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This Week’s Archived Livestream:


[22:46] How many links to the homepage do you think is enough or needed?

There shouldn’t be a limit on how many homepage links you should get. Ideally, you want to keep adding homepage links on a continual basis. A lot of big sites have a natural progression of homepage links and inner page links. We like to focus heavily on homepage linking with natural anchors, especially in the early stages of building a site. As time goes on, and the site is healthy and growing, we will link more to inner pages and not focus as much on homepage linking (but still continue to add homepage links exclusively during some months). Basically, you should never stop backlinking to your homepage because it’s natural and looks good to Google.

[29:32] Thank you for taking the time to look at my site. Could you please tell me how to bring in organic traffic so that I can buy PBN links from your service. My site is relatively new (created last October). The Ahrefs DR is 22, but I haven’t received any traffic at all since the last April update.

Right off the bat, it sounds like you don’t need PBN links yet. You should really focus on getting your site healthy and well-rounded with steady traffic before considering using PBN links. You can consider using PBN links in the future after your site is more developed and you need an extra boost in the rankings.

Moreover, your site should already be getting some traffic if it’s been up since October and has a DR of 41 (at the time we are reviewing it). There is something definitely wrong if the site has 0 organic traffic with 126 referring domains and a DR of 41.

Everything about the site looks solid (e.g. design, URL structure, on-page, anchor profile) except for one glaring red flag: the backlink profile. The biggest reason why this site isn’t getting traffic is because it appears that nearly 100% of its backlinks are spammy PBN links. Other considerations would be whether there are any expired domains, manual penalties from Google, or spun content.

Our advice would be to transfer your website to a new URL (preferably an aged domain). You could use a 301 redirect but you should consider redirecting to a buffer destination like a Web 2.0 before forwarding to the final destination.

Always remember that PBN links should be used as a fine tuning tool or secret weapon after your site is already performing in the SERPs. You should not invest heavily in PBN links, saturate your link profile with PBN links, or deploy a bunch of PBN links on a new site that’s just been built. The best PBN link in the world is not going to fix your site’s problems or earn you more traffic if your link profile isn’t well diversified.

For anyone interested in buying quality PBN links from our service, we do require that your site looks healthy and has traffic.

[49:10] Hello, can you please check my site. I don’t seem to be getting enough traffic.

This is a small site with 25 indexed URLs. There isn’t much on-page optimization or high-quality content. There are also low-quality, non-relevant, spammy backlinks (particularly with blog comments). The good news is Google knows what your site is about and it’s at least ranking for relevant keywords. You also have a good anchor profile and exact match domain. Our advice is just to add diversified pillow links and then authority links. Tighten up your on-page and add more valuable informational content. This should improve your overall position.

[1:05:52] Can you help us get a “call button” for an Indian GMB, because it’s a big issue here.

Even though one of our greatest sources of traffic is from India and many Indians are part of our Facebook group, unfortunately we don’t know the answer to this issue. We hope that other members in our community will be able to help you out.

[1:07:30] How long does it generally take for Google bots to crawl backlinks? The reason I ask is because I’ve used a couple of backlink checkers and they aren’t picking up the new dofollow links I purchased.

That depends on the site and how many backlinks it has. Usually sites with a lot of backlinks will get crawled more often. But nobody knows how long it takes for Google bots to crawl and index a site. It can take anywhere from 2 days to over a month. Backlink checkers are also slower at crawling sites than Google bots and often won’t do a complete job.


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