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[09:11] Free methods for link-building in 2023?

We sell packs of 20-30 pillow links and diversity links. Citations, social profiles, blog comments, Web 2.0s, directories, and forum links—where you create a profile on someone else’s website—is free. It just takes time to do. These types of links won’t push your authority very high, but we see them as absolutely necessary for diversity and creating a natural link profile. The number one way to get free, powerful backlinks is through HARO (Help A Reporter Out), where you answer reporters’ questions and, if they like your answer, you get featured on their article and they link to your homepage. This also takes time, some niches more than others. You can also look at your competitors’ backlinks. Pull up Ahrefs, turn some filters on, and look at the backlinks to see which you want to get. Send them an email and figure out what it takes to get a link from them as well. Guest posts are also powerful, though rare. You can do podcasts and interviews, too. A few link exchanges here and there can be beneficial, but not too many. Stay away from automated stuff unless you really know what you’re doing. Just know that, in this day and age, most backlinks that are any good will cost you money unless you’re making insanely good content and you’ve built up a great reputation in your niche.

[17:08] Does website platform matter in SEO (Magento, WordPress, etc.)?

First of all, use WordPress because a) you can build a lot of sites using the same set of skills over and over again, b) WordPress can do anything you want, and c) any question you have about WordPress has been answered on the internet a million times already. I’m sure there are platforms that are just as good as WordPress, but you just won’t find the ease of use and the amount of support that WordPress has. Also, when it comes time to automate, it’s easy to hire people who can work on WordPress.

[22:57] Does Web 2.0 work well if we post every month?

I wouldn’t post every month. We only like to use Web 2.0s as a form of pillow link—something we do at the very beginning of link-building. But you can use them any time you want to add diversity to your link profile. I wouldn’t expect it to do much for your rankings. Kyle Roof likes to use Web 2.0s as citations: He puts the business’s name, address, and phone number. It’s basically like a branded website on the Web 2.0 platform. I wouldn’t build more than one every six months to a year.

[27:03] I have an internal location page that is ranking #1 of late because 4200 internal backlinks from one site point at me. The link page or the target does not have a link to my page, so I am a bit confused. I am seeing details via the GSC link tab: There is a linking page and a target (though different) is there. I inspected both and neither has a backlink to me.

So the page is linking to you but you don’t see the backlink on the page when you inspect it. If you’re using Google Chrome, you can right-click the page and select Page Source. Hit CTRL+F and search for the URL of your website. At the end of the day, the question you need to ask yourself is: “Are my rankings dropping?” One website giving you a million backlinks is not going to hurt your rankings. It doesn’t matter what one website does.

[31:27] I have fourteen online Microsoft 365 courses. They are developed in Spanish. My question is: What would be your suggestions on finding keywords and ranking better on Google?

This is a big question, but what you need to do first of all is keyword research. You can go to the sites of others who have done Microsoft 365 courses and find keywords that way. It’s a lot easier when you have a tool like Ahrefs. Our YouTube channel is a great resource. You should also join our Facebook Group “SEO Round Table.” Ask any question you want, and we’ll be there to answer it!

[35:40] What is the best way to deal with mobile core web vitals issues on GSC?

You can Google search any error on Google Search Console and figure out how to solve it that way. If you have the cash to spare, you can hire someone on Fiverr to take care of it for you.

[36:53 ] Do you have tips for ranking geography terms if you are a national lead generation site? For example: “Florida Roofing Service,” “Idaho Roofing Service,” etc.

Go find a national roofing website and look at exactly how they’re doing it. They have location landing pages to refer to. When you’re at the beginning and still learning, always look for an example.

[40:40] Will informational articles be dead when Bard comes?

We’re generally not worried about AI, but informational articles are definitely one of the bigger things on the chopping block.

[43:12] I wrote an article and it got indexed but it’s not showing up in the search results for the keyword. Any suggestions on what I should do?

This could be due to a variety of things. Just because the keyword is indexed doesn’t mean it will show up on the first few pages. It could be showing up on page 100. You might just not be optimized for that keyword. It usually comes down to content, optimization, authority, or a combination of the three.

[48:24] How do you recover from Google’s spam update hit?

There were two spam updates. One was about content; the other was about backlinks. The first targets sites with low-quality content: not optimized well and lacking uniqueness. The second targets low-quality links.

[51:31] Is there an optimal internal links ratio for blog posts? Will using an excessive amount of internal links impact rankings?

There is no optimal number. The rule of thumb is to have every blog post have one or two internal links to it. You can send as many of them out as you want, but if the page starts to look confusing, that’s too many. Factor in the user experience. Prioritize links that would be the most valuable to readers.

[59:36] (site audit)

DR 36. 175 referring domains. That’s quite good. Over two months, you’ve been pushing through the SERPs, and it’s a small, local website with ten pages. Cut down on exact matches and use your EMD more—your brand name. Stop doing Web 2.0 spam links and focus on safe anchors—naked, branded, random—with higher-quality links such as niche edits and guest posts.

[1:15:09] Can I add content to my site on an expired domain so backlinks transfer from a 301 redirect?

Yes. Content can be repurposed so that you can start that page over again, or you can have content written with Surfer SEO if the permalink structure is really good. That will show up as fresh content with historical backlinks pointed at it. At the very least, it will increase crawlability. Fresh content works way better than archived content.

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