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[11:05] I purchased a link from a high traffic site but my website isn’t getting more traffic or sales. What’s going on?

You shouldn’t assume that getting a backlink from a high traffic site will automatically direct traffic to your website. That’s not usually how it works. Link building does not always confer immediate benefits. Links are investments that should build trust over time. When you’re getting a link from a quality, high traffic site, some of its trust will be passed to your website. Google will view your site in a more favorable manner. You want to use these links to help your overall SEO and improve your site’s rankings in the long run.

[23:01] Hey guys, do you use social signals to mimic buzz to justify link building?

Yes, it’s always a good idea to add social signals to any backlinking campaign. Regardless of what Google says about social signals, they are useful for moving pages in the SERPs. We deal with social signals that create quick and easy social media buzz. You can check them out on our social signals page.

[27:41] How effective are press releases? What are they primarily used for — link juice or anchor diversity?

Press releases are effective pillow links that are great for making your link profile look natural. They don’t help much with link juice. They also don’t help with anchor diversity because the press release will use the same anchors when it gets syndicated over the wire. Keep it simple with press releases and other types of pillow links.

[35:19] If I need around 200 RD to compete in a certain niche, how will your 30 pillow links help diversify anchors and link type if they will only make up 15% of the RD that I need? Would I need more than 30 links?

You shouldn’t count our pillow links as part of your overall domain’s RD. A lot of these pillow links may never show up as a RD. It’s usually the most powerful authority links that show up as RDs in tools like Ahrefs. Also, keep in mind that most types of pillow links, like niche directories and citations, will go to your homepage so you won’t be diversifying your inner pages. Just remember to keep mixing in pillow links gradually over time and don’t worry too much about trying to achieve a certain number of RD to be competitive.

[45:47] I’m in the locksmith niche. Does it make sense that a locksmith company will get buzz on social media or through press releases?

Yes, any kind of service company will benefit from social media buzz or press releases. It’s natural for any kind of company to promote themselves this way. It doesn’t matter what your niche is.

[47:48] Hey, I have a strange question. I’m a long time customer that’s been paying over $1000 per month. I want to test your service against others. Do you have any recommendations?

We don’t promote other services. However, we believe that as a buyer, it’s always a good idea to test out other suppliers to see how they can provide the products and services that will support your personalized link building campaigns. You can discover other link vendors through web search, support groups, and message forums.

[58:56] I have a big site with more than 6,000 URLs and lots of ranked keywords. What are the best procedures for fighting against keyword cannibalization and duplicate content?

You can use Copyscape to see if any of your content is duplicated on the web. It will show you all the pages your content is duplicated on and what percentage of the content is actually duplicated.

It will be challenging to audit a 6,000 page site for keyword cannibalization, but you should start by identifying which of your pages are associated with the most important keywords. See how each of those pages are performing in the SERPs. Also see which inner pages are ranking for those keywords instead of the top tier pages. Poorly ranking pages can be a sign of keyword cannibalization by other inner pages.

[1:12:42] How do you find perfect websites for guest posts?

This is a really big question. Our article on how to find guest post opportunities is a good place to start learning.

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