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Welcome to another episode of Live SEO Support!

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But in case you missed us live this week, here’s the full episode:

This Week’s Archived Livestream:


[28:26] The main page of my website dropped out of its main keyword. It used to be on the first or second page of the SERP. Now, all of a sudden it’s nowhere to be found. However, other pages show up great for keywords. Thoughts?

It’s difficult to answer this question without taking an in-depth look at your website, but we can talk about how there is a lot of volatility involved with ranking in the top 5 SERP positions (i.e. first page), in general, and how you can approach this issue as an SEO with the right mentality.

Depending on how new your website is, how long it’s been ranking on the first page, and what type of SEO activities you are performing (i.e. link building), Google will continue to do a lot of testing / analysis of what the best ranking order for pages should be for a given SERP and move specific pages around. Sometimes Google will redefine the purpose of a SERP. For example, deciding that it better serves as an informational SERP instead of a product SERP.


If Google is detecting unnatural activities, then your ranking will not stay fixed in one position. However, you should continue to maintain your campaign efforts by building backlinks using naked, branded, random anchors mainly to the homepage. Keep adding quality content too.

[39:36] Is it safe doing ‘parasite SEO’?

‘Parasite SEO’ refers to the activity of publishing content on popular Web 2.0 sites and social media platforms to feed off their established authority for the purpose of ranking easier / higher. Even though the name sounds dangerous, it’s actually a common shortcut that many people do instead of having to build a website from scratch. It’s completely safe.

[50:00] Check out an SEO analysis of a website that’s been losing traffic steadily for months.

[1:07:53] Other than the homepage, is it a good idea to build links to a category page to give juice to posts which are mainly in that particular category?

Yes, building backlinks to important category / hub pages is one of our favorite link building activities to do.

[1:09:26] It seems like Google hasn’t been indexing my Web 2.0 and social profile links. Why?

It’s getting harder to get backlinks to index these days. Especially on sites that allow user-generated content like Web 2.0s and social media sites (which are both types of pillow links).

This is just part of the evolving SEO landscape. The internet is growing so incredibly fast that Google has to be more discerning (i.e. picky) about which links are actually valuable to search users. But that doesn’t mean Google ignores pillow links. They are still useful and natural. We just don’t check whether they get indexed or not.

[1:14:10] What are your thoughts on auto-generated backlinks such as directory submissions? Are they bad for SEO?

Simply put, we do not use any auto-generated tools / backlinks and do not recommend anyone to use them. However, they are okay to use in the case of web directories if that is your best method. They will not hurt your site if you choose the most relevant niche directories. Just don’t use money anchors (that’s not natural). Also, we ignore BlogSpot spam links.

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