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This Week’s Archived Livestream:


[31:30] After the December core update, sites like GearHungry and CarBibles got hit hard, what do you think is the future of affiliate marketing?

These sites are too big to give a complete analysis during this live session, but one of the first things we checked for in Ahrefs was repetitive terms in the keywords and page URLs, and we noticed that for Gearhungry the term “best” is repeated hundreds of times throughout on-page positions. This repetition, and particularly keywords that signify review content/pages (like “best”), is probably part of the reason why Gearhungry and other review sites got hit hard.

Google is looking for sites that provide more value than simply a bunch of simple review pages that talk about a list of the “best” whatever and then try to sell them. This affiliate model is old and it’s not that valuable anymore. It’s important to add more dynamic content than just throwing affiliate links at users to make money.

Our advice to marketers running these types of affiliate sites is to include less “best” articles and add more targeted informational content. No more than half of your pages should be “best” articles. Your website should match the user’s search intent, cover topics in full, gain authority, and provide the best overall user experience possible. Always diversify your tactics.

[50:03] I’m about to do citations, but I have an Australian address and email with a US phone number for customers. Will this present an issue?

Probably not, although it may depend on the rules given by the providers of the citations. It won’t hurt to give it a try. We aren’t really sure why you have to set it up this way, but if it doesn’t work, maybe you’ll just have to provide a completely US or Australian-based NAP.

[1:03:23] Can you explain why a site like Healthzaa ranks so well?

Lots of diversified spam backlinks, spammy on-page, tons of auto-generated content (over a million pages), and auto-generated outbound links — all done really fast (which is why it’s traffic has skyrocketed in a short amount of time).

It could be a very quick and technical “rank-and-bank” scheme that’s hard to replicate, and can fall through the cracks until Google finally penalizes it. It could also be a repurposed site since we noticed a lot of diversified Korean language anchors. Sometimes you can revive an old domain with a bunch of diversified spam.

What we see is basically a smart and sophisticated use of spam tactics.

[1:08:43] Can you make a video on how to optimize articles for long-tail keywords (4+ words) with the on-page explained?


I wouldn’t optimize an article specifically for long-tail keywords. Instead, I would focus on my main target keywords and supplement them with a list of long-tail keywords to increase keyword density.

However, the way I would manipulate long-tail keywords for an article would be by using anchors from backlinks and spreading them throughout the content.


I would search for the long-tail keywords in Google to examine what types of pages/content are ranking for them at the top of the SERPs. I would try to determine whether the long-tail keywords are just a part of a broader article that contains other keywords, or if there are entire articles only targeting those long-tail keywords.

If you notice pages in the SERPs that are dedicated completely to a specific long-tail keyword, then you know you can rank for it by doing the same thing and optimizing the entire page just like you would for anything else (title tag, slug, meta description etc.). Definitely check out our on-page guide for tips on how to pull this off.

[1:14:24] How do you rank a partial match domain?

Not that different from ranking an exact match domain. You would focus on building “branded” anchors and URL anchors that allow you to use partial keywords in a better way than just using the partial keyword as your anchor text.

Our 4-month case study will provide some useful information about this.

[1:23:29] Is Quora useful for link building in 2021?

Yes, Quora is one of the best Q&A sites around and a legit place to add pillow links.

[1:29:36] How many backlinks can I build in a day?

That’s going to depend on the types of links they are and the size of your existing backlink profile. Here’s an article that answers this question directly: How Many Backlinks Per Day Is Safe?

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