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But in case you missed us live this week, here’s the full episode:

This Week’s Archived Livestream:


[33:56] Should high-end Guest Posts be used that include natural anchors (branded, naked, etc.), or are exact match anchors okay?

I believe what you are trying to ask is whether your most high quality links should get the strongest anchor text. The answer being yes, but also a little bit of both natural and exact match. Having said that, we still continue to use natural homepage anchors every month (more than we use exact match anchors to inner pages). Branded anchors are really good too. 

It is a good idea to set a strong foundation in the beginning by using high quality backlinks and doing homepage authority building until you get resonance in the SERPs. Later when you gain Trust with Google  you will be able to hit inner pages with a few good links and get automatic rankings.

[39:14] I got a link from a gambling article. Will it hurt me since gambling is a toxic niche?

It does seem like most people stigmatize certain niches such as gambling, casino, adult, pharma, payday loans etc. as always being toxic and tend to avoid getting backlinks from related sites in those niches (see why we call these deadly digital marketing niches). But it helps to know what makes a specific niche (and backlink) “toxic” in the first place. And what actually matters when determining whether a site is toxic or not is its backlink profile — not its content. The problem is a lot of the spammy sites found in “toxic” niches have very black-hat link profiles and other manipulative techniques like auto-generation etc.

In regard to your question — if you make sure your site has a strong, healthy backlink profile and you are not receiving too many links from toxic niche sites, then there is a good chance you are going to be fine in the long run.

[51:40] What is the best Web 2.0 site to use right now?

There really is no “best” web 2.0, but Medium is one of our favorite sites to use. Don’t worry about which one is the best and try out a few high authority ones. Check out this Web 2.0 list for ideas.

[56:54] Should I use category pages or not? Which is better for SEO?

We like category pages and use them all the time. They are very useful for WordPress functionality and help web crawlers / search users figure out what your site is about. It also helps keep everything organized when you want to make edits or add new content. Sometimes hub pages can fall under category pages. So we do recommend using category pages (especially if you are relatively new to building out websites).

[1:20:16] Do you think creating around 10 web 2.0’s for a money site is spammy?

Not really, unless you are just spinning content and doing other spammy things like using identical anchors. There is absolutely nothing wrong if you have original content on 10 web 2.0 sites. Just don’t do spammy things like use auto-generated or make them all a single page each.

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