The 15 Best Ahrefs Alternatives (Free and Paid)

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What is Ahrefs?

Ahrefs is a premier all-in-one toolkit for backlinks and SEO analysis that is used by a lot of marketers.

Ahrefs distinguishes itself from other popular SEO tools due to having possibly the largest index of live backlinks and keywords on the market.

It also has many advanced features for site analysis and other tools for competitor analysis, keyword research, and content exploration.

Ahref's logo.

Ahrefs is constantly updating its algorithms so its web crawlers can scour search engines and provide the fastest and most accurate up-to-date website data for its users. Some of its power backlinks analysis and SEO features include:

Site Audit

You can optimize your website with the Site Audit tool that analyzes sites for SEO issues and monitors their health over time. Auditing a website is an important part of SEO, so being able to discover technical and optimization issues is key to making adjustments that reflect in the search engine rankings.

Site Explorer

Site Explorer is one of Ahrefs’ flagship SEO tools which allows users to completely analyze a site’s backlink profile (including competitors). This is also a useful tool for exploring profitable keywords for paid and organic search.

Backlink Profile Analysis

Ahrefs specializes in backlink analytics. When you enter a URL in its search engine, you will get a comprehensive report about the site’s backlink profile. This information can help guide your SEO strategy and support your link building efforts, as well as identifying the right organic keywords.

Keywords Explorer

Keyword research is one of the most important features of any SEO tool. With Keywords Explorer you can take a close look at what your competitors are searching for, or just use the tool to analyze and obtain your own relevant keyword and content ideas.

Content Explorer

You can learn from any industry’s top performing content with Content Explorer. Analyze topics and trending content to find out which produces the most quality backlinks and traffic. You can also analyze social media engagement and see which topics garner the largest number of shares.

Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker allows you to track the ranking progress of target keywords by getting periodic reports for desktop and mobile sites.

You don’t have to be an SEO expert when using the Ahrefs toolkit to rank higher. But access to these resources will come at a hefty price. Part of the reason why people are interested in alternatives to Ahrefs is because Ahrefs is expensive.

This is their pricing breakdown:

Lite ($99/month): 1 user, some locked features, lowest level of reporting and analysis

Standard ($179/month): 1 user, more reports, rows per report, indexing positions, domains, keyword alerts, higher batch analysis and exportable data rows for each core tool compared to Lite

Advanced ($399/month): 3 users, more reports, rows per report, indexing positions, domains, keyword alerts, higher batch analysis and exportable data rows for each core tool compared to Standard

Agency ($999/month): 5 users, more reports, rows per report, indexing positions, domains, keyword alerts, higher batch analysis and exportable data rows for each core tool compared to Advanced

You’re going to pay hundreds of dollars a month to conduct any serious analysis. And the higher tiers are only worth subscribing to if multiple users are needed, even if you desire Advanced access as a sole proprietor or independent contractor.

Shortcomings of Ahrefs

Despite being a market leader in SEO and one of the most popular SEO tools for link analysis, Ahrefs does have shortcomings that are enough to make people seek many of the Ahrefs alternatives that also compete in the space.

For example, Ahrefs is considerably more expensive than anything else. In fact, many people consider the pricing structure to be one of the biggest drawbacks.

The cheapest plan called Lite, at $99/month, may not provide the level of data access you need to perform research and analysis. The Standard plan, which offers a good amount of features for a single user, costs a hefty $179/month. There is a 7-day trial offer for Lite and Standard for $7, so there’s no free trial.

There is also a limit on how often you can perform certain actions (Lite is significantly more limited than Standard).

Some information may appear off or misleading. For example, traffic stats and organic search info may raise questions about accuracy every now and then. You may find that your site isn’t showing in places that Ahrefs says it should be. Some claim that the site audit tool is one of the weakest SEO features. There isn’t any integration with Google Analytics either.

Some other concerns with Ahrefs are that the limits on its core tools may be too much for advanced users. For example, Site Explorer with the Lite plan allows you to search for only 175 domains per week or 700 URLs per week. And Site Explorer doesn’t allow you to use other core tools concurrently.

There aren’t enough filters on referring domain reports depending on the plan. Not being to filter out more than one keyword is also a limitation. Lastly, the UI design may be a bit complex for some users and information is not intuitively easy to understand.

Aherfs Alternatives

If you’re curious about an Ahrefs alternative, we’ve compiled an exhaustive list of the best Ahrefs alternatives (including many that we have used). The following marketing tools and SEO platforms provide a lot of the best Ahrefs tools and a few features that make them stand out compared to Ahrefs.

Of course, each of these Ahrefs alternatives has its pros and cons. Many of these digital marketing SEO software offer free versions that pack quite the punch. Some will have limited features depending on the tier level, but most will provide essential tools such as link analytics, domain overview, keyword rank tracker, keyword explorer, backlink research platforms, technical SEO functionalities, keyword difficulty estimates, SEO audits, Facebook Ads integration, social media tracker. You name the feature. One or more of these all-in-one marketing toolkits will have it.

Here’s the list of best Ahrefs alternatives / SEO software for content marketers and SEO pros:


Semrush's logo.

SEMRush is a popular all-in-one SEO toolkit for online visibility and marketing analytics. It is similar to Ahrefs in the types of tools and comprehensive workflows that are available. It’s probably one of the best Ahrefs alternatives in terms of its brand recognition.

SEMRush provides SEO intelligence data like keyword research features, backlink analytics, traffic analytics, rank tracking, on-page SEO analysis, SEO site audits, topic research, projected AdWords spend, lead generation, and more.

With these tools, you can track your daily rankings, conduct an SEO audit on any site, analyze a domain’s backlink profile, study a competitor’s SEO strategy, and gather ideas to improve organic traffic.

SEMRush specializes in providing an all-in-one solution for simple e-commerce stores or larger enterprise-level businesses that require geographic and industry-specific databases with comprehensive reports.

SEMRush also provides a comprehensive solution for competitive researchers and digital agencies.

SEMRush has won awards for its SEO software suite and is often compared to Ahrefs in terms of its capabilities and services. However, SEMRush has a few distinctive features that make it easier to use than Ahrefs like access to a helpful sidebar that directly links to handy metrics and reports.

SEMRush’s pricing structure is also very similar to Ahrefs, except that it has three tiers and a free trial period.


Majestic SEO's logo.

Majestic is another popular online marketing/backlink tool that specializes in backlink reporting and link building. It’s also a very popular Ahrefs alternative. But keep in mind that it’s not exactly an all-in-one toolkit like Ahrefs or SEMRush.

Providing pure backlink data is where Majestic shines. Its Backlink Checker is an effective web-based investigation tool that has found more total links than other well-known services, in some cases.

You can use Majestic’s Site Explorer to filter by metrics, compare websites, track your favorite sites, and discover backlink profiles.

The Link Context tool is exclusive to Majestic and lets you discover and audit backlinks. You can find relevant links near you or that of competitors, discover link opportunities through site comparison, find mutual links between websites, find out if a link is editorial or part of a directory, estimate the page position of links or look at the surrounding content of a link.

Majestic also boasts two huge indexes, Fresh and Historic. You have access to a massive amount of data with the ability to extract clean and useful information. For example, you can upload up to 1 million sites with key metrics to a CSV file or Google Sheets.

You also get SEO browser plugins for additional data access and an on-demand Advanced Extracts tool for most sites. An API allows you to load Majestic data in your own in-house dashboard.

Ultimately, Majestic is an excellent link building tool that offers a ton of value to users who want to focus on backlinks.

Majestic’s plans and pricing:

Lite ($50/month) : low-use Fresh Index and Site Explorer for light users.

Pro ($100/month): Historic Index and all web tools (ideal for professionals and small agencies).

API ($398/month): Incorporate Majestic Data into your in-house software (regular, large, or extra large volume).


Mangools' logo.

Mangools offers simple SEO tools that cover all the basic features without being a big all-in-one tool like Ahrefs. It offers a seamless interface and beautiful design that makes it easy for beginners to understand all the data and features.

There are five tools packaged with Mangools:


A keyword research finder that is simple to use and will help you find hidden long and medium tail keywords, competitor’s keywords, search volume, keyword metrics, local keyword research, and much more.


A SERP analysis tool that lets you scan local search results for over 50,000 locations and helps you discover your competitors’ weak spots by analyzing SEO metrics and comparing sites.


A quick and easy rank tracking tool that tracks results for desktop, mobile, and specific locations. It also provides keyword position updates, tracked keyword management with tags, performance monitoring, and report sharing.


A backlink research tool with a huge database. You can find and evaluate the strength of backlinks with LinkMiner.


An SEO analysis tool for essential metrics and insights. You can check the authority and trustworthiness of any site, monitor web pages, find out about the health of a backlink profile, or identify traffic-generating content.

Mangools’ plans and pricing:

Basic ($29.90/month): 1 user, 100 keyword lookups per day, 200 keyword suggestions per search, 25 competitor keywords per search, 100 SERP lookups per day, 200 tracked keywords daily, 100,000 backlink rows monthly, 20 site lookups per day.

Premium ($39.90/month): 3 users, 500 keyword lookups per day, 700 keyword suggestions per search, unlimited competitor keywords, 500 SERP lookups per day, 700 tracked keywords daily, 500,000 backlink rows monthly, 70 site lookups per day.

Agency ($79.90/month): 10 users, 1,200 keyword lookups per day, 700 keyword suggestions per search, unlimited competitor keywords, 1,200 SERP lookups per day, 1,500 tracked keywords daily, 1,200,000 backlink rows monthly, 150 site lookups per day.


Moz Pro

Moz Pro's logo.

Moz Pro is an all-in-one SEO toolkit that makes it easy to understand your visitors, track your rankings, crawl and audit sites, optimize pages, find link opportunities, and customize reports.

Moz Pro offers five core SEO solutions:

Keyword Research

You can conduct all your keyword research with this tool because it streamlines your workflow and assists in efficiently prioritizing the best target keywords by metrics. You can also categorize and compare keywords or phrases to refine your content strategy.

Rank Tracking

Track your site (or competitor’s) keyword visibility and ranking performance in the SERPs with useful metrics. Compare and optimize for mobile or desktop visibility. Identify what’s working for your competition and learn how to perform better.

Site Crawl

Audit your sites and find common SEO issues that hold back ranking and impede traffic growth. You can monitor issues like missing tags, broken redirects, and flag issues for recrawls.

On-Page Optimization

Improve your site’s rankings and overall experience. Ensure that your sites’ pages are meeting customer needs and providing visitors with exactly what they’re looking for. You can sort your pages by optimization score and identify quick opportunities for improvement.

Link Research

Analyze your link profile in comparison to the industry’s leading metrics and figure out ways to improve ranking by increasing the number of high-quality backlinks pointing to your sites, while removing harmful ones.

Custom Reports

Share your efforts to improve visibility and organic traffic by generating custom SEO data reports that showcase the impact, status, and value of your and your team’s hard work. You can easily export CSV or PDF reports that cover a wide range of data and metrics to share with clients.

Moz Pro’s plans and pricing (20% savings when you pay yearly):

Standard ($99/month)

Medium ($149/month)

Large ($249/month)

Premium ($599/month)


Serpstat's logo.

Serpstat is another all-in-one SEO platform (or a growth hacking tool for SEO and marketing as they like to describe it) that delivers tools for backlink analysis, organic rankings reports, and several other features that are similar to what Ahrefs offers.

Its core tools include:

Positions Tracking

You can perform comprehensive research of SERPs with advanced analytics. Look at SERP historical data, keyword grouping by tags, and gain insights into market share fluctuations and traffic distribution by domains.

Backlink Analysis

Access your complete backlinks data over the last two years in one click. You can also track your competitors’ backlink strategies, retrieve quality scores of referring domains, and find the pages that attract the most links.

Keywords Research

Perform in-depth URL analysis and gain valuable search query insights. You can also get a “tree-view” keywords distribution, find related keywords, and apply adaptable filters.

Site Audit

Apply Serpstat’s Domain Optimization Score to improve your websites and never miss new SEO issues.

Competitor Research

Analyze or monitor your competitor’s progress and identify niche leaders. You can also track visibility and keyword trends, or retrieve the keyword map of your competitor’s websites.

Serpstat is a solid SEO tool that is comprehensive, reliable, and offers good data quality and service. It has free and paid versions. The freemium model allows users to research keywords and analyze competitors without hassle.

Serpstat’s plans and pricing:

Lite ($69/month): 1 user, best for individual SEOs and freelancers with a limited budget.

Standard ($149/month): 3 users, ideal for in-house teams and small marketing agencies.

Advanced ($299/month): 5 users, best for large marketing agencies and in-house teams that require a lot of data.

Enterprise ($499): 7 users, suitable for industry leaders.

Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks' logo.

Monitor Backlinks is a monitoring tool for backlinks and keywords. With a simple and friendly interface, it offers some of the essential backlink checking and analysis features available with Ahrefs at a competitive price.

Monitor Backlinks allows you to track your backlink profiles with all of the useful quality metrics that are relevant to backlink analysis (DA/Page Authority, Spam Score, Trust/Citation Flow, Linking Page, Anchor Text).

There is a free backlink checker for analyzing competitors that allows you to view up to 300 links for any domain. Monitor Backlinks is all about letting you check the good and bad links on any site with ease.

Some other main features include access to information and tools for link building, brand and link monitoring, and keyword rank tracking. You can also identify your competitor’s keywords or backlinks to reverse engineer their strategies.

You’ll also get notified of link status changes on top of alerts for new or lost backlinks. And you can create and export detailed reports with graphs and charts, defend against negative SEO (spam attacks), and simplify your backlink management workflow.

Monitor Backlinks plans and pricing:

Start ($25/month): 1 monitored domain, 2 competitors, 2,500 links, 50 keywords, 2,000 daily rows.

Plus ($47/month): 2 monitored domains, 4 competitors, 12,500 links, 200 keywords, 4,000 daily rows.

Professional ($90): 4 monitored domains, 4 competitors, 25,000 links, 400 keywords, 8,000 daily rows.

There is a free trial or you can uniquely customize a paid plan depending on the number of domains, links, and keywords you need to manage (e.g. $106/month to $187/month, or less).


Spyfu's logo.

SpyFu provides SEO and PPC tools for marketing professionals, unlimited projects and data starting at $33/month, and allows you to download your competitors’ best keywords and ads.

As its name suggests, SpyFu exposes the search marketing strategies of your successful competitors by offering tools to help you research and gain valuable information about them.

Identify paid or organic search ads, targeted keywords, ad test history, campaign strategies, and more. For example, look at every Adwords keyword, organic rank, or ad variation over the previous 14 years.

You can research any domain and identify top-ranked keywords, trends, Google clicks, new links, etc. And you can learn to make better connections by reaching out to top domains through social media, email, phone, and address.

A quick overview of some of SpyFu’s core features:

PPC Competitor Research

Search for competitors and download their PPC keywords from Adwords with no download limits. Monitor every domain bidding on AdWords and track ad spend changes over time.

Browse your competition’s complete AdWords campaign history, scan for negative and costly keyword matches, track your ranking progress, and visualize your competitors’ keyword groupings.

SEO Competitor Research

Find every keyword your competition ranks and how many clicks they get. Track every site’s progress in the search engine results of any niche, benefit from a 3-way competitor research tool, organize your SEO keywords with ease, create custom reports, trace the ranking history of any page or site, and more.

Keyword Research Tools

Generate targeted keywords and filter by metrics, organize keyword groups, identify the successful formulas of top advertisers for any keyword, identify most profitable keywords in any niche, see the sites and backlinks that help rank any keyword, PPC and SERP analysis.

SpyFu’s plans and pricing:

Free for Life: Free

Basic: $39/month

Professional: $78/month ($39/first month)

SE Ranking

SE Ranking's logo.

SE Ranking is a simple all-in-one SEO cloud software that functions as a great reporting and analytics tool for SEO professionals, digital agencies, and business owners. It’s not the most widely known Ahrefs alternative, but SEO pros understand its value and respect its powerful features for keyword optimization and position tracking.

SE Ranking integrates with Google Analytics and allows you to track all the key SEO metrics around backlinks, ranking, competitors, and traffic.

An easy and intuitive interface allows you to generate customized reports by specifying key output metrics over any period with a powerful reporting tool. You can easily access historical data, daily ranking updates, or search volume trends without leaving the interface.

Some of SE Ranking’s core features include:

Optimizing your pages for a target keyword with an on-page SEO checker, obtaining keyword suggestions from a huge database, accurate keyword position tracking, monitoring page changes with alerts, and creating detailed roadmaps for marketing and SEO strategies.

You can also perform deep website and competitor analysis, backlink monitoring, access a custom branded white label SEO service platform to increase growth and customer loyalty, and utilize social media management tools.

SE Ranking’s plans and pricing:

Optimum ($39/month): 250 keywords rank tracking (30 checks per month), 10 websites, audit 25,000 pages, 5,000 backlinks, 20 domains per day, keyword grouper, competitor research, on-page checker for 150 pages, marketing plan, custom reporting, social media analytics, subaccounts.

Plus ($89/month):  1000 keywords rank tracking (30 checks per month), unlimited websites, audit 150,000 pages, 25,000 backlinks, 100 domains per day, keyword grouper, competitor research, on-page checker for 450 pages, marketing plan, custom reporting, social media analytics, subaccounts, plus more features.

Enterprise ($189/month): 2500 keywords rank tracking (30 checks per month), unlimited websites, audit 250,000 pages, 75,000 backlinks, 300 domains per day, keyword grouper, competitor research, on-page checker for 750 pages, marketing plan, custom reporting, social media analytics, subaccounts, plus more features.

You can change the number of keywords for rank tracking so check the website for custom price plans.


Ubersuggest's logo.

Ubersuggest is a free keyword tool that generates keyword ideas for content marketing strategies. You’ll have an effective tool for keyword research, rank tracking, SERP and backlink profile analysis.

You can leverage domain overviews to gain insight into your competition’s SEO efforts, content marketing, and social media strategies. Reverse engineer what’s working and ignore the rest.

Explore top SEO pages to identify content that is read and shared on social media. Discover pages that rank for organic keyword phrases and get content ideas that will generate more shares and backlinks.

Retrieve hundreds of keyword suggestions from long-tail phrases to head terms, track volume and seasonal trends, and see which keywords are working for your competition.

Ubersuggest provides useful backlink data that lets you see exactly what people are linking to in your niche or content space so you can develop targeted relationships with sites.

Ubersuggest is completely free. Just search for a domain or keyword to get started.


Long Tail Pro's logo.

LongTailPro is a unique Ahrefs alternative for finding less competitive keywords. It allows users to easily find thousands of long tail keywords regardless of niche.

Using LongTailPro is a simple process. You can search for a single seed keyword and obtain hundreds of long tail keywords. Run keyword & competitor analysis using 13 metrics and then use Rank Value to determine keyword profitability. Finally, use Rank Tracker to monitor your rankings.

Filter keywords and quickly analyze data while benefiting from LongTailPro’s algorithms. Dissect the keyword strategy of your competition and access keyword metrics to understand how well a keyword will work for your campaign. This tool is a solid option for finding new organic opportunities and measuring keyword competitiveness.

LongTailPro also offers free online training that gives you 3 low competition keywords and teaches you how to master a simple system for identifying profitable keywords.

LongTailPro plans and pricing:

Starter ($25/month): 800 keyword lookups per day, 800 KC calculations per day, 800 SERP lookups per day, 30 tracked keywords, unlimited tracked domains, daily rank updates, 1 user.

Pro ($45/month): 2500 keyword lookups per day, 2500 KC calculations per day, 2500 SERP lookups per day, 200 tracked keywords, unlimited tracked domains, daily rank updates, 2 users, plug-and-play template system.

Agency ($98/month): 6000 keyword lookups per day, 6000 KC calculations per day, 6000 SERP lookups per day, 1000 tracked keywords, unlimited tracked domains, daily rank updates, 5 users, plug-and-play template system.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog's logo.

Screaming Frog offers its SEO Spider Tool, an established website crawler that helps to improve onsite SEO by extracting data and auditing for SEO issues.

You can download the software and crawl 500 URLs for free or buy a license to remove the crawling limit and access more features.

Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider Tool is a powerful and flexible site crawler that will allow you to efficiently analyze real-time results for small or large websites. This comprehensive auditing tool was built by accomplished SEOs and can crawl for a very wide range of data (just about any type of data you can imagine).

Its core features include finding broken links and exporting the errors and URLs, auditing temporary or permanent redirects and identifying chains, identifying issues with page titles and metadata, and finding duplicate content, partially duplicated elements, or low content pages.

You can also extract any data from a page’s HTML, review pages blocked by robots and directives like ‘noindex’ or ‘nofollow’, generate XML sitemaps, crawl JavaScript sites, or visualize internal linking and site architecture.

The Spider Tool can also integrate with Google Analytics, PageSpeed Insights, or Google Search Console.

Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider Tool plans and pricing:

Free: limited to a third of full features and 500 URL crawl limit

Pro ($188/year): full features and unlimited URL crawl limit

Surfer SEO

Sufer SEO's logo.

A cloud-based on-page SEO tool, Surfer SEO allows users to analyze and compare pages against SERP rankings. It offers real-time data-driven analysis to help you identify key on-page signals that are missing from your pages. Use this information to optimize your sites at scale, develop new content, and improve rankings

You can analyze the data points from the top 50 pages and over 500 ranking factors at a time with the Surfer tool. Generate quick and easy audits for any URL and implement an actionable plan.

Surfer SEO’s data-driven method provides users with key metrics like precise copy length, common words, keyword density, and much more.

Another great feature is Surfer SEO’s ability to support decisions with instant recommendations that are based on contextual analysis, reports, and graphs.

Surfer SEO’s key features include:

SERP Analyzer

Gain insight on top-ranking pages, discover optimal density for target phrases, prioritize optimization tasks in comparison to the competition, and find link building opportunities.

Content Editor

Create keyword-rich content, optimize blog posts and copy, and create landing pages and auto-generated guidelines for content writers.

Keyword Research

Discover and analyze new keywords to boost traffic and rankings. Identify topic-related questions that potential visitors may search for and obtain similar keywords for a topical segment.

SEO Audit

Obtain a list of quick wins and actionable SEO issues, find opportunities to optimize old content, and audit landing pages.

Keyword Surfer

A free SEO extension for Google Chrome that allows you to find monthly search volumes for any query or related search phrases, on-page and organic traffic data, and store selected keywords.

SEO Surfer’s plans and pricing:

Basic ($49/month): 15 queries/day (SERP Analyzer), 25 queries/month (Content Editor), 25 queries (Backlinks & Visibility), unlimited keyword research

Pro ($83/month): More queries than Basic plus NLP Analysis

Business ($166/month): More queries than Pro plus NLP Analysis and Report White Labeling

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere's logo.

Keywords Everywhere is a keyword research browser add-on (Chrome or FireFox) for internet marketers to look at monthly keyword search volume, CPC and AdWords competition data on 16 websites. That’s basically what it specializes in.

Find long tail phrases and keyword metrics with accurate search volume, CPC, and competition stats without having to copy data from one site and find search volume on another. The process of identifying the exact keywords your potential visitors are searching for is made easier because you don’t have to research and compare keywords across multiple platforms.

You can spend more time in the SERPs studying relevant real-time search volume data and keyword metrics with Keywords Everywhere.

Keywords Everywhere’s plans and pricing:

$10: 100 thousand keywords

$50: 500 thousand keywords

$100: 1 million keywords

$200: 2 million keywords

$500: 5 million keywords

$1000: 10 million keywords

Raven Tools

Raven Tools' logo.

Raven Tools provides white label SEO reports and an all-in-one SEO platform for freelancers, agencies, and in-house marketers.

Raven Tools excels at generating actionable marketing reports for branding, auditing, and visualizing metrics. You can integrate all of your SEO and advertising data into comprehensive marketing reports.

Some of Raven Tools core features include:

Website Audits

Quickly analyze sites to identify desktop and mobile SEO issues that are hindering your search rankings.

Backlink Tools

A backlink explorer that offers an advanced overview of backlink profiles for your sites or that of your competition.

Rank Tracking

Daily, weekly, or monthly rank tracking and visualization of individual SERPs across any search engine.

Marketing Reports

A simple drag-and-drop reporting tool that combines over 30 data modules and summary pages.

Competitor Research

Combines domain and keyword research into a single tool to analyze a URL’s page/domain authority, backlinks, social signals and more.

Link Building Manager

Store, organize, and search for thousands of link opportunities. Monitor new and lost links, categorize links for better reporting, or store all relevant information for links.

Keyword Rank Checker

Get access to any domain’s ranking keywords or research your competition for content ideas.

Raven Tool’s plans and pricing:

Small Biz ($39/month): 2 domains/campaigns, 2 users, 1,500 position checks

Start ($79/month): 20 domains/campaigns, 4 users, 15,000 position checks

Grow ($139/month): 80 domains/campaigns, 8 users, 20,000 position checks

Thrive ($249/month): 160 domains/campaigns, 20 users, 25,000 position checks

Lead ($399/month): 320 domains/campaigns, 40 users, 30,000 position checks

Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool's logo.

Keyword Tool is an alternative to Google Keyword Planner that lets you generate 750+ long tail keyword suggestions for any search term. You can use Google Autocomplete to analyze keywords, find related search terms, and search for trends related to your business domain.

Many different factors determine the suggestions given by Google Autocomplete. Keyword Tool modifies your search terms and uses Google Autocomplete, not Keyword Planner, to generate a long list of keyword suggestions. You can choose a specific Google domain (out of 192 in total) to produce suggestions.

Keyword Tool Pro is the advanced version and provides 2x more keyword suggestions in comparison to the free version.

One reason why Keyword Tool is better than Google Keyword Planner is that Google’s version prioritizes paid ads and its suggestions may be too generic for your SEO needs. Keyword Tool leverages the power of Google Autocomplete to enhance the search experience.

Keyword Tool also finds keywords that don’t show up in Google Keyword Planner so you discover more profitable long tail keywords with lots of monthly searches.

Keyword Tool is ideal for SEO and content creation because it gives you a more complete picture of the right keywords that are needed to create valuable content and target your audience.

Keyword Tool can be used for free and is a better alternative to Google Keyword Planner. It’s a solid general-purpose keyword research tool. However, it is limited compared to the Pro version which offers at least 2x more keywords and other features.

The Pro version costs $199/month and provides search volume data, CPC data, Google Ads Competition data, competitor keyword analysis, bulk search volume analysis, API requests, and multiple user accounts.

Ahrefs Alternatives Wrap-Up

Each of these Ahrefs alternatives has its own unique flavor, but there’s a very good chance you’ll find the perfect set of tools for your goals if you carefully consider what you actually need from them.

Mix and match some of the free and paid tools these Ahrefs alternatives provide to get a precise feel of what level of performance you need.

Keep your budget in mind and choose a product that will satisfy your immediate needs before deciding to upgrade or switch to another brand.

Read more: Ahrefs vs. BuzzSumo.

Like always, if you have any questions or comments, leave them below!

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