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Welcome to another episode of Live SEO Support!

Live SEO Support is an hour-long Weekly Livestream where our founders, Nicholas Altimore and Chris Tzitzis, take questions from the audience on anything related to SEO.

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But in case you missed us live this week, here’s the full episode:

This Week’s Archived Livestream:


[5:27] Can linking to the same authority site more than once hurt my SEO? I’m linking to the same site from 7 articles.

No, it should not be an issue. Having said that, the authority link should not be the only site you’re linking to. It should not be linked to from every single page on your site. As long as it makes sense for those 7 articles to link to that specific authority site (and you have other pages), then it’s okay. Try to practice link diversity as much as possible.

[8:00] Why is local SEO easier than affiliate?

Local SEO can be easier than affiliate SEO because you can target low competition search terms in hyperlocal areas where not every business has an online presence or is ranking for specific keywords.

[14:05] When should you 301 redirect a domain to your domain? Is there a best time to do it?

The best time to redirect a domain would be after you add relevant content on the target domain. The target domain should preferably be live and indexed. 301’ing to an expired domain doesn’t really make sense or look good. Other than that, it doesn’t really matter how much traffic or authority the target domain has before receiving a 301 redirect.

[37:25] What backlinks are best for easy to medium difficulty keywords?

The best backlinks for SEO are going to relevant, contextual links on real websites. The more authoritative the referring domain, the better. The difficulty of the target keywords doesn’t matter at all. High quality contextual backlinks are going to be the best. Examples include guest posts and niche edits.

[40:47] What’s been your biggest struggle with SEO, and how did you overcome it?


My desire to want to do everything myself because I want things to be a certain way (i.e., my way). But I’ve realized that trying to do everything is not an efficient use of my time and I started to focus on outsourcing a lot of work by hiring the right people to get the jobs done.


I’ve always found it difficult to stay as organized and focused as possible with my goals. I’ve always had an idea of how I wanted to build and manage my projects, but they would sometimes spiral out of control and I’d feel like I was spreading myself out too much. Getting distracted and losing sight of the main objectives.

So I learned to refocus my energy on endeavors that made more sense. This meant I had to let go of side projects, failed ideas, and just trim the fat in my schedule to free up time and clear my mind.

[52:12] What is quality content and how do you measure it? Are there tools to check quality?

We always do proper keyword research to make sure our content matches “search intent”. Otherwise it’s a waste of time. Our content is well-written for the English language with minimal or no grammatical/spelling errors. 

We advise writing your content at an “8th grade” reading level. WebFX has a tool for checking the “Readability” of content. We also use Surfer SEO to help us optimize our articles for topics in relation to our competitors. 

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