but they’re useful when used sparingly, particularly for pillowing upfront. If you want the editorial versions of these links, try HARO (Help A Reporter Out), hire an actual PR company, or do your own PR.

[39:11] What is the best approach for new local business websites? Where do you start and how do you properly do the audit for the client?

First, do an on-page audit, an off-page audit, then their GMB (Google My Business) since the business is local. Do all this with proper keyword research, because just because it’s a local company doesn’t mean it’s not worthwhile to look into competitors, what keywords they’re ranking for, etc. You’ll be moving on to backlinking after that.

[44:11] Will Google know if I use ChatGPT to help me write content for my website?

This is the big question right now. A lot of people are using AI content detectors. None of them work as well as they should, as far as we know. The most popular tool is Originality.ai, if you want to check that out. But these tools are flawed at best and scams at worst. Proceed with caution. The responsible advice we have to give about ChatGPT is to edit the content before publishing it to your website.

[46:43] Is Google My Business still alive? If so, how can we rank?

GMB is still very much alive and very important. Getting fake listings made with fake addresses is not as common, and definitely can’t be done en masse anymore, because Google cracks down on websites attempting it.

[50:22] I have acquired an aged domain with decent links and DR/DA profile. But I eventually found out that it is trademarked in the UK. What’s the best way to still utilize it? It has no trademark in the US.

Trademarks are tricky. It all depends on how large the company is. Disney is quick to send cease-and-desist letters, but smaller companies don’t have the resources to be anywhere near as aggressive. 9 times out of 10, you won’t have to worry about anything except creating your own branding so that it doesn’t compete with the trademark.

[54:39] What is the best tiered link building strategy? I am working on a YMYL medical site. How many tier 1 backlinks should I do in a month, and how many tier 2 links should I do for each tier 1 backlink?

There is no answer to these questions. You can do as many as you want. Look at your competitors and see what their backlink profile looks like. Consider your link building budget and focus mainly on quality. Start slow and work on building links to your homepage. Add inner page links over time while still linking to the homepage. Likewise with tier 2 backlinks. It depends on how much you want to power each of your tier 1 links. Note that we do tier 1 linking 99% of the time.

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