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This Week’s Archived Livestream:


[22:23] Will my rankings drop if I lose an extremely powerful backlink to my website? Can it be worth pursuing links that you know will be edited out after some time (if the linking site is a huge niche authority)?

Whether your rankings actually drop (and how soon they drop) depends on several factors, the most important being how insulated / diversified your backlink profile is. A stronger backlink profile (that’s natural) will be able to sustain a loss of backlinks better than a weaker one. Also, it’s very hard to predict when your rankings will be affected after losing a backlink (if they are affected at all).

Having said that, we don’t really pay attention to how many of our backlinks get dropped over time because our main focus is to keep building quality links as part of a continuous campaign.

Lastly, we would definitely pursue a backlink from a high-authority domain even if it were removed shortly thereafter.

[31:05] Do you invest in websites? What footprints do you use to find websites to buy for a good price?


I’ve been buying domains for a long time. Personally, the process of investing in money-making websites always starts off with analyzing the domain (using Ahrefs and Ahrefs alternatives) to get a broad picture of niche relevance and backlink profile quality. I then look and see what the website is ranking for in the SERPs (and if the anchor text is natural).

I like looking for smaller, niched-down sites that have room to grow (especially sites that need a few touch-ups and optimizations). I don’t mind buying a partially complete, yet solid and functional, website from another SEO and then expanding the keyword research and content optimization. Industry standard prices are typically 30 – 60x the monthly traffic value / revenue.

[40:24] Where / how do you buy domains?

For finding already-made websites, you can look to Empire Flippers, Facebook Groups, etc.

For finding domains to build from scratch, we like to use SpamZilla and Register Compass as expired domain mining tools.

[48:33] I’m losing my rankings for a keyword so I purchased a PBN link. However, the PBN link didn’t help and my rankings are still getting worse. What should I do?

We wouldn’t recommend using a PBN link if your rankings are dropping because PBN links are unnatural and you need to be fixing whatever is unnatural about your domain or trying to increase the naturalness of your backlink profile. For example, we would stop targeting money anchors and focus on building quality homepage links (with natural, branded, naked anchors) from real, relevant websites instead. Improving content too.

[1:03:03] Is it possible for dofollow blog comments and social profile links to cause a drop in rankings?

No, blog comments should not affect your rankings unless they are coming from very spammed-out, low quality pages (with unnatural anchor text) and you already have a bunch of them in your backlink profile. And social profile links should never hurt you.


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