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[23:28] What are the best affiliate programs with good commission that have low competition (except Amazon).


My favorite affiliate program that will give you access to a lot of different products is AvantLink. AvantLink deals with a wide range of distributors that offer commissions from 5 – 15%. The only problem is that it’s relatively difficult to get accepted into their affiliate program (definitely more hoops to jump through compared to Amazon). Your website really has to be professional and to the point.

You can also search for affiliate programs through outreach. Some companies may not even be interested in an affiliate program and you could instead work directly with them for sales commission.


I’m not quite sure what you mean by competition. However, I feel that competition can be a good signal of profitability and popularity for a niche product, which may be better for you in the long run.

Check out our article on the Best Affiliate Programs

[29:11] Where can I get good backlinks on a low budget? Fiverr is full of shitty PBN links and spammy links. Outreach blogging is hard because nobody is answering me.


Usually, good backlinks aren’t cheap (unless you’re talking about pillow links). Authority links (niche edits, guest posts, PBNs) on real websites will be more expensive because these are powerful, high-quality backlinks. With these, you have to be wary of cheap asking prices. Cheap authority links probably aren’t put on a legitimately strong website.

I would stay away from Fiverr and instead look for specialized link vendors like us that sell good backlinks through a professional website.


With Fiverr, you can find decent links that can be used for basic diversification. I won’t ever tell you not to look at Fiverr offerings. I have used Fiverr many times in the past. The problem is most of the guest posts and niche edits will be associated with a specific niche site, and that site will often be part of a big PBN farm. The PBN may be a little more advanced than your typical PBN because it constantly has content flowing through it. Even if the PBN never gets de-indexed, chances are the websites are very low-quality and you can find a better alternative somewhere else.

With a low budget, I would recommend you keep focusing on improving your outreach campaign. It’s like job searching, you will eventually find someone to work with. Also, don’t try to get a bunch of backlinks. Focus on acquiring a few high-quality links and take it from there.

Check out this article on SEO cold emails for more inspiration on how to reach out to prospective clients.

[39:42] What do guys feel about ‘paid link building’? It’s my understanding that Google doesn’t want websites to pay for backlinks. This makes the topic feel a bit taboo. However, it’s also an undeniable truth that paid link building actually works. It is a big and healthy industry (money talks). So, what do you think? Is it unethical? Is it just a waste of money?

Being that we’re a link building agency, we will obviously have a bias for paid link building. That’s literally the industry we operate in, and we think paid link building is great!. However, we have thought about this dichotomy quite a lot.

It’s correct that Google doesn’t want sites to purchase links. That practice is against Google’s terms of service and your site could be “slapped” with a penalty. The funny thing is once your site is penalized and your ranking drops, you can get yourself out of that hole by paying for more backlinks. Google clearly knows that paid link building is a thriving industry, and they probably don’t intend on destroying it. There are lots of high-quality, informative, useful websites that acquire backlinks through monetary transactions. If Google ruined them all with harsh penalties, there would be a cascading effect that would have a negative impact on its search engine users, who will have to face a substandard experience.

Also, it’s not necessarily easy for Google to find out you’re using paid links. One way they try to find out is by analyzing your link profile for manipulative tactics. These techniques include common practices like over optimizing anchors and a lack of link diversification. Acquiring too many highly targeted backlinks in a relatively short amount of time is also a signal of potential manipulation. Real, normal sites with good traffic should have a diverse link profile with many different types of links from different websites.

Having said that, it’s difficult to get a competitive edge without buying links. You should continue to buy backlinks if you have the resources to do so. Just make sure you’re applying them properly by limiting “user error”. Focus on diversification and high-quality links. Keep adding links the natural unpaid way too. This will protect your link profile.

[1:07:23] What’s the best and cheapest way to transfer money from my Thai bank to my Australian bank?

The good thing about doing business in SEO is that it’s not limited by geographic boundaries. Many people like to use simple peer-to-peer online payment apps like PayPal or Venmo. However, these methods aren’t the cheapest options. Therefore, you want to look for specialist money transfer services. These will offer more competitive (cheaper) exchange rates, fees, and commissions than banks or PayPal. One platform we advise, which is one of the cheapest for international accounts, is Wise (formerly TransferWise).

[1:11:57] What should I do after I receive my G-Stack?

‘G-Stack’ may refer to the SEO strategy for increasing ranking and getting backlinks on multiple Google platforms known as Google Entity/Authority/Asset Stacking. You’re basically trying to get every single type of Google profile to link back to your website. It was pretty big 5-6 years ago. Today, it’s considered more of a pillowing technique during the beginning of your link building efforts.

Along with implementing your G-Stack, you should also set up profiles on all the big name platforms like FB, YouTube, LinkedIn, IG etc. Also throw in some citations and niche directories. This is what we do in the beginning. Also consider adding or updating content.

[1:21:32] Hi guys! How effective are forum links at pushing rankings for a page? I am in a niche with active forums (some that allow do-follow links).


I love forum links. They are the “king of pillow links.” Keep in mind that forum links per se aren’t the only things Google is paying attention to. The quality and relevance of the forum link’s surrounding content is also important. So make sure you’re posting on active and niche-relevant forums.

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