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Introduction – How to Find Easy Keywords

You might know how to do the basics of keyword research already. Doing the basics, you are just uncovering all the possible keywords you want to go after for an article.

But what if you want to only go after something easy… something that doesn’t have a lot of competition and that you are more confident you’ll be able to rank and generate traffic for?

Today I’m going to show you guys how I find low competition keywords. This is pretty much the only method that I’m using to find easy keywords to go after when I’m doing keyword research. This tutorial is a good primer to keyword research as part of a broader SEO analysis.

Nick already showed us a method for allintitle keyword research. Everyone’s going to have a little bit of a different method, this is just mine. It’s very quick and very cheap (used to be free but not any more!).

Let’s go!

Keywords Everywhere Browser Extension

To do this method of keyword research, you’re going to need two browser plugins.

The first one that you need is called Keywords Everywhere.

How to find low competition keywords.

When you go to their website, you can see at the top that it says, “Keywords Everywhere is a paid tool.” Up until about two weeks ago, this was not the case. It used to be free! When I first heard this news, I kind of freaked out… as did a lot of other people.

Pricing for a tool that helps us find easy keywords.

But if you go look at the pricing, you can see that $10 gets you 100,000 credits. You don’t know what credits are right now, but 1 credit gives you information about 1 potential keyword.

Every search that you do uses about 30 keywords if you leave the settings turned on that return additional keywords. You can turn that off so you just do one keyword per search. I just leave it on.

So if you have 100,000 credits and 30 keywords per search, that $10 will give you over 3,000 searches. So yes, this tool is now a paid tool, but it is SUPER cheap.

For full transparency, we are not affiliated with this company in any way (and you can see our link to them is not an affiliate link). This is just a tool that we really like to use, and it’s extremely cheap. We paid $10, and that will probably get me months of keyword research.

So after you decide how many credits you’re going to buy, go ahead and you download it. It’s a Google Chrome extension, meaning that it’s a program that hooks on to your Google Chrome browser. You can use this extension on Firefox too, but I think the second extension that we’re going to be using is Chrome only.

Mozbar Chrome Extension

The second Chrome extension that you’re going to need to get is MozBar. This one’s completely free. You literally just hit the download button and install it.

Another extension to help us find low competition kw.

You can download MozBar here.

So after you’ve got them both of the extensions installed, go up to the top right of your browser and turn them on.

Enable your keyword extensions.

You can see that I have Keywords Everywhere turned on, and I’ve only used 5,000 of my 100,000 credits so far. I’ve still got a long way to go on that $10.

But since it’s not completely free anymore, you’ll probably want to turn it off when you’re not using it to avoid using your credits for every Google and Youtube search you do.

When you turn on MozBar, you’ll see that you need a Moz account to log in. This is free as well, and you can sign up here.

Once you’ve got both plugins turned on and you’re logged in to your Moz account, you’re good to go!

Finding Low Competition Keywords

First, you need a starting point. We’re going to start with “gaming chairs.”

For those of you who don’t know this about me, I’m really into video games… I probably waste a little bit too much time with this stuff. A bunch of gamers promote gaming chairs, so I figured we’d look into it.

Checking the initial metrics of the keyword.

There’s a couple things you’re going to see right off the bat. You can see the volume, the cost per click, and the competition right by the keyword. This is being dropped in by Keywords Everywhere.

The main thing that I’m looking at here is the search volume. 74,000 is a very high search volume which is probably going to mean that the competition is very high for this term. This is expected with fat head keywords.

In general, high search volume equals high competition. This is simply because people flock to where they can make the most money. You can still make a lot of money off low search volume terms, and they will also be much easier to rank for.

Using Mozbar to quickly see the DA and PA of sites.

The other thing you’re going to notice is that we’ve got these little black bars below every site, and they’re giving us a quick PA and DA (Moz metrics for Domain Authority and Page Authority) of each of these URLs that are showing up on the SERP.

We’re not really too big of fans of Moz and their metrics (we usually just use Ahrefs). Ahrefs has an extension as well, however we’re using Mozbar for this because its free and because we just need to make quick, general judgements about the sites that pop up on the SERP (the competition).

So, first we saw that the search volume for this keyword was 74,000. We’re pretty much going to know it’s high competition already, but scrolling down and looking at the metrics of these domains you see DAs of 96, 96, 89, 55.

These are all high DA sites meaning that it will take more to outrank them.

I don’t see a single low DA site on the front page. With Mozbar, you want to either see that there is at least one low DA site on the first page.

Of course, it will mean the competition is even lower if there are more than one. Having one or more low DA sites on the first page will let you know that it will be easier to rank for that term.

When I say “low” DA, I mean something that’s lower than about 30. That number might change a little bit depending on you, how good you are at SEO, what kind of budget you have, and so on. For you, that number might only be 15 or 20.

So in general, I look for sites on page 1 that are lower than 30 or 40 DA. You can see there are none like that on this SERP.

Where to find suggestions for related keywords.

Moving on, you can see these related keywords on the side of the screen. These are also being dropped in by Keywords Everywhere along with their search volumes. This is a very quick way to get some additional keyword ideas since our initial keyword was too competitive.

Also, look at the titles of the URLs (blue clickable text of the pages ranking on page 1) that are already ranking on this page for even more keyword ideas. Here we can see “video game chairs.” We could look at that one more in-depth if we wanted to.

Finding more keyword suggestions at the bottom of the SERP.

The last place we’re looking for keyword ideas is down at the bottom of the page. Keywords Everywhere used to give the search volumes here as well, so maybe I need to mess around with the settings to get them to show up again. But this is another great place to look for keyword ideas. Here we can see “best gaming chairs,” and “cheap gaming chairs.”

Let’s go ahead and check out “cheap gaming chairs.”

This one has 60,000 search volume. Let’s look for a keyword with a little bit lower search volume. This one will most likely be high competition as well with a high search volume like that.

Refine your search to find lower competition keywords.

Here we have “bucket seat gaming chairs.” It’s only got a search volume of 210, and right off the bat that pretty much tells me that this one’s going to be a lot more accessible. So now we’re going to click it to inspect the SERP with Mozbar.

The first site showing has a high DA, but scrolling down we have one in the 30’s. 39 isn’t super low, but it’s lower for sure.

So this keyword has a lower search volume, but there’s still no sites on the front page with a very low DA which is telling me that the competition still might be a little bit high for this keyword. Let’s go ahead and keep looking for a different keyword.

An example of a low competition keyword we found.

I found a keyword in the suggestions: “PewDiePie gaming chair.” I know who this is since I’m into gaming; you might know who he is too. I think he’s the biggest streamer on YouTube.

Anyway, the search volume for this keyword is 310 per month. Inspecting the SERP with Mozbar, you can see that there aren’t any high DA sites right away. There are some 40’s and 90’s,  and then we have one that is 17.

That’s a low DA for sure, and the top of the page isn’t filled with super high DA URLs like it was on some of the previous searches. This means that for this SERP, you don’t necessarily need a lot of links (or high authority) to get on page one.

Let’s go ahead and do one more.

Through the related keywords suggestions from Keyword Everywhere, I found the keyword “reclining gaming chair with footrest” with 480 per month search volume.

Scrolling down you can see that the first page has a really high DA. But then you get to number three, and we’re already getting to these very low DA sites in the 40’s and 30’s.

This could be another low competition keyword that I would potentially go after that shouldn’t be too difficult to rank for. You can definitely find easier keywords than this, but this one also has a pretty hefty search volume which is nice.

The benefits of keywords with very low search volumes and competition.

All of the searches that we did we were for keywords that had search volumes in the hundreds. You can see in the Keywords Everywhere suggestions that there are a lot of keywords that are returning zero search volume, 20 search volume, or something very low.

Your first thought might be that these terms are worthless, but you couldn’t be more wrong!

Just because they say zero search volume does not mean that they really have zero search volume. These search volume estimates are not always accurate – even if you’re looking in Google Keyword Planner.

You can actually get good traffic and make good money from zero search volume terms and keywords below 100. Not only can you get money and traffic from them, but they will generally take much less time, effort, and money to rank for.

So don’t skip out on terms because they have low search volume – these can be some of your biggest low competition keyword winners!

Final Thoughts on Low Comp Keywords

If you want to get into the keyword research a bit deeper, you can always hop in Ahrefs and actually pull up some of these low DA sites up to see how many links they have, how relevant their links are, etc.

That will help you gauge the competition a little bit further, but we normally don’t do that out of laziness. Just seeing a SERP with low DA sites from Mozbar, I know for a fact I can get on page 1 for that keyword without any problems.

This is pretty much the only thing that I’m currently doing to find low competition keywords. I do this very often, and I’ve had really good success with it.

I know that if you follow this method, you’ll be finding and ranking for low competition keywords in no time. Then, all that’s left is making sure you’re part of a good affiliate program to make some money!

If you have any questions, go ahead and ask in the comments or in our Facebook Group. Thanks for reading and watching!

How to Find Low Competition Keywords Video:

Chris Tzitzis

Chris Tzitzis


Chris Tzitzis is an SEO and a Co-Founder of SirLinksalot.co. He has extensive experience with Affiliate SEO and running an SEO Agency.

Chris Tzitzis

Chris Tzitzis


Chris Tzitzis is an SEO and a Co-Founder of SirLinksalot.co. He has extensive experience with Affiliate SEO and running an SEO Agency.

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  1. Peter

    This is perfect since I’m really getting into the niche market as far as e-commerce goes. I’e already got a few profitable sites. I love working in the niche market, but I could see where low competition keywords could benefit broad range categories as well.

  2. Kinsley

    I think a lot of people cheap out when it comes to keyword software, but really, if the “goodies” were free then we’d all be SEO pros! Thanks for all of these tips especially on how to find low competition keywords, I’ve got a lot of work to do!

    • Chris Tzitzis

      I would still consider paying for Keywords Everywhere “cheaping out,” lol. It’s insanely cheap… probably only $10 a year for most users.

  3. Maurice

    Agreed about getting sites to rank that have zero or extremely keyword searches… I ranked a very niche site that had keywords with no or extremely low volume. I’m excited to see what else I can get to rank.

  4. Marianne

    Chris – this was really helpful. Keywords Everywhere seems legit.

    Also, you have a very nice voice I might say. Have you considered doing ASMR? 😃 I’m an ASMR junkie, lol!

    Cheers from London! x


  5. Jacob Spillers

    Thanks for calculating the credits for Keywords Everywhere. It’s definitely worth the cost if it’s over 3,000 searches, heck it would be worth it to me if it were just 500 searches. That’s pretty cool it’s built into the browser, its much easier for me to just search the terms and see the results instantly in Google with the little bars showing the DA. I always knew something was strange when some keyword search results came up as zero, I know for a fact that some of those keywords were leading to my website so I knew that some of them weren’t zero. This kind of got me interested in learning more about keywords in general and how some of the less popular search terms can still work well, like they have for my fishing site.

    I agree with you on Moz, I like ahrefs much better. I have a fishing website/blog and my thoughts are racing a mile a minute as I am thinking of potential low competition keywords I can use. I’m literally going through your website and making notes – I have a busy week ahead of me now!

    I have a few questions:

    1) Are there any niches you like the best?
    2) What are your thoughts on building an Amazon Affiliate site and linking the low competition keywords? Are people even making money on these affiliate sites loaded with Amazon products these days?
    3) Thoughts on dropshipping from Aliexpress, perhaps finding low comp. Keywords and using them in a wordpress site?

    Thanks for sharing this unique tool of Keywords Everywhere. I’m pumped now to get to work! I hope that with time, I can have your confidence of ranking a low competition keyword filled site on Page one in Google.

  6. Leonard

    I’ve got a health and wellness blog I’ve been thinking of starting, now I know I have to if I can use these tricks! This is awesome!

  7. Torrance

    That’s a great price for Keywords Everywhere.

  8. Eva

    This was great, Chris! 🙂


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