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Welcome to another episode of Live SEO Support!

Live SEO Support is an hour-long Weekly Livestream where our founders, Nicholas Altimore and Chris Tzitzis, take questions from the audience on anything related to SEO.

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But in case you missed us live this week, here’s the full episode:

This Week’s Archived Livestream:


[15:21] My anchor text is over optimized. Can I just go back and change all my old anchors?

You should not change your old anchors (assuming you have control over the backlinks). This is unnatural and looks like manipulation to search engines like Google. Instead, your new link building campaign should focus on adding anchor text diversity that dilutes the existing over optimized anchors. Build natural anchors to the homepage instead of trying to erase your history. Low-authority niche edits  are some of the best tools you can use to dilute old anchors.

[22:42] Why isn’t my article ranking past Page 3?

There are 3 basic areas (onpage / offpage factors) that you can focus on to rank an article or improve existing rankings:

  1. Great content  – Does your article cover the topic fully?
  2. On-page SEO – Is your article optimized for the right keywords?
  3. Backlinks – Is your backlink profile weaker than your competitors?

Focus on these 3 areas and you are almost guaranteed to make improvements to your site. Check out the links for some guidance.

[31:52] Is a backlink worthless if it’s not indexed?

No, a backlink is not worthless if it hasn’t been indexed yet. Keep in mind, Google admits that they don’t index all known URLs. They care more about the quality of websites. But just because a backlink hasn’t been indexed doesn’t mean it hasn’t been crawled. A crawled backlink will still add value.

[42:48] Can Google really read content and decide if it’s better than other content?

Yes, Google bots will determine which content is better in terms of how that content will improve search users’ experience. This will be based on many factors that Google decides on. For example, relevant keyword density is important. So under-optimized content won’t perform as well as keyword-optimized content.

[52:03] I heard that you should  have both no-follow and do-follow links in your blog posts for SEO purposes. Can you elaborate?

A no-follow link is a backlink that tells search engines like Google that you don’t want to “endorse” the page it’s linking to or you don’t want to pass ranking credit to another page. It has a rel=”nofollow” HTML tag. Do-follow backlinks are the default type of backlinks. All backlinks are do-follow unless you change the HTML tag to “nofollow”. It’s perfectly fine to have both types of links pointing to your blog posts. Natural backlink profiles will have a mix of do-follow and no-follow.

[1:00:55] Does it take more effort to rank “newer” TLDs, such as “.network”, compared to a “.com” domain?

Based on our experience, there’s no difference in rankability based on what kind of TLD you use. You should be alright using any of the newer TLDs.

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