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Welcome to another episode of Live SEO Support!

Live SEO Support is an hour-long Weekly Livestream where our founders, Nicholas Altimore and Chris Tzitzis, take questions from the audience on anything related to SEO.

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But in case you missed us live this week, here’s the full episode:

This Week’s Archived Livestream:


[27:01] I only tend to outlink to Wikipedia. Is this okay? I want visitors to come back to my website. Does it matter if I open the link in a new tab?

We always set our outbound links to start a new tab because we want our website to stay open in the user’s browser. However, when creating outbound authority links, you should be pointing to more authoritative / relevant sites than just Wikipedia. This is just a very basic tenet of link diversity.

[33:40] Everytime I update content I change the publish date to current. Does Google favor that?

Google crawlers that have already scanned your content, prior to the update, will know that the date has been changed when they crawl the content again (because they will compare the current date to the previous date). Having said that, updating content is always a good idea. Google will favor updated content that adds value. We don’t publish visible dates on our blog posts but there’s no disadvantage in doing so from Google’s perspective.

[37:34] In your experience, does adding advertisements to a review page lower the commissions or does it not matter? I don’t have ads active on most of the review posts.

So it seems like you are asking whether you should include advertisements (like sidebar or pop-up ads) to a review page with affiliate links, and whether this will hurt your affiliate revenue.

We have a mixed opinion on the matter. Best practice for affiliate sites may suggest that doing both on the same page is not a good idea, but we have added sidebar ads (from our affiliate program) to our review pages that advertise relevant products in the same niche / industry and still managed a profit. We don’t really try to optimize revenue for affiliate links or ads if we decide to use them together. Best thing to do is to test this strategy out in the field by devoting 1 month with and without additional ads.

[42:12] Is there a significant boost in link power if you get backlinks from a Google News website? If so, why?

The articles featured on Google News are very high authority websites and a backlink from one of them would probably be one of the most powerful editorial links you could get. A backlink will give you a Trust boost because it’s a signal that you are a relevant authority on the subject matter. 

Check out this article on what makes a quality backlink for more information about how and why certain backlinks can be powerful.

[48:40] Which should I choose for a PBN: Expired or Aged auction domains?

Quite simply, both Expired or Aged domains are perfectly fine to use. We usually get Aged domains because they can be fully utilized a bit quicker than Expired. Ask yourself if you like the backlink profile of the domain and whether you’re willing to wait some time before it starts helping with the ranking of your money site.

[58:23] How long does it take to rank a website in a medium competition niche with only white hat SEO?

It depends on the scope of your strategy. For example, it could take a very long time to rank (or never) if you just post content & do on-page optimization (hoping other people will find and link to your pages).

But if you decide on performing outreach for quality backlinks, you’re going to see results a lot sooner than just passively waiting to receive backlinks. Pure white-hat link building doesn’t involve monetary transactions, but in reality, a lot of outreach will involve some kind transaction (such as administration fees) because it can be difficult to convince a webmaster to link out to you for free (unless there’s obvious value add).

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