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[11:30] (foreign language site audit) Concerned about backlink profile. Looking for a backlink audit.

DR 53. 1.21k referring domains. 18k organic keywords. Heavy traffic hit, though keywords haven’t really taken a hit. 389 indexed pages. Plenty of inner linking going on. Backlink-wise, I don’t like the anchors. If you took a hit, your backlink profile probably isn’t very strong. Stay off of Fiverr for your backlinks. I wouldn’t disavow. Prod first with higher-tier backlinks, probably guest posts and niche edits. Send natural anchors to the homepage. Don’t get fancy with anything. Read Google’s product review update guidelines—basically, all the recent algo updates that target affiliate sites. They basically want firsthand experience that you use the products. While you’re fixing all the content, slowly build links. If things don’t start to correct after a few months, consider a disavow.

[26:04] What is the deal with referring domains and PR articles? Which one is better? Do you need both?

Referring domains are domains which you have posts on. You might have 50 links on one domain. That means you’ve got one referring domain and 50 backlinks. To keep it simple: Diversify your backlink profile. By getting blog posts, you’re going to get referring domains.

[30:00] (finance niche site audit)

1100 indexed pages, 107 referring domains, DR 4.3, and only 251 organic keywords. The content itself has no on-page optimization done to it. Right off the bat, you’re not taking this seriously. If you’re doing programmatic SEO, you need to get some H tags in the content and clean up the 20 or so hidden H3s. There is no inner linking and the content itself looks either scraped or AI-generated. Google doesn’t like any of this. It shows that you’re not an honest actor. You don’t care about your website or putting up good information. You’re not doing any of the things a business does when they’re serious about establishing their presence on the internet. Get these 1100 indexed pages inner linking properly. Also, look at your EEAT. As you do all of this, you’ll hypothetically get more traction. You’ll at least get a massive traffic keyword growth period. Then Google will slap the shit out of you because the content is iffy. Backlinks are pretty niched down, and you’ve got some pillowing going on. It’s not a very strong backlink profile, but it’s a healthy place to start a backlinking campaign. Don’t go to Fiverr for cheap guest posts or to link-blast your site from shitty vendors.

[39:09] Any tips on building EEAT score?

We talk about this pretty in-depth in our podcast with Kyle Roof. T (Trustworthiness): Demonstrate that you’re a real business with your privacy policy, disclaimers, About Us page, Team page, Contact page, etc. A (Authoritativeness): A lot of people think of this as backlink authority, but it’s more about topical authority. Have a bunch of content on your site related to the topic at hand. EE (Experience, Expertise): These encompass author profiles. You can knock out all of EEAT out in a day apart from A, which is about building out content over time.

[42:57] Can a domain alone drive traffic (no backlinks, SEO, ads, etc.)?

No. You need to put content on the domain and rank for something. You might get away without backlinks since those may come naturally over time, especially if you’re adding a lot of content. At a bare minimum, you need to write a bunch of content with SEO in mind for your content. That means you’ve done keyword research and are writing articles based on that keyword research. Establish authority by writing a bunch of articles on the same topic. Do the very basics of on-page SEO to optimize these articles.

[47:48] I want to buy domains and build websites. A lot of them are simple websites and rely only on traffic.

You can make small, simple sites and make money off of them. But you still need to know what you’re looking for and do SEO to drive traffic to them. Even if you’re buying an aged domain, you have to write articles and optimize them.

[52:22] (site audit) Not recovering after spam updates. The traffic has been decreasing since September 2022. I’m not sure if it’s due to the content update or spammy links.

DR 48, almost 1k referring domains, 2.6 keywords, 700 indexed pages. It looks like your traffic was leveling off until the helpful content update hit. Referring domains have been going up while traffic declined. You have a lot of infographics with very little inner linking in your articles. You need more content surrounding your infographics. It probably wouldn’t hurt to have EEAT in your blogroll as well: author, author page, etc. You have a bunch of indexed pages for random garbage. Backlink-wise, it’s a mixed bag. There are a lot of strange, long-tail anchors repeated 32+ times. There are a lot of spammy links. There are a bunch of image links that are now dead and gone. A lot of pages are ranking for keywords they shouldn’t be ranking for. For example, “dog toys” for an article on “types of dog toys.” It doesn’t match search intent. You need to rethink which pages rank for what keywords—search intent. I wouldn’t disavow yet. Keep it simple with natural anchors to the homepage—branded, naked.

[1:09:42] What’s the difference between Ahrefs Overview and Overview 2.0? The UR ratings are not the same. Overview 1 shows higher UR ratings than 2.0.

The UR is just a different way of conceptualizing the metric, according to Ahrefs. The only thing that matters is how it compares to other websites. It’s all relative to other people’s scores, not that the scores are that relevant since it’s a third-party tool.

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